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Something Light
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Something Light
Starters and Light Meals  |  Dips  |  Vegan Cheese  |  Salad

    Crispy bites

    Cheese tortilla chips (v)
    Coconut bacon (gf, v)
    Pesto pita Christmas trees
    Rice paper bacon (gf, v)
    Smoky lime chickpeas (gf, v)
    Smoky seedy coconut bacon nuts (gf, v)
    Tamari chickpeas (gf, v)
    Tofu bacon (gf, v)

    Fun kids finger food

    Easter cheese and cracker chicks 
    Gow gee hummus cups (v)
    Snowman sushi (gf, v)
    Zucchini pizza bites (gf)

    Homemade "takeaway foods"

    Haggis chiko rolls (v)
    Sweet potato chips
    (gf, v)

    Patties and balls

    Baked cauliflower bites with hummus and feta (gf)
    Beer battered haggis balls (v)
    Blue cheese, beetroot and almond patties (gf)
    Fantastic falafels (v)
    Lentil quinoa balls (gf, v)
    Mock fish (gf, v)
    Quinoa pizza balls (gf, v)
    Red lentil koftas (gf, v)
    Sesame hummus bites (gf, v)
    Soy bombs (v)
    Tofu and cashew pearl balls
    (gf, v)
    Tofu nut balls (v)

    For a platter 

    Antipasto polenta (gf)
    Baked brie with cranberry sauce and walnuts (gf)
    Cashew cheese stuffed dates (gf, v)
    Cheesemas tree (festive cheese platter) (gf) 

    Fries and fingers

    Cauliflower, pea and parmesan polenta fingers (gf)
    Nutty fries (gf, v)
    Polenta quinoa sticks with rhubarb sauce (gf, v)
    Sephardic spinach filo cigars

    Pancakes and fritters 

    Blinis with sour cream and beetroot chutney
    Carrot and potato fritters
    Corn pancakes and salsa
    Corn fritters (gf)
    Curried carrot fritters
    Pea, quinoa and feta fritters (gf)
    Pea and pumpkin pudla (gf, v)
    Pudla (chickpea pancakes) with green peas (gf, v)
    Pumpkin chickpea fritters (gf, v)
    Spinach pancakes  (gf, v)
    Tatties and neeps rosti (gf, v)

    Pastry and sausage rolls  

    Carrot, cheese and rice sausage rolls
    Cheeseymite puffs
    Gf vegetarian sausage rolls (gf)
    Liz O'Brien's vegetarian sausage rolls
    Mini quiches - Peter Russell Clark
    Mini quiches - eggy or vegan (v)
    Mini tofu crustless quiches (gf, v)
    Mini tomato, goats cheese and caramelised onion quiches
    Vegetarian sausage rolls

    Sandwiches, wraps, toast and bread

    Confit garlic bread
    Falafel wrap with beetroot and kale
    Salad sandwich (with cheese)
    Salad sandwich (vegan)

    Salad sandwich with chickpea, walnut and cranberry salad (v)
    Vegan cheese on toast (v)
    Vegetarian stuffed picnic loaf
    Welsh Rarebit with leeks

    Stuffed starters

    Stuffed pears (gf)
    Tomatoes stuffed with guacamole (gf, v)


    Sushi with broccoli, edamame and pickled carrots (gf, v)
    Sushi stack with carrot, tofu omelet and avocado (gf, v)
    Sushi with sticky walnuts and edamame (gf, v)
    Sushi with vegan salmon pate (gf, v)


    Crumbed tofu (gf, v)
    Honey and mustard marinated smoked tofu (gf)
    Tofu fish fingers (v)
    Tofu nuggets (v)


    Creamy dips

    Cheesey corn dip
    Smoked cheese spread (gf)
    White bean and nut butter dip (gf, v)

    Green dips

    Berry good guacamole (gf, v)
    Broccomole (gf, v)
    Chunky asparagus and cashew dip (gf, v)
    Curried banavocado dip (gf, v)
    Pea, mint and bean dip (gf)
    Pea pesto (gf) and vegan version (v)
    Vegan warm spinach dip (gf, v)


    Avocado hummus (gf, v)
    Beetroot hummus (gf, v)
    Blackbean hummus (gf, v)
    Buffalo hummus (gf, v)
    Child-friendly pumpkin hummus (gf, v)
    Hummus (gf, v)
    Roasted pumpkin and garlic hummus (gf, v)
    Smoky red pepper hummus (gf, v)
    Spinach hummus (gf, v)

    Orange and red dips

    Buffalo cauliflower bean dip (gf, v)
    Carrot almond sauce/dip (gf, v)
    Carrot, feta and cashew dip (gf) 
    Creamy pumpkin dip (gf, v)
    Creamy red pepper dressing/dip (gf, v) 
    Creamy tomato dip (gf)
    Moroccan carrot and feta dip (gf)
    Muhammara (gf, v)
    Smoky pumpkin cashew dip (gf, v)
    Smoky sweet potato and bean dip (gf, v)
    Spicy carrot and bean dip (gf, v)


    Carrot and tofu pâté (gf, v)
    Eggplant pate (gf, v)
    Finnish green bean paté (gf)
    Lentil and walnut pate (gf, v)
    Red lentil and walnut pate (gf, v)
    Vegan salmon pate (gf, v)
    Vegan pate with sweet potato (gf, v)
    Voracious vegan pate (v)


    Vegan cheeses for slicing and melting

    Chickpea and hemp seed cheese (gf, v)
    Sharp vegan cheddar cheese with sauerkraut brine (gf, v)
    Vegan cheddar cheese (gf, v)
    Vegan mozzarella (gf, v)

    Vegan cheese for spreading

    Almond feta (gf, v)
    Baked almond feta (gf, v)
    Cashew cheese stuffed dates (gf, v)
    Pepper-crusted cashew goat cheese (gf, v)
    Tofu ricotta
    (gf, v)
    Truffled cashew cheese (gf, v)
    Vegan cheesy sandwich spread (gf, v)
    Veganzola cheeseball (gf, v)

    Vegan cheese sauce

    Cauliflower cheese sauce (gf, v)
    Cheeseless cheese sauce (gf,v)
    Cheesy cashew cream (gf, v)
    Lessarella vegan cheese (v)
    Potato based "cheese" sauce (gf, v) 
    Quick cheeze sauce (gf, v)
    Vegan Lunchbox cheese sauce (gf, v)
    Vegan queso dip (v)
    Vegveeta cheeze sauce (gf, v)

    Vegan parmesan

    Vegan parmesan cheese with cashews (gf, v)
    Vegan parmesan with almonds and sesame (gf, v)

    Other vegan substitutes

    Cashew tofu crema (gf, v)
    Sour cream (made with tofu) (v)
    Soy condensed milk (gf, v)
    Tofu besan omelette (gf, v)
    Vegan mayonnaise with tofu (gf, v)
    Vegan mayonnaise with blender (gf, v)


    Asian salads

    Asian napa cabbage salad (gf, v) 
    Avocado, pickled ginger and tofu soba noodle salad (gf, v)
    Gado Gado with marmalade (gf, v)
    Japanese snow pea salad (gf, v)
    Oriental fried noodle salad (v)
    Pineapple and cabbage rice salad (gf, v)
    'Raw' mock fried rice (cauliflower salad) (gf, v)
    Roasted potato salad with black olives and greens (gf, v)
    Soba noodle salad
    Spicy peanut and lime coleslaw (gf, v)
    Sushi rice salad (gf, v)
    Sushi (purple) salad with tofu nuggets (v)
    Thai style salad with noodles (gf, v)
    Thai tricken salad (gf, v)

    Potato salads 

    Coronation potato salad (gf)
    Creamy potato salad with tofu bacon (gf, v)
    Dill pickle potato salad (gf, v)
    Eastern European potato salad (gf)
    Peasant potato salad (gf)
    Potato salad with spring onion, watercress & sundried tomato
    Smoky potato, bean and corn salad (gf, v)

    Salads with fruit

    Asparagus, strawberry and greens salad with poppyseed dressing (gf, v) 
    Autumnal roasted vegetable and fig salad (gf, v)
    Cabbage salad with lime and mustard dressing (gf, v)
    Cranberry and mustard coleslaw (gf, v)
    Fennel and raspberry salad (gf, v)
    Green apple and white chocolate salad (gf)
    Kale, apple and strawberry salad (gf, v)
    Lemony Mediterranean salad
    Orange, berry and green salad (gf, v)
    Peach and pineapple salsa (gf, v)
    Pineapple slaw (gf, v)
    Strawberry and cucumber salsa (gf, v)
    Tambo salad with preserved lemon and capers (gf, v)

    Salads with grains

    Asparagus, artichoke and wild rice salad (gf, v)
    Bill’s broccoli rice salad (gf, v)
    Bread, dukkah and salad platter
    Brown rice salad
    (gf, v)
    Brown rice salad with legumes and almonds (gf, v)
    Caesar salad (v) 
    Confetti salad with lentils and rice (gf, v)
    Couscous salad with chermoula (v)
    Energising buckwheat salad (gf, v)
    Greek pasta salad (v)
    Green bean and broccoli tabbouleh (v)
    Lentil, chickpea and tomato salad
    Leon superfood salad (gf)
    Mexican rice salad (gf, v)
    'Moroccan' chickpea barley salad (v)
    Moroccan chickpea and couscous salad (v)
    Panzanella (v)
    Pesto pasta salad
    Quinoa, cashew and honeyed carrot salad (gf)
    Quinoa salad with asparagus, walnuts and apple (gf, v)
    Quinoa vegetable salad with lemon dressing (gf, v)
    Sushi rice salad (gf, v)
    Sushi (purple) salad with tofu nuggets (v) 
    Sweet potato buckwheat and greens salad (gf)
    Tabouli (parsley and tomato) (v)
    Taco salad with creamy dressing (gf)
    Tex mex salad (gf, v)
    Wild rice, cranberry, celery and walnut salad (gf, v)
    Winter ravioli salad

    Salads with proteins

    Beetroot and lentil salad with yoghurt dressing (gf)
    Brussels sprouts, pumpkin and bean salad (gf, v)
    Caesar salad (v) 
    Carrot and seed salad (gf, v)
    Carrot, sprouts and chickpea salad with seeds
    Cauliflower and sesame salad (gf, v)
    Celery, watercress and cauliflower salad (gf, v)
    Cheese and wine crunchy salad (gf)
    Chickpea, sausage, pumpkin and greens
    Confetti salad with lentils and rice (gf, v)
    Couscous salad with chermoula (v)
    Dreena's smoky sweet potato black bean salad (gf, v)
    Greek pasta salad (v)
    Smoky potato, bean and corn salad
    (gf, v)
    Lentil celery salad (gf. v)
    Lentil, chickpea and tomato salad
    Lentil salad with haloumi and asparagus (gf)
    Mediterranean pumpkin and chickpea salad (gf, v)
    Mock tuna (chickpea) salad (gf, v)
    Pumpkin, corn and feta salad (gf)
    Rainbow salad with orange and sesame dressing (gf, v)
    Roasted beetroot and haloumi salad (gf)
    Roasted cauliflower and pumpkin salad (gf)
    Salad with sprouts (gf, v)
    Tomato salad with yoghurt cheese (gf)
    Warm pea and lentil salad (gf, v)
    Warm vegetable and lentil salad (gf, v)
    Watermelon poke salad bowl with pickled radishes (gf, v)
    White bean and vegetable salad with a splash of red (gf, v)
    Winter roasts vegetable salad (gf) (and variation)

    Salads with proteins and fruit

    Avocado, pear and pecan salad (gf)
    Balsamic garden salad with cashew cheese (gf, v)
    Beetroot and apple salad with crimson dressing (gf)
    Beetroot and pomegranate tabbouleh (v)
    Beetroot, raspberry and feta salad (gf)
    Carrot, orange and smoked almond salad (gf, v)
    Carrot, walnut and cranberry salad (gf, v)
    Cauliflower, cranberry, feta and walnut salad (gf)
    Cauliflower, rocket, pine nut and currant salad (gf, v)
    Char-grilled peaches with green beans and pistachios (gf, v)
    Chickpea, persimmon, avocado and spinach salad (gf, v)
    Chickpea salad with preserved lemon and sun-dried tomatoes (gf, v)
    Cobb salad with smoked nuts and blue cheese (gf)
    Creamy lentil, date and vegie salad (gf)
    Haloumi, peach and pepper salad (gf)
    Kale and broccoli salad (gf, v)
    Orange, walnut and blue cheese salad (gf)
    Parsley and pinenut salad (gf, v)
    Pumpkin cranberry walnut goats cheeze salad (gf, v)
    Pumpkin, pomegranate and orange salad with spiced walnuts
    Purple potato, sweet potato and watercress salad (gf, v)
    Raw broccoli salad (gf, v)
    Roasted broccoli and apple salad (gf, v)
    Substantial salads for one suggestions (gf, v)
    Spinach salad with spiced nuts and cranberries (gf, v)
    Spinach and strawberry salad with pomegranate vinaigrette (gf, v)
    Strawberry avocado and walnut salad with a chocolate vinaigrette (gf, v)
    Strawberry, haloumi and greens salad (gf)
    Strawberry and smoky chickpea salad (gf, v)
    Sweet potato and chickpea salad with lime dressing and almond feta (gf, v)
    Waldorf salad (gf, v)
    Watermelon, mint and feta salad (gf)
    Zucchini, greens and chickpea salad with blueberry dressing (gf, v)

    Salads with vegetables

    Asparagus, capsicum and rocket salad (gf, v)
    Beet red salad (gf, v)
    Carrot with lime and mint (gf, v)
    Crimson coleslaw (gf, v)
    Green on green salad (broad bean, peas and rocket) (gf, v)
    Macedonian eggplant salad (gf, v)
    Marinated tomato salad (gf, v)
    Only-kale-can-save-us-now salad (gf, v)
    Roasted corn salad (gf, v)

    Salad dressings and vinaigrettes

    Avocado green goddess salad dressing (gf, v)
    Blueberry dressing (gf, v)
    Orange and sesame dressing
    (gf, v)
    Orange vinaigrette (gf, v)
    Tomato pomegranate vinaigrette (gf, v)

    Stews/Stovetop | SoupsPasta/Noodles/Risotto | Chilli Non Carnes/Tacos | Curries | South East Asian Stirfries, etc



    Aussie bbq tofu with rice noodles and carrot salad (gf, v)
    Besan vegetable frittata (gf, v)
    Cranberry and orange glazed tofu (gf, v)
    Facon (vegetarian bacon) (or Tofu bacon or Coconut bacon) (gf, v)
    Tofu in a tomato, lemongrass and ginger sauce (gf, v)
    Tortilla de patatas (Spanish potato omelette) (gf, v)

    Casseroles and Stews

    Bean and beer stew with dumplings (v)
    Bean stew with honey and cider (gf)
    Cauliflower rice with vegies (gf, v)
    Chickpea, potato and tomato stew (gf, v) 
    Chickpea tangine with quince
    Coconut black-eyed bean stew (gf, v)
    Coconut vegie and tofu stew (gf, v)
    Deconstructed pumpkin hummus (gf, v)
    Facon seasoned lentils (gf, v)
    Gravy, pumpkin and parsnip stew (v) 
    Honeyed beer and barley stew
    Mushroom and lentil ragout (gf, v)
    Peanut stew with banana (gf, v)
    Potato, mushroom and tofu paprikash
    Prune and bean casserole (gf, v)
    Pumpkin and apricot tangine (gf, v)
    Purple pomegranate stew (gf)
    Quick baked beans (gf, v)
    Roast vegetables with fruity lentils (gf, v)
    Silverbeet, cauli, chickpea and preserved lemon stew (gf)
    Slow cooked smoky chickpeas (gf, v) 
    Smoky lime split peas (gf, v)
    Spanish vegetable casserole (gf, v)
    Szekely gulyas
    Tahini stew with feta and dill dumplings (v)
    Tempeh vegetable stew with dumplings (gf, v)
    Thai pumpkin, corn and chickpea stew (gf, v)

    Rice dishes and grains

    Asian rice with cabbage, corn and celery (gf, v)
    Bean, barley and tomato stew (v)
    Bulghur wheat with aubergines and mint (v)
    Chickpea pilaf (gf, v)
    Green broccoli quinoa (gf)
    Italian rice and beans (gf, v)
    Lentil quinoa stew (gf, v)
    Lentil, tomato and rice dish (gf, v)
    Mung beans and quinoa in a spicy broth (gf, v)
    Paella with brown rice (gf, v)
    Pearl couscous pilaf with eggplant, lentils and pea (gf, v)
    Tahini lime rice with kale and cashews (gf, v)
    Zucchini flowers with rice (gf, v)

    Bowl food

    Beetroot, chickpea, tomato and kale bowl (gf, v)
    Maple walnut asparagus bowl
    (gf, v)
    Pumpkin sauce dinner bowl (gf, v)
    Tempeh bacon bowl with plum sauce (gf, v)
    Tofu marinade bowl (gf, v)

    Pancake dinners

    Haggis neeps and tatties crepe stack
    Pancakes filled with potato and lentils

    Pea pancakes with sun-dried tomato pesto
    Potato, chickpea and cauliflower pancakes (v)


    Vegetable stock

    Frugal vegetable stock (gf, v)
    Light vegetable stock (gf, v)
    Vegetable stock (gf, v)

    Traditional soups

    Corn chowder with edamame and tofu bacon (gf, v)
    Borscht with beans (gf, v)
    German Lentil Soup with Veggie Frankfurters (v)
    Minestrone (v)
    Mulligatawny (gf, v)
    Nigel’s leek and potato soup (gf)
    Ribollita (v)
    Scottish Vegetable and Barley Soup (v)
    Vegan Avgolemono - Greek Easter lemon soup (gf, v) 

    Tex Mex soups

    Black bean soup wih avocado (gf, v)
    Mexican rice soup (gf, v)
    Roasted vegetable taco soup (gf, v)
    Sweet potato, silverbeet and black bean soup (gf, v)

    Asian soups

    Asparagus, corn and tofu soup with soba noodles (gf, v)
    Chinese-style tofu, vegetable and noodle soup (v)
    Dumplings and vegie soup (v)
    Easy noodle soup (gf, v)
    Japanese-style pumpkin, sprouts and tofu soup (gf, v)
    Miso soup with tofu, vegetables and noodles (v)
    Miso soup (simplified) (gf, v)
    Pumpkin and tofu laksa (v)
    Tempeh and corn soup (gf, v)
    Tempeh and vegetable ramen soup (gf, v)
    Thai pumpkin and lentil soup (gf, v)
    Thai sweet potato and carrot soup (gf, v)
    Wanton Dumplings in Ginger Broth (v)

    Split pea soups

    Creamy split pea and cauliflower soup (gf, v)
    Potage St Germain (split pea and green pea soup) (gf, v)
    Shitake and star anise split pea soup (gf, v)
    Split Pea and Lentil Soup (v)
    Split Pea Soup (gf, v)
    Split Pea Soup with Sweet Potato and Mushrooms (gf, v)
    Thai curry split pea soup (gf, v)

    Creamy soups

    African curried coconut soup (gf, v)
    Cream of broccoli soup
    Creamy apricot and chickpea soup (gf, v)
    Creamy cauliflower and walnut soup (gf, v)
    Creamy celery soup (gf, v)
    Creamy lentil and vegetable soup (gf)
    Creamy potato and dill soup
    Creamy vegan mushroom and wild rice soup (v)
    Simple tomato soup (gf)

    Soups with fruit

    Beetroot and rhubarb soup (gf, v) 
    Curried apple soup (gf)
    Curried red lentil and apricot soup (gf, v)
    Fruity cauli chowder (gf)
    Mushroom stroganoff soup with rhubarb
    Pumpkin, bean and apple soup (gf, v)
    Tomato, white bean and plum soup (gf, v)

    Green soups 

    Asparagus, potato and quinoa soup (gf, v)
    Broad bean, courgette and pea soup (gf, v)
    Broccoli parsnip and lentil soup (v, gf)
    Broccoli tahini lemon soup
    (v, gf)
    Broccoli, zucchini and blue cheese soup (gf)
    Cauliflower and zucchini soup with dumplings
    Cool green spring soup (gf, v)
    Curried cauliflower, spinach and peanut soup (gf, v)
    Fresh green pea soup (gf)
    Greens, Beans and Potato Soup (gf, v)
    Greens, rice and yoghurt soup (gf)
    Kale and pea soup (gf, v)
    Lettuce, broccoli and pea soup (gf, v)
    Nettle and silverbeet soup (gf, v)
    Pea and garlic soup (gf)
    Pea, rice and pesto soup (gf, v)
    Primavera soup with gremolata
    Roots leeks and walnut soup (gf, v)
    Spinach, lettuce and pea soup (gf, v)
    Spring onion soup (gf)
    Spring Risotto Soup (gf, v)
    Silverbeet pumpkin and rice soup (gf, v)

    Red, orange and purple soups

    Carrot, chestnut and lentil soup (gf, v)
    Carrot soup with fennel pesto (gf, v)
    Carrot miso soup (gf, v)
    Orange Vegetable Soup (gf, v)
    Pumpkin, almond and quinoa soup (gf, v)
    Pumpkin facon soup (gf, v)
    Pumpkin and kale soup with tempeh crumbles (gf, v)
    Pumpkin soup (and suggested variations) (gf, v)
    Purple carrot, cauliflower and chickpea soup (gf, v)
    Purple carrot soup (gf, v)
    Smoky beetroot soup (gf, v)
    Smoky spicy tomato soup (with besan and nutritional yeast flakes) (gf, v)
    Smoky tomato and lentil soup (gf, v)
    Sweet potato and red lentil soup (gf, v)

    White and yellow soups

    Cauliflower cheese soup (gf)
    Cauliflower, parsnip and camembert soup with flowers (gf) 
    Celeriac, potato and watercress soup (gf)
    Celery and blue cheese soup (gf)
    Celery and chestnut soup (gf, v)
    Chickpea, lemon and mint soup
    (gf, v)
    Cheesy potato and mushroom soup with greens (gf)
    Leftover cauliflower cheese, veg and rice soup
    Parsnip Soup with Walnut Ravioli and Carrot Cream
    Potato, cabbage and facon soup (gf, v)
    St Patrick's soup (v)

    Brown and grey soups

    Adzuki bean and vegetable soup (gf)
    Chestnut, parsnip and orange soup (gf)
    Lentil and Chestnut Soup (gf, v)
    No Tears Onion Soup - Turkish style
    Smoky pumpkin and corn soup (gf, v)
    Spicy pumpkin and lentil soup (gf, v)

    Chunky soups

    Baked bean soup (gf, v)
    Barley, lentil and pumpkin minestrone (v)
    Chickpea and spinach soup (with noodles) (gf, v)
    Cheesy cauliflower and rice soup (gf, v)
    Chunky beetroot soup with kidney beans (gf)
    Curried cashew vegetable soup (gf, v)
    Curried quinoa, chickpea and red lentil soup (gf, v)
    Fennel, lentil and rice soup (gf, v)
    Four-grain tomato soup (gf, v)
    Kale, potato and quinoa stew with vegan parmesan (gf, v)
    Laverbread vegie soup (gf, v)
    Marinated Minestrone (v)
    Mushroom Sherry Stew (v)
    Potato, bean and kale soup (gf, v)
    Potato and corn chowder with basil and mustard (gf)
    Pumpkin, corn and wild rice chowder (gf, v) 
    Quinoa, Cabbage and Corn Soup (gf, v)
    Red lentil and preserved lemon soup (gf, v)
    Red lentil soup with spinach and lime (gf, v)
    Scotch broth.with lentils and barley (v)
    Silverbeet, lentil, potato soup (gf, v)
    Sorrel and Lentil Soup (gf, v)
    Spicy Cabbage and Coconut Soup (gf, v)
    Spring vegetable and lentil chowder (gf, v)
    Tomato and kale soup with pistachios (gf, v)
    Tomato lentil soup (gf)
    Tricken Rice Soup with Celeriac (gf, v)
    Vegetable and Stale Bread Soup (v)
    Very Garlicky Vegetable Soup
    (gf, v)



    Baked gnocchi with radicchio, gorgonzola and walnuts
    Beetroot Gnocchi with Pea Pesto
    Cauliflower, zucchini and butter bean gnocchi
    Gnocchi with Mexican corn (v)
    Gnocchi with pesto and asparagus (v)
    Panfried Gnocchi with Cauliflower and Peas
    Truffle gnocchi (v)
    Walnut and tomato pesto with gnocchi, broccoli and feta 

    Lasagna and canneloni

    Fennel and lentil lasagne (v)
    Green lasagne with broccoli and rocket pesto
    Meaty cauliflower and walnut lasagne
    Nut Roast Lasagna (gf, v)
    Pea lasagne (with tofu sour cream)
    Pumpkin and tofu ricotta cannelloni (v)
    Sauceless Garden Lasagne
    Simple vegetarian lasagne
    Tempeh and pumpkin lasagne (v) 
    Tofu-Ricotta, Zucchini and Pumpkin Lasagne
    Vegan lasagne with cauliflower, hummus and tofu "ricotta" (v)
    Vegan lasagne with spinach ricotta and cashew cream (v)
    Vegetarian Lasagne

    Mac and cheese

    Cauliflower cheese macaroni
    Cheeseless Mac and Cheese Sauce (v)
    Creamy pumpkin macaroni cheese
    Macaroni cheese
    Macaroni cheese with broccoli
    Macaroni cheese with sauerkraut, cauliflower and blue cheese (v)
    Quick one pot mac and cheese
    Russian lite macaroni cheese
    Smoky cheesy peas pasta
    Vegie mac and cheese money bag dumplings

    Pasta bakes

    Carrot Pesto Pasta Bake
    Jarlsberg tempeh casserole
    Leftovers pasta bake
    Macaroni cheese with sauerkraut, cauliflower and blue cheese (v)
    Neofolk Buckwheat Pasta Bake (gf)
    Potato and Pasta Bake
    Pumpkin, Ricotta and Facon Spaghetti Bake
    Pumpkin sage pasta bake (v)
    Red capsicum and mozzarella pasta bake
    Stuffed cheese and spinach jumbo pasta shells
    Stuffed giant pasta shells on bolognaise for roast leftovers
    Vegan pasta bake with cashew cream (v)
    Vegetarian enchilada pasta bake (v)

    One pot pasta

    Cauliflower and chickpea one pot pasta
    One pot pasta with beans and tomato sauce (v)
    One pot pasta with chickpeas and zucchini (v)
    One pot pumpkin, cauliflower and lentil spaghetti (v)
    Quick one pot mac and cheese
    Tomato orzo with chickpeas and mushrooms


    Asparagus, Mint and Lemon Risotto (gf)
    Baked carrot and feta risotto (gf)
    Beetroot risotto with chocolate and walnuts (gf)
    Cauliflower risotto wih tofu bacon (gf, v)
    Creamy spring risotto soup (v)
    Mushroom and chocolate risotto (gf, v)
    Pumpkin, Apple and Sage Risotto (gf, v)
    Sweet Potato, Brussels Sprouts and Feta Risotto (gf)
    Pea Risotto with Verjuice (gf, v)

    Pasta stews and soups

    Minestrone (v)
    Pasta e ceci
    Silverbeet and ravioli stew
    Summer minestrone (gf, v)
    Tortellini and greens soup
    Vegetable lentil and pasta stew

    Spag bol, "meatballs" and ragu

    Kiddie veggie bolognaise (v)
    Lentil ragu with chocolate chilli fettuccine (v)
    Soy bombs and tomato sauce on top of spaghetti (v)
    Vegetarian meatballs in tomato sauce on spaghetti
    Vegetarian bolognaise

    Other stovetop pasta

    Angel hair pasta with feta, sun-dried tomatoes and spinach
    Avocado Pasta (v)
    Broad Bean Pesto (gf)
    Cauliflower alfredo pasta sauce
    Cavolo Nero and Chickpea Pasta
    Cheesy Cauliflower and Bean Pasta
    Cheesy peas pasta (v)
    Chickpea, baby spinach and sun-dried tomatoes pasta (v)
    Creamy Spinach Walnut Pasta
    Creamy Vodka Pasta Sauce
    Farfalle with pumpkin, facon and chilli
    Fettuccine Napoletana (v)
    Genovese-style pappardelle
    Hurry up pumpkin alfredo (v)
    Immunity boost spaghetti (v)
    Kale and walnut pesto (v)
    Mushroom and walnut ravioli
    Painless pasta
    Pasta with mint and parmesan
    Pasta with pumpkin, omelette and parmesan (v)
    Pasta with spinach, chickpeas and facon
    Pumpkin and almond ravioli (v)
    Pumpkin and Pecorino Pasta Sauce
    Pumpkin, tomato and spinach pasta sauce/salad (v)
    Radiatore pasta with tomato and chickpeas (v)
    Ravioli with lentils and spinach
    Red Russian Pasta (v)
    Risoni with Chickpeas, Lemon, and Mint (v)
    Roasted Asparagus, Tomato and Caper Pasta (v)
    Roasted Vegetable Pasta
    Rotolo with ricotta and spinach 
    Sausage pasta - three ways (v)
    Spaghetti hoops (v)
    Spaghetti with silverbeet and cauliflower grematola (v)
    Spinach capsicum and feta pasta
    Spinach and walnut pesto (gf)
    Sweet potato pizza or pasta sauce (gf, v)


    Rice and Grains

    Arepas (gf, v) 
    Mexican rice in the microwave (gf, v)
    Mexican rice (with salsa) (gf, v)

    Sauces and salsas

    Avocado, bacon and tomato salsa (with taco option) (gf, v)
    Cashew crema, (gf, v)
    Guacamole (gf, v)
    Mole sauce (gf, v)
    Pineapple slaw (gf, v)


    Black bean and apricot chilli non carne (gf, v)
    Borlotti bean mole with roast pumpkin and silverbeet (gf, v)
    Bulgur and beans chilli non carne (v)
    Chickpea salsa stew (gf, v)
    Chilli non carne with carob and kasha (gf, v)
    Chilli non carne with hominy (gf, v)
    Chilli non carne with lager (gf, v)
    Cuban beer-infused black beans (gf, v)
    Kidney bean stew (gf, v)
    Rapid refried beans (gf, v)
    Refried lentils with garlic scapes (gf, v)
    Shark fin chilli non carne (gf)
    Slow cooked smoky chickpeas with tacos (v)
    Southwestern stuffed spaghetti squash (gf)
    Smoky bulgar chilli non carne (v)
    Tempeh black bean taco filling (gf, v)

    Tortillas and Tacos

    Cauliflower ceviche tacos (gf, v) 
    Cashew crema, avocado coleslaw and tostados (gf, v)
    Haggis tacos
    Lentil and cauliflower taco filling (gf, v)
    Oaxaca tacos (with potato and cheese) (gf)
    Tacos - from my childhood (gf)


    Haggis nachos
    Refried lentils nachos (gf)

    Enchiladas and burritos

    Black bean and sweet potato burritos (v)
    Chickpea, kale and corn burritos (v)
    Green goddess enchiladas (gf, v)
    Kale, pumpkin and black bean enchiladas
    My breakfast burritos (gf, v)
    Potato and kale enchiladas (gf, v)
    Pumpkin, bean and tofu enchiladas (gf, v)
    Spinach, pumpkin and bean burritos (gf)


    Kale, cheese and mole quesadillas (v)
    Mushroom and cheese quesadillas (gf)
    Quick black bean quesadillas
    Sweet potato, zucchini and olive quesadillas (v)


    Mexicale pie
    Mexican lasagne with corn tortillas (gf, v)
    Mexican nacholada casserole (gf, v)
    Stuffed squash with tex mex rice and beans (gf, v)
    Super easy vegie layered tortilla casserole
    Tex Mex vegan bowl (gf, v)
    Tex Mex Pizza with sourdough base (v)


    More traditional Indian curries

    Aloo Jeera (potatoes and cumin) (gf, v)
    Cauliflower in spicy peanut gravy (gf, v)
    Chana Masala (gf, v)
    Chickpeas and paneer in a spicy creamy cashew gravy (gf)
    Palak Paneer (spinach and cheese curry) (gf)
    Paneer tikka masala (gf)
    Roasted Vegetable Vindaloo (gf, v)
    Vegetable and Chickpea Rogan Josh (gf, v)
    Zucchini Koftas with Tomato Gravy (gf, v)


    Cauliflower Dal with Panch Phoran (gf, v) 
    Dal with haloumi and mint (gf)
    Dal Makhani (gf)
    Easy Dahl (gf, v)
    Green Dal (gf, v)
    Green Lentil Dal (gf, v)

    Less traditional curries

    Banana Curry (gf, v)
    Beetroot, Greens and Chickpea Curry (gf. v)
    Chickpea, potato and cauliflower curry (gf, v)
    Chickpea and potato curry with mango chutney (gf, v)
    Chickpea, peach and pumpkin curry (gf, v)
    Chickpea tofu and pea curry (gf, v)
    Kitchen sink vegie curry (gf, v)
    Sausage curry casserole (v)
    Spicy pea curry (gf, v)
    Spinach and chickpea curry (gf, v)
    Watermelon Curry (gf, v)

    Rice and grain dishes 

    Kitchen sink kitchari (gf, v)
    Mughlai Biryani
    (gf, v)
    Pumpkin samosas with nectarine marmalade and raita
    Red Lentil Dosa (gf, v)
    Spiced yoghurt rice with nectarines and mint (gf)

    Japanese curries

    Banana katsu curry wih tofu nuggets (v)
    Japanese curry (v)


    Asian rolls and dumplings

    Baked rice paper spring rolls (gf, v)
    Dumpling Okonomiyaki (v)
    Gyoza with mushrooms and lime leaves (v)
    Rice paper rolls (with no seasoning) (gf, v)
    Rice paper rolls (with seasoning) (gf, v)
    Steamed mushroom buns (v)
    Steamed vegetarian dumplings (v)
    Steamed vegetarian dumplings (Nicki's)

    Fried rice and other rice dishes

    Fried Rice (or alternative) (gf, v)
    Fried rice with tofu scramble (gf, v) 
    Miso rice with edamame and green vegetables (v, gf)
    Portuguese fried rice (gf, v)


    Chow mein (v)
    Easy Noodle Soup
    (gf, v)
    Fried ginger rice noodles (gf, v) 
    Kale chickpeas and coconut noodles (v)
    Lo mein (v)
    Mee Goreng (v)
    Pad see ew with tofu omelette (gf, v)
    Quick and spicy noodles (gf, v)
    Rice Noodles with Orange (gf, v)
    Tamarind tempeh with veg and noodles (v)
    Vegan pad thai with besan omelette (v)
    Vegan Pad Thai (gf, v)


    Braised eggplant and tofu (gf, v)
    Easy vegetarian thai curry (v)
    Skye's Tomato and Pumpkin Curry with Lime and Coconut (gf, v) 

    Stirfried vegies (with tofu)

    Hal's Stirfry Sauce and vegan version (gf)
    Ponzu stirfry (gf, v)
    Tofu, cabbage, capsicum and mushroom stirfry (v)
    Vegan Tofu San Choy Bau (gf, v)

    Tofu and other proteins

    Apricot and orange glazed tofu (gf, v)
    Matthews delicious tofu
    (gf, v)
    Orange glazed tempeh (gf, v)
    'Teriyaki' tofu with brown rice and kale (gf, v)
    Sweet and sour tofu (gf, v)

    Oven Bakes
    Oven Bakes | Nutroasts/Loaves/Burgers/Snags | Pastry/Pies/Tarts



    Autumn pumpkin and millet bake (gf, v)
    Baked curried sausages (vegetarian) (gf, v)
    Cheesy lentil bake (gf, v)
    Chickpea broccoli casserole (v)
    Great stew of darkness (gf, v)
    Nicki’s Nana’s Chulent (v)
    Potato gem and tofu bacon skillet casserole
    Pumpkin and sausage roast (v)
    Pumpkin stuffed with hominy and tomatillo stew (gf, v)
    Pumpkin and quinoa tagine (gf)
    Rye and lentil casserole (v)
    Sauerkraut, bratwurst and potato casserole (v)
    Stuffing with kale and tofu bacon (v) 
    Vegan stovies (potato stew with home made 'mince meat) (v) 
    Vegetarian Cassoulet

    Casseroles with toppings: crsmbles, shepherd's pies etc

    Banana and spinach au gratin
    Beetroot and rhubarb crumble
    Leek and tomato crumble (v)
    Shepherd’s pie with pesto mash (gf)
    Shepherd’s pie with sweet potato mash (gf, v)
    Spinach, cauliflower and fennel gratin (v)
    Under the doona veggie crumble
    Vegetable nut crumble
    Vegetarian Moussaka

    Baked beans

    Baked beans (gf, v)
    Smoky apple baked beans (gf, v)
    Smoky baked beans (gf, v)

    Baked potatoes

    Baked potatoes with beans and pesto (gf)
    Baked potato with haggis
    Twice baked potatoes (gf)
    Twice baked potatoes with cauliflower, cashews and pesto (gf)

    Stuffed vegies

    Baked eggplants with cashews
    Haggis stuffed mushrooms 
    Mediterranean stuffed peppers (gf, v)
    Smoky lime peanut baked sweet potatoes (gf)
    Stuffed Peppers with Brown Rice, Nut Roast and Fennel
    Stuffed peppers with white beans and kale (v)

    'Cakes', slices and fritattas

    Broccoli roulade with tomato sauce
    Ombre potato and cheese torte (gf)
    Parsnip and Bacon Cake with Mustard Cream Sauce (gf, v)
    Vegan bubble and squeak frittata (gf, v)
    Zucchini and noodle slice
    Zucchini slice (with tofu bacon)
    Zucchini slice (v) 


    Mediterranean rice slice (gf, v)
    Rice and vegie bake
    (gf, v)
    Russian style rice casserole (gf)
    Spinach Rice Gratin (gf)

    Dumplings in sauce 

    Baked blushing dumplings
    Beetroot koftas in carrot sauce (gf)
    Tempeh cheatballs in a tomato stew (v) 

    Tofu and other proteins

    Baked feta with tomatoes (gf)
    Cocoa jerk tofu (gf, v)
    Orange baked tofu (gf, v)

    Pancakes and crepes

    Aquafaba crepes with haggis (v)
    Pancakes filled with potato and lentils
    Swinging Pancake Stack

    Dinner party bakes

    Gruyere profiteroles with pea sauce
    The enchanted broccoli forest (gf)
    Nut roast stuffed apples (v) 
    Polenta cups with green pea puree (gf, v)
    Turnip, mushroom and pecan galettes (gf)

    Soft baked puddings

    Cheddar spoonbread (gf)
    Pumpkin soufflé pudding
    Soft Polenta with Tomato Sauce (gf)


    Nut roasts

    About nut roasts
    Aubergine and tomato nut roast
    BBB nut roast (gf, v)
    Buckwheat and Sweet Potato Nut Roast (gf)
    Carrot and feta nut roast
    Carrot and smoked cheese nut roast (v)
    Carrot, Parsnip and Cashew Loaf (gf, v)
    Cauliflower lentil loaf (gf, v)
    Cauliflower and sun-dried tomato nut roast
    Cereal Nut Roast 
    Cheesy carrot nut roast
    Cheesy nutloaf (gf)
    Chestnut, walnut and mushroom nut roast (gf)
    Cottage cheese and walnut nutloaf (or vegan version) (or stuffed with tofurkey)
    Golden beetroot nut roast (gf, v)
    Green (pea) nut roast (gf, v)
    Haggis and cheese mole nut roast with chocolate
    Layered festive nut roast (v) 
    Lentil and mushroom nut roast (v)
    Lentil and walnut roast (v)
    Mac and cheese layered nut roast
    Michaelmas loaf
    Parsnip, cranberry and chestnut roast
    Parsnip nut roast (v)
    Pumpkin nut roast (v)
    Pumpkin, sundried tomato and basil nut roast (v)
    Purple nut roast (v)
    Rice, carrot and chia nut roast
    Smoky cheese and barley nut roast
    Spiced carrot nut roast (v)
    Stilton nut roast 
    Stuffed nut roast roll
    Sweet potato and poppy seed nut roast with strawberry glaze (v)
    Taco bean nut meat (gf, v)
    Tofu and spinach nutroast (gf)
    Tomato nut roast with buckwheat and seeds (gf, v)
    Vegan nut roast (v)
    Vegetable nutloaf
    Walnut and mushroom nutroast (v)
    Walnut and rice nutroast with mashed potato crust
    Welsh nutroast with laverbread, leeks and cheese (v)

    Mini nut roasts

    Glazed nut roast cupcakes (gf, v) 
    Lentil potato nut "meatballs" (gf, v) 
    Nut roast parcels
    Nutty purple carrot balls (v)
    Pumpkin and almond nut roast fingers (gf, v)
    Tempeh and corn loaf with tomato tahini basil sauce (v)

    Vegetarian haggis

    Henderson's vegetarian haggis (v)
    Vegetarian haggis and serving suggestions (v)

    Vegetable loaves (no nuts)

    Carrot and mushroom loaf
    Oat and onion roast
    Oatmeal and tempeh tomato topped "meatloaf" (v)
    Pumpkin, carrot and lentil loaf
    Red lentil loaf
    Spicy vegetable loaf with yoghurt sauce (gf, v)
    Tofurkey with stuffing such as nutroast (v)

    Burgers and patties

    Beggars burgers
    Broccoli and hazelnut burgers
    Carrot and nut rissoles with red onion gravy (gf, v)
    Carrot tofu burgers
    Cauliflower burgers (gf v)
    Chesapeake tempeh cakes (v)
    Curried chickpea burgers
    Earth burgers (gf, v)
    Easy bean burgers
    Haggis burgers (v)
    Lancashire burgers
    Potato, edamame and carrot fritters (v)
    Quinoa and sun-dried tomato burgers (gf, v)
    Red rascal burgers
    Roasted beetroot tofu burgers (gf, v)
    Smoked tofu and bean burgers (gf, v)
    Smoky apple vegie burgers (v)
    Spinach and chickpea burgers
    Sweet potato, chickpea and hemp seed burgers (v)
    Tamale burgers with mole sauce (gf, v)
    Tofu, carrot and zucchini burgers
    Tofu and lemongrass nuggets with chilli sauce
    Vegemite burger (v) 
    Watercourse Foods tempeh burger (gf,v)
    Wild rice burgers
    Zucchini and rice burgers


    Fantastic falafels (v)
    Purple falafel with vegetables (v)


    Cheesy pumpkin sausages
    Chickpea cutlets (v)
    Chorizo sausages (v)
    'Fish fingers' sausages (v)
    Gruyere and cranberry sausages
    Mushroom, chestnut and couscous sausages
    Sausages (gf, v)
    Tempeh sausages patties (v) 


    Large pies

    Festive Vegetarian Haggis Wreath (v)
    Festive Mushroom Pie 
    Hubert the Hog’s Head
    Mushroom yoghurt pie with spinach crust
    Samosa Pie (v)
    Spaghetti pie (v)
    Spinach and ricotta pie with filo roses
    Stargazy Pie (v)
    St Patrick's Day potato pie (v)
    Vegetable cheese pie

    Tarts and galettes

    Beetroot and caramelised onion galette with vegan mozzarella (v)
    Brie, tomato and zucchini tart
    Broccolini and brie tart
    Cauliflower and onion tart
    Cheesy spinach tart (with a carrot and oat crust)
    Fontina onion and potato tart
    Heirloom tomato tart 
    Mexican croustade (v)
    Polenta pizza tart (gf, v)
    Pumpkin, kale and blue cheese tart 
    Red onion, feta and olive tart
    Vegie ribbon rose tart (v) 
    Zucchini, sundried tomato and goats cheese galette


    Cheese and potato quiche
    Crustless asparagus and potato quiche
    Leek tofu quiche (v)
    Pumpkin cornmeal quiche
    Vegan quiche with tofu and besan (v)
    Zucchini and tomato quiche with wild garlic

    Individual pies and patries

    Cranberry and camembert tarts
    Greens and cheese in puff pastry triangles
    Eccles cakes with leeks, spinach and blue cheese (v)
    Homity pie
    Macaroni cheese pies
    Potato, corn and pea pot pies
    Seasoned tofu pies (v)
    Sephardic spinach filo cigars
    Vegan Party Pies (v)
    Will's farmhouse (mini) pies

    Sausage rolls

    GF vegetarian sausage rolls (gf)
    Gluten free pastry for sausage rolls (gf)
    Leah's vegan sausage rolls (v)
    Vegan sausage rolls - Liz O'Brien's (v)
    Vegan sausage rolls - with Cranks savoury mix (v)
    Vegan sausage rolls - with cauliflower, tofu and aquafaba (v) 
    Vegetarian (Liz O'Brien's) sausage rolls
    Vegetarian sausage rolls with oat and cottage cheese


    Broccoli and miso pasties
    Cauliflower cheese pasties
    Cheese, onion and potato pasties (Tiddly Oggies)
    Creamy pasties with peas or pumpkin
    Haggis neeps and tatties pasties (v)
    Lentil and root vegetable pasties
    Pasties with lentils and walnuts (v) 
    Ripper vegie rice pasties
    Spinach and potatoe pasties

    On the Side
    Vegetables on the Side   |  Sauces/Condiments  |  Gravy



    Cauliflower cheese or vegan version (v)
    Cauliflower cheese - whole
    Cauliflower rice (gf, v)
    Crispy cauliflower bites (gf, v)
    Miso roasted cauliflower
    (gf, v) 
    Roasted cauliflower with tahini sauce (gf)
    Whole roasted cauliflower wih tomato broth (gf, v) 


    Neeps and tatties latkes (v)
    Patatas bravas
    (gf, v)
    Potato gratin with nutmeg and cloves (gf)
    Potato parsley stars (gf, v)
    Roast potatoes (gf, v)


    Apple cider brussels sprouts (v)
    Broccoli with brie and breadcrumbs
    Brussels sprouts with Cointreau
    (gf, v)
    Choy sum with mirin (gf, v)
    Grilled miso asparagus (gf, v)
    Rumbledethumps (gf, v)
    Sicilian drowned broccoli (gf)
    Silverbeet gratin
    Silverbeet with tahini (gf, v)
    Smoky kale chips (gf, v)
    Tangy silverbeet (gf, v)


    Curried cauliflower mash (gf, v)
    Mashed potato with olives
    Mashed potato snowmen
    (gf, v)
    Mashed vegetables with promite (gf, v)
    Potato, cauliflower and kale pesto mash (gf, v)

    Red, orange and yellow vegetables

    Caramelised corn with mint (gf, v)
    Miso harissa roast pumpkin (gf, v)
    Orange veggies
    (gf, v)
    Pickled carrots (gf, v)
    Roasted carrots with pomegranate and dukkah (gf, v)
    Roast pumpkin (gf, v)
    Rumi carrots with dukkah and tahini (gf, v)
    Smoky maple sweet potato mash (gf, v)

    White, brown and purple vegetables

    Cabbage and potato with parmesan (gf)
    Roast cabbage (gf, v)
    Cranberry and chestnut stuffing balls (v)
    Dukkah roasted eggplant and beetroot (gf, v)
    Lavender fried shallots (gf, v)
    Mixed Asian mushrooms with dashi (gf, v)


    Savoury sauces 

    Asparagus yoghurt sauce (gf)
    Asparagus sauce (gf, v)
    Basil pesto (gf)
    Carrot almond sauce (gf, v)
    Chermoula (gf, v)
    Cinnamon tomato sauce (gf, v)
    Green pea sauce (gf, v)
    Plum and mustard sauce (gf, v)
    Pumpkin and pecorino sauce (gf)
    Red pepper and leek sauce (gf)
    Red wine sauce (gf, v)
    Rhubarb dipping sauce (gf, v)Roast pepper and tahini coulis (gf, v)
    Sarah Brown's tomato sauce (gf, v)
    Speedy BBQ sauce (gf, v)
    Sun-dried tomato pesto (gf)
    Tahini sauce (gf, v)
    Simple tomato sauce (gf, v)
    Tomato tahini basil sauce (gf, v) 
    Worcestershire sauce (gf, v)


    Cherry salsa (gf, v)
    Corn, tomato and peach salsa (gf, v)
    Pico de gallo salsa (gf, v)

    Chutneys and Relish

    Apple and cranberry chutney (gf, v)
    Apricot chutney (gf, v)
    Beetroot and orange chutney (gf, v)
    Paradise chutney (gf, v)
    Pear and walnut chutney (gf, v)
    Pineapple and banana chutney (gf)
    Plum chutney (gf, v)
    Pumpkin chutney (gf, v)
    Rhubarb relish (gf, v)
    Spicy plum and apple chutney (gf, v)
    Tomato and apricot chutney (gf, v)
    Tomato chutney with cranberries (gf, v)
    Tomato kitchen sink chutney (gf, v)
    Tomato and peach relish (gf, v)


    Celery salt (gf, v)
    French lavender salt (gf, v) 


    Raspberry vinegar (gf, v)


    Apricot jam (gf. v)
    Apricot, nectarine and vanilla jam (gf, v)
    Mixed berry jam (gf, v)
    Peach and pineapple jam (gf, v)
    Plum jam (gf, v)
    Plum and rhubarb jam (gf, v)
    Plums and raspberry jam (gf, v)
    Rhubarb and strawberry jam (gf, v)
    Strawberry chia seed jam
    (gf, v)
    Strawberry jam (gf v) 

    Sweet sauces

    Condensed milk fudge sauce (gf) 
    'Nutella' chocolate spread (gf, v)
    Salted caramel sauce (gf)


    How to make gravy (gf, v)
    Bush mushroom and 'sausage' gravy (v)
    Chocolate and red wine gravy
    Gravy (v)
    Mushroom whisky gravy (v)
    Oatmeal gravy (v)
    Onion and sundried tomato gravy (gf, v)
    Port gravy (gf, v)
    Red onion gravy (gf, v)

    Warm Desserts | Chilled Desserts


    Puddings with bread

    Choc-berry bread pudding
    Pumpkin and chocolate bread pudding (v)
    Sourdough chocolate bread pudding (v)
    Turkish fig pudding


    Apple and berry crumble (v)
    Apple and mincemeat crumble (v)
    Apricot crumble with cranberries and hazelnuts
    Berry and coconut crumble (gf)
    Chocolate custard crumble
    Peach crumble (v) 
    Rhubarb, cranberry and apple crumble (v)
    Rhubarb and pear crumble
    Rhubarb, quince and apple crumble
    Rhubarb and raspberry crumble (v)
    Rhubarb and strawberry crumble (v)
    Strawberry crumble (v)


    Golden syrup dumplings (v)
    Strawberry dumplings (v)


    Apple jalousie (v)
    Apple pie
    Apple and pumpkin pastries with spiced red wine (v)
    Apple rose tarts (v)
    Apple turnovers (v)
    Apricot and almond tart
    Chocolate tarts - work in progress
    Nectarine and raspberry strudel
    Plum almond tart
    Treacle tart (v)

    Sponge puddings

    Apple sponge (pudding) (v)
    Apricot and almond sponge with toffee sauce
    Apricot sponge (v)
    Baked berry, ginger and treacle pudding
    Banana butterscotch pudding (v)
    Bread and butter pudding
    Butterscotch pudding (v)
    Chocolate pudding (v)
    Healthyish sticky toffee pudding (gf)
    Microwave self-saucing butterscotch pudding (v)
    Plum gingerbread sponge pudding
    Rhubarb and apple sponge pudding
    Steamed strawberry pudding

    Dessert pizzas

    Chocolate and berry pizza
    Chocolate and raspberry pizza
    Nectarine and cream cheese pizza

    Pancakes and crepes

    Chocolate pancakes with berries and chocolate sauce
    Pumpkin and ricotta crepe stack (or ravioli)  

    Rice puddings

    Chocolate rice pudding (gf, v)
    Rice pudding (with blueberries) (gf, v)


    Condensed milk fudge sauce (gf)
    Notella hazelnut chocolate sauce (gf, v)


    Christmas pudding
    Finnish blueberry soup (Mustikkakeitto) (gf, v)
    Sugar roasted peaches (gf, v)



    Baked lemon cheesecake (gf)
    Berry ricotta cheesecake (gf)
    Caramel chocolate cheesecakes 
    Cherry chocolate cheesecake
    Chocolate cheesecake with Easter nest
    Chocolate pumpkin mini cheesecakes (gf)
    Lime and white chocolate cheesecake (gf) 
    Vegan peach cheesecake (gf, v) 

    Dessert in a glass

    Chocolate lime avocado mousse (gf, v)
    Gooseberry fool
    Raspberry and yoghurt parfait
    Tofu chocolate mousse (gf, v)
    White chocolate mousse and strawberry parfait (gf, v)

    Fridge cakes

    Chocolate ripple cake
    Easter caramel and malteser fridge cake

    Fruit Salads

    Fruit salad (gf, v) 
    Pine-berry fruit salad (gf, v)
    Red fruit salad (gf, v)
    Summer fruit salad (gf, v)

    Ice cream

    Lime and white chocolate ice cream (gf)
    Raspberry swirl ice cream with white chocolate fudge chunks (gf)
    Rhubarb and white chocolate ice cream (gf)
    Strawberry ice cream with agar agar (gf)
    Vegan banana fudge ice cream (gf,v)
    Vegan chocolate ice cream - with avocado and bananas (gf, v)
    Vegan chocolate ice cream - with tofu (gf, v)
    Violet crumble ice cream


    Caramel apple trifle
    Choc-nut banana and fruit kebabs (gf, v)
    Chocolate 'mousse' tart (v)
    Christmas in July dessert cheese platter
    Strawberry soup (gf, v)
    Strawberry sushi with chocolate sauce (gf, v)
    Vegan nutella with coconut condensed milk (gf, v)

    Savoury Baking
    Savoury Baking with Yeast | Savoury Baking with Sourdough | Savoury Baking without Yeast


    Plain bread

    Buttermilk bread
    Chia olive oil bread (v)
    Finnish rye bread (v)
    Heidi's easy little bread (v)
    Irish no knead bread
    No knead bread (v)
    Olive oil bread (v)
    Potato bread

    Seeded bread

    Country grain and soy bread (v)
    Dan Lepard’s multigrain and honey bread
    MultiSeed bread (v)
    Nigella’s Norwegian mountain loaf (v)

    Savoury flavoured bread

    Cheese and onion bread 
    Cottage cheese and chive bread
    Malted oat bread (v)
    No knead oat and honey bread 
    No knead honey and oat bread II
    Oatmeal beer bread (v)
    Oatmeal and treacle bread (v)
    Pumpkin bread
    Russian vegetable bread (v)
    Sesame and lemon bread (v)
    Sprouted green lentil and bulgar bread (v)
    Yeasted zucchini bread (v)

    Rolls, bagels and buns

    Bagels (v)
    Baked pierogi with cabbage, walnuts and blue cheese
    Burger buns (v)
    Carrot and poppy seed dinner rolls (v)
    Pretzel buns (v)
    Pumpernickel rolls with currants (v)
    Wholemeal pretzels (v)


    Buffalo cauliflower sourdough pizza with tofu blue cheese (v)
    Blinis with sour cream and beetroot chutney
    Carrot and leek pizza (v)
    Chickpea pizza base (gf, v)
    Fast track pizza dough (v)
    Isa's pizza bases (v)
    Katie's pronto pizza bases (v)
    Pizza ideas - bases and toppings
    Wholemeal mashed potato pizza bases (v)

    Focaccia and flat breads

    No knead focaccia (v)
    Brown butter picklets
    Staffordshire oatcakes (v)


    Plain breads and rolls

    Celia's overnight sourdough bread  (v)
    Overnight sourdough bread rolls (v)
    Sourdough Basics 101: Making a Starter (v)
    Sourdough Basics 102: Maintaining a Starter (v)
    Sourdough Basics 102.1: Maintaining a starter - an update (v)
    Sourdough Basics 103: Baking bread (v)
    Sourdough Basics 103.1: Basic Sourdough Loaf (v)


    Banana sourdough flatbread (v) 
    Kale sourdough tortillas (v)
    Sourdough toss-off flatbreads (v)
    Spelt sourdough flatbreads (v)


    Fast track sourdough pizza bases (v)
    Fried pizza (v)
    Healthy greens pizza
    Sourdough (and commercial yeast) pizza bases (v)
    Sourdough pizza bases (v)
    Vegan margherita pizza (v)
    Vegemite and three veg pizza

    Sweet and fruity breads 

    Chocolate, cranberry and apricot sourdough bread (v)
    Malted loaf with chocolate, figs and brazil nuts (v)
    Overnight sourdough fruit bread (v)
    Sourdough fruit bread with poppy seeds (v)

    Sweet and fruity rolls and scrolls

    Fruit mince sourdough bread rolls (v)
    Overnight baked sourdough doughnuts (v)
    Overnight sourdough cranberry nut rolls (v)
    Overnight Sourdough Hot Cross Buns (no knead) (v)
    Sourdough cinnamon scrolls (v) 
    Sourdough hot cross buns
    Sourdough hot cross buns with fruit mince  
    Vegan sourdough hot cross buns with marzipan (v)

    Savoury breads - flavours or bits

    Carrot, onion and poppyseed bread (v)
    Charcoal overnight sourdough bread (v)
    Lemon and Sesame Sourdough Bread
    Oat and seeds sourdough bread (v)
    Overnight sourdough cheese and olive bread
    Overnight sourdough cheese and sundried tomato bread 
    Overnight sourdough mashed potato bread (v)
    Roast potato and rosemary bread (v)
    Savoury monkey bread (v)
    Sourdough cheeseymite scrolls
    Sourdough hybrid olive oil bread (v)
    Sourdough polenta cheese bread (v) 

    Savoury focaccia

    Antipasto focaccia
    Charcoal overnight sourdough focaccia (v) 
    Focaccia with potato, olives and cheese
    Parmesan and onion focaccia (with tofu bacon option)


    Crackers or Dry Biscuits

    Cheese hearts
    Cheese, spice and oat biscuits
    Cheese and walnut biscuits
    Cheeze crackers (v)
    Chickpea crackers (gf, v)
    Feta and pepper crackers
    Polenta parmesan thyme crackers (gf)
    Roasted vegetable crackers (v)
    Scottish Oatcakes
    Seed crackers (gf, v)
    Smoky cheese biscuits
    Spinach crackers with French lavender salt (v)
    Tofu and pesto crackers (v)


    Avocado soy rotis (v)
    Cauliflower and almond pizza bases (gf, v)
    Chickpea and quinoa flatbread (gf, v)
    Millet buckwheat tortillas (gf, v)
    Potato scones (v)
    Tortillas - wheaten (v)
    Yoghurt flatbreads
    Yorkshire puddings


    Beer bread (v)
    Beetroot, goats cheese and onion bread
    Birdseed bread
    Buttermilk and lemon myrtle damper
    Cheese and almond loaf (gf)
    Cheese and apple soda bread
    Cheese and (b)facon quickbread
    Cheese and onion beer bread
    Cheese, onion and potato bread
    Cheesy cornbread
    Cornbread with cheese and sage (gf)
    Cornbread with nut roast
    Gluten Free Cornbread (gf)
    Margaret Quinn's brown bread (v)
    Pumpkin cornbread (v)
    Pumpkin damper (v)
    Purple carrot soda bread
    Remembrance soda bread
    Seeded soda bread (v)
    Sweet potato soda bread
    Three cheese and beer bread
    Wholesome Guinness soda bread
    Yeastfree rye and caraway bread (v)

    Scones (sometimes called Biscuits)

    Avocado, rocket and brie scones (v)
    Beetroot, apple and walnut scones
    Cheese scones
    Feta sundried tomato and oregano scones
    Gruyere scones
    Kale scones (v)
    Oat and barley scones (v)
    Olive oil parmesan scones
    Pumpkin, pecan and poppyseed scones (v)
    Pumpkin scones 
    Pumpkin scones (v)
    Sour Skon
    Spinach and feta scones
    Sweet potato and cheeze scones (v)
    Vegemite and poppy seed scones (v)
    Walnut, brie and apple scones
    Yoghurt scones


    Artichoke, sun-dried tomato and cheese muffins
    Carrot and cheese muffins
    Cheddar, kale and facon muffins
    Cheese, cranberry and thyme muffins
    Cheese and parsley muffins (with vegan option)
    Cheese, pea and corn muffins
    Cheese and pesto muffins
    Cheesy almond muffins (gf)
    Chickpea muffins (gf)
    Pumpkin and goats cheese muffins
    Pumpkin miso muffins (v)
    Savoury beetroot, carrot, chocolate and goats cheese muffins
    Savoury carrot turmeric muffins (v) 
    Smoky cheese and roasted corn muffins
    Smoky parsnip muffins
    Sweet potato, feta and sauerkraut muffins (v) 
    Tofu-bacon and spinach muffins
    Tofu feta, olive and sun-dried tomato muffins (v)
    Zucchini cheese muffins

    Sweet Baking and Treats
    Cakes/Brownies | Muffins/Little Cakes | Slices | Biscuits/Cookies | Scones | Sweet Baking with Yeast | Other Sweet Treats


    Chocolate cakes: 

    Blueberry chocolate cake (v)
    Chocolate banana swiss roll (v)
    Choc caramel banana cake
    Choc chip, walnut and date sourdough cake (v)
    Chocolate brandy banana cake
    Chocolate, cherry and chestnut cake (gf)
    Choc-lime marble cake

    Chocolate and coconut and date cake (updated version) (v)
    Chocolate cake
    Chocolate cake (mum's)
    Chocolate cake decorated with strawberries and music
    Chocolate carrot cake 
    Chocolate marmalade cake

    Chocolate mug cake
    Chocolate olive oil cake (gf)
    Chocolate olive oil cake (gf, v)
    Chocolate polenta cake (gf)
    Chocolate porridge cake
    Chocolate pumpkin spice cake
    Chocolate raspberry almond cake (gf)
    Chocolate spice gingerbread
    Coconut and chocolate chunk cake (v)
    Creme Egg chocolate drizzle cake
    Eggless chocolate cake
    Floating malteser cake with fudgy buttercream frosting
    Fruitcake with Chocolate Chunks
    Green ombre chocolate cake (v)
    Guinness chocolate cake
    Heavenly chocolate cake (gf)
    Heidi’s chocolate cake
    Honey, yoghurt and chocolate cake
    Jill Dupleix's flourless chocolate cake (gf)
    Malted chocolate cake
    Malteser and Milo mudcake
    Mashed potato chocolate cake 
    Mayonnaise chocolate cake (v)
    Melt and mix chocolate chunk mud cake
    Mulled wine chocolate cake
    Nigella's Nutella Cake (gf)
    One Bowl Flourless Chocolate Cake (gf)
    Single serve microwave chocolate cake with cashew frosting (v)
    Sour cream chocolate cake
    Sourdough chocolate cake
    Ultimate chocolate cake with green ombre frosting
    Vegan chocolate (layer) cake (v) 
    Vegan chocolate spice cake (v)
    Walnut fudge cake
    Wattleseed mud cake
    White chocolate mudcake
    Wholemeal chocolate cake

    Cakes with Fruit: 

    Apple cider cake
    Apple and date cake
    Apple fruit cake (v)
    Apple spice cake
    Apricot and Cranberry Cake (gf)
    Banana apple loaf
    Banana cake with maple syrup (v)
    Banana and coconut cake (v)
    Banana peanut butter nutella microwave brownie (v)
    Banana, prune and seed loaf
    Banana, treacle and nutella cake
    Banana and yoghurt cake or with berry yoghurt
    Blueberry breakfast cake (v)
    Blueberry lime poppy seed cake (gf)
    Caramel apple cake with quince paste
    Caramel banana cake
    Cheese and apple cake
    Chocolate fruitcake
    Citrus grape cake (v)
    Cranana cake
    Cranberry mandarin syrup cake
    Gluten free christmas fruit cake (gf)
    Healthy banana bread
    Honey, apple and olive oil cake
    Hummingbird cake
    Irish tea cake
    Kitchen sink tropical fruit loaves (v)
    Lemon and honey cake (gf)
    Lime and coconut cake
    Macaroon cake with raspberries (gf)
    Mum’s Banana Cake
    Orange and almond cake (gf)
    Orange, choc chip and hemp seed cake (v)
    Orange, Lavender and Almond Syrup Cake
    Paragon chocolate orange cake
    Pear and spice cake 
    Pina colada cake (gf)
    Plum kuchen (v)
    Plum teacake with quince jelly glaze
    Quince and almond cake
    Raspberry yoghurt cake
    Rhubarb cake
    Sour cream banana cake
    Stephanie's quince and nut cake
    Sticky ginger and apple cake
    Sticky prune cake
    Tim's lemon trickle mash cake (gf) 
    Twice cooked apple cake

    Cakes with vegetables: 

    Avocado pound cake with cream cheese frosting 
    Awesomely delicious GF pumpkin brownies (gf, v)
    Carob carrot cake
    Carrot cake (with cream cheese frosting and fondant carrots) 
    Honey parsnip cake
    Kale cake (v)
    Moist and nutty carrot cake
    Spicy pumpkin tea cake
    Venetian carrot cake (gf)
    Zucchini layer cake with cream cheese frosting (gf, v)

    Brownies and Blondies: 

    Almond brownies with milo
    Apple and white chocolate blondies
    Black forest brownies
    Brownies with butterscotch chips
    Brownie in a mug (v)
    Candy cane brownies
    Chewy chunky blondies
    Chocolate beetroot brownies
    Chocolate brownies with chickpea flour (gf)
    Donna Hay Brownies (gf)
    Fudgy chocolate raspberry brownies (gf) 
    Fudgy Coconut Brownies 
    Nigel's Brownies
    Nutella Blondies
    Nutella brownies
    Peanut butter brownies
    Pumpkin cheesecake brownies (gf, v)
    Spring chocolate brownies (v)
    Tim Tam brownies
    Vegan brownies with optional dulce de leche swirl (v) 
    Walnut brownies
    Zucchini brownie with smoked walnuts (v)

    Plain, spiced and caramel cakes: 

    Butterless butter cake
    Butterscotch layer cake
    Butterscotch surprise cake
    Caramel cake 
    Coconut chai cake (v)
    Gingerbread squares with peel (v)
    Ginger Fluff Sponge (gf)
    Mini Victoria sponge cakes
    Orkney ginger broonie
    Plain butter cake
    Red velvet mug cake with frosting
    Sourdough vanilla sponge cake (v) 
    Treacle gingerbread

    Vegan Victoria Sponge Cake (v)
    Victoria sponge layer cake



    Chocolate avocado cupcakes (v)
    Chocolate blackberry cupcakes (v)
    Chocolate brownie cupcakes
    Chocolate chip and cola muffins
    Chocolate coconut cupcakes (gf)
    Chocolate cupcakes (v)
    Chocolate cupcakes (gf, v)
    Chocolate cupcakes with aquafaba (v)
    Choc honey muffins
    Double chocolate muffins with wheatgerm
    Coconut and chocolate chip muffins
    Earl Grey cupcakes and chocolate cashew ganache
    Full moon cupcakes
    Caramel chocolate chunk muffins (v)
    Marzipan Easter egg cupcakes
    Nutella cupcakes
    Pumpkin choc chip muffins (gf)
    Raspberry Brownies
    Vegan fudge cupcakes (v)


    Lamingtons with a touch of pumpkin
    Lamingtons with a touch of quince (v)
    Lamingtons (malted banana) with Milo 


    Apple carrot muffins (v)
    Apple date and chia seed muffins (v)
    Apple and walnut crumble muffins (v)
    Apple, passionfruit and macadamia muffins (gf) 
    Apricot, berry and bran muffins
    Banana buttermilk muffins
    Banana and coconut cupcakes (gf)
    Banana, peanut butter and oat muffins
    Banana, rhubarb and sultana muffins
    Banana weetbix muffins
    Blueberry oat muffins
    Butterscotch banana muffins

    Cherry banana muffins
    Cinnamon doughnut banana muffins (v)
    Cranberry, apple and butterscotch muffins
    Fruit mince muffins
    Fruity carrot muffins (v)
    Fruity quinoa muffins (v)
    GF Apricot muffins (gf, v)
    Lemon and poppyseed muffins 
    Lemon yoghurt cupcakes (gf)
    Marmalade, blueberry and nut muffins (gf, v)
    Oaty Rhubarb Muffins
    Passionfruit and orange muffins (v)
    Pear muffins (v)
    Pear and walnut muffins
    Plum (or raspberry) and banana low sugar muffins
    Quince and polenta muffins
    Raspberry, coconut and apple muffins
    Raspberry lime muffins
    Strawberry cupcakes
    Strawberry passionfruit muffin (v)
    Strawberry yoghurt muffins


    Gluten free cupcakes (gf) 
    Hot milk cupcakes
    Small cakes (gf) 
    Vanilla cupcakes
    Vanilla cupcakes (gf)
    Vanilla spice cupcakes with caramel buttercream


    Moist bran muffins
    Kale cheesecake surprise choc mint cupcakes (v)
    Kraut choc cupcakes
    Queijadinhas (macaroon cupcakes) (gf)
    Red velvet cupcakes
    Sticky gingerbread cupcakes


    Australian traditional slices

    Apricot condensed milk slice
    Chocolate caramel slice or vegan gf slice (v)
    Coconut ice (gf)
    Lemon slice
    Licorice allsort slice
    Mars bar slice
    Marshmallow weetbix slice
    Matrimonial slice
    Milo weetbix slice
    White Christmas

    Condensed milk slices

    Balieys biscuit fudge
    Caramel gingersnap magic slice
    Chocolate peppermint candy cane slice (gf, v) 
    Chocolate coconut nirvana slice (gf, v)
    Easter egg slice
    Peppermint crisp slice
    Mock turtle
    Sloth slice (Easy choc chip slice)
    S'mores slice (with vegan marshmallow) 

    Fresh fruit slices 

    Apple slice
    Banana choc chip oat slice
    Plum and cinnamon oat slice
    Raspberry oat slice (v)

    Flapjacks, muesli, oat and energy slices

    Banana choc chip flapjacks
    Carrot oat slice (v)
    Choc chip, coconut and cranberry flapjacks (v)
    Choc chip muesli slice 
    Chocolate energy slice (v)
    Chocolate lime energy slice (v)
    Chocolate and ginger flapjacks (v)
    Chocolate muesli slice
    Chocolate sunbutter energy slice (v)
    Fig and Almond Bars (gf, v)
    Fruit mince flapjacks (v) 
    Fruit, nut and tahini slice (v)
    Glo bars (gf, v)
    Halvah energy slice (gf, v)
    Halva flapjack
    Honey parkin
    Muesli slice (v)
    No bake chocolate oat slice (v)
    Peppermint patty slice (v)
    Porridgies (v)
    Pumpkin muesli slice (v)
    Rustic muesli squares
    Tahini muesli bars (v)

    Hedgehog and fridge cakes

    Easter caramel and malteser fridge cake
    Easter hedgehog slice
    Hedgehog (my traditional recipe)
    Hedgehog - with condensed milk
    Hedgehog fudge with dried cherries
    Prince William's fridge cake (posh hedgehog)
    Steph's vegan hedgehog (v)
    Walnut hedgehog (v)

    Rice bubble or Rice krispie slices

    Chocolate almond rice bubble slice (gf, v)
    Jeanette's coconut date slice
    (gf, v)
    Nutella rice bubble slice
    Pooh bear honey slice
    Rice bubble muesli slice

    Rice krispie slice (or shamrocks) (gf, v)
    Rice krispie slice with caramel chocolate topping (gf, v)
    Rice krispie slice with peppermint candy canes (gf, v)   


    Traditional Australian biscuits

    Afghans (v)
    ANZAC biscuits
    ANZAC biscuits with Caramilk
    ANZAC biscuits with cranberries and chocolate (v)
    ANZAC biscuits with milo and white chocolate
    Passionfruit yo-yo biscuits

    Traditional international cookies/biscuits

    Garibaldis with quince and walnut  (v)
    Oreos (v)
    Zimsterne (Cinnamon stars)
    (gf, v)

    Choc chip cookies

    Basic choc chip oatmeal cookies
    Chocolate chip cookies with condensed milk
    Chocolate chip cookies with dulce de leche
    Chocolate chip cookie bars
    Choc chip and dried cherry cookies
    Cornmeal Choc Chip Cookies (gf)
    Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies (with brown rice flour)  (gf)
    Granola Choc Chip Cookies
    Hazelnut oat choc chip cookies
    Maple walnut chocolate chip cookies
    Marzipan choc chip cookies
    White chocolate chip and ginger cookies (dried apple version) (v)
    Vegan choc chip cookies (v) 


    Chocolate macaroons (gf)
    Coconut brittle (gf, v)

    Cut out biscuits

    Best ever chocolate cut out cookies
    Black cat chocolate gingerbread
    Choc (glace) cherry cut-out cookies
    Chocolate and black tahini cut out biscuits (v)
    Chocolate shortbread with spice (v)
    Gingerbread biscuits
    Gingerbread choc chip cookies
    Gingerless gingerbread Christmas tree
    Gluten free gingerbread cut out cookies (gf, v)
    Oatmeal cutout cookies (v)
    Rebecca's gingerless gingerbread
    Sugar cookies (v)

    Fun and Unusual 

    Cake crumb cookies
    Cookie wands (gf)
    Potato chip choc chip cookies


    Almond and oat choc chip cookies (v)
    Autumn (grey ghost pumpkin) cookies
    Birdseed biscuits with choc chips
    Cashew Choc Chip Cookies (gf, v)
    Choc Apple Pumpkin Oat Biscuits
    Choc Banana Oat Cookies
    Chocolate Pumpkin Digestives (v)
    Nicki's Healthy Choc Chip Biscuits (v)
    Oat and Cranberry Biscuits

    Paula's Carob Bikkies (gf)
    Pumpkin fudge cookies, or balsamic version (v)


    Butter biscuits with cocoa nibs and candied orange
    Chocolate chip cookies with smoked almonds and cacao nibs (v)
    Chocolate crackle top biscuits
    Chocolate and cranberry shortbread
    Chocolate sesame sandwich cookies
    Orange and rose petal biscuits

    Nutty or seedy

    Chocolate cherry cookies (gf, v)
    Chocolate macaroon crisps (gf, v) 
    Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudgies (v)
    Chocolate tahini cookies (v)
    Flourless almond butter choc chip cookies (gf, v)
    GF Cashew and choc chip cookies (gf)
    GF Peanut Butter and Choc Chip Cookies (gf)
    Maple walnut cookies (v)
    Spiced chocolate Sesame Cookies (v)
    Sunbutter choc chip cookies (gf)

    Thumbprint biscuits

    Almond thumbprint jam drops (gf)
    Chocolate walnut thumbprint biscuits (v)
    Oaty thumbprint biscuits (v)
    Walnut and quince thumbprint cookies (v)


    Traditional and plain scones

    Gruyere scones
    Lemonade scones
    Potato scones (v)
    Pumpkin scones [or vegan version (v)]
    Scones (v)
    Treacle scones (v)
    Yoghurt scones

    Chocolate and spiced scones 

    Chocolate chip and honey scones
    Chocolate and cranberry scones (v) 
    Chocolate and tahini scones (v) 
    Cinnamon scroll scones (v)
    Pumpkin scones with ginger ale
    Spiced walnut and chocolate scones

    Fresh Fruit

    Banana and choc chip scones
    Beetroot, apple and walnut scones (v)
    Berry scone wedges
    Cheese and apple scones
    Chocolate blueberry and ginger scones (v)
    Olive, pineapple and cheese scones
    Orange and date scones
    Pumpkin, pineapple and cheese scones
    Raspberry and white chocolate scones
    Strawberry marscapone scones
    Walnut, brie and apple scones

    Oat scones

    Maple syrup and oat scones (v)
    Oat and barley scones (v)
    Sour Skon


    Cheese Scones
    Cheeseymite scones
    Feta sundried tomato and oregano
    Gruyere scones
    Kale scones (v)
    Leek, walnut and blue cheese scones 
    Olive oil parmesan scones
    Pesto and poppyseed scones (v) 
    Pumpkin, pecan and poppyseed scones (v)
    Spinach and feta scones
    Sundried tomato, parsley and tahini scones (v)  
    Sweet potato and cheeze scones (v)
    Vegemite and poppy seed scones (v)



    Doughnuts - baked (jam or nutella)
    Doughnuts - baked and topped with chocolate and coconut bacon (v)
    Doughnuts - baked, chocolate overnight sourdough (v) 
    Doughnuts - baked and vegan (cinnamon sugar or glaze) (v)
    Doughnuts - baked, baking powder, vegan (v) 
    Doughnuts - baked, vegan, overnight, sourdough (v)  

    (Dried) Fruit bread and rolls  

    Chocolate, cranberry and apricot sourdough bread (v)
    Cranberry nut rolls
    Freshly fruited yeast bread
    Fruit mince sourdough bread rolls (v)
    Malted sourdough loaf with chocolate, figs and brazil nuts (v)
    Overnight sourdough fruit bread (v)
    Overnight sourdough cranberry nut rolls (v)
    Sourdough fruit bread with poppy seeds (v)
    Walnut and fig bread (v)

    Fresh fruit yeasted baking

    Plum kuchen (v) 
    Rhubarb and raspberry no knead focaccia (v)
    Chocolate and blackberry pizza (v)

    Hot Cross Buns

    Hot Cross Buns
    Hot Cross Buns - wholemeal (v)
    Overnight Sourdough Hot Cross Buns (no knead)


    Chocolate babka 
    Fruit mince scrolls (v)
    Pumpkin Spice Scrolls (v)



    Apricot Delight (gf, v)
    Chocolate crackles (v)
    GF Tim Tams (gf)
    Grubs (gf)
    Grubs - with Tim Tams
    Honey joys (gf) 
    Potato boston bun (v)

    Cake pops

    Blueberry cake pops (gf, v)
    Cake pops
    Cherry Ripe cake pops (gf)

    Christmas treats

    Brandy butter and pudding truffles
    Chocolate mince tarts
    Chocolate mince pies - vegan
    Condensed milk and pudding truffles
    Gingerbread house 
    Gingerbread houses (small) with vegan royal icing
    Gingerbread house - rustic
    Mince pies (with cream cheese pastry)
    Mince tarts (with yoghurt pastry)
    Panforte - chocolate
    Panforte - chocolate with fruit mince

    Decadent chocolate treats

    Chocolate covered honeycomb (gf, v)
    Chocolate gingernut truffles
    Chocolate nutella caramel cups (gf)
    Chocolate salami (gf, v) 
    Rocky road (gf, v)
    Rocky road (gf)
    Vegan bacon and seed chocolate bark (gf, v)

    Energy balls

    Almond, date and cranberry truffles (gf, v)
    Almond energy snacks (v)
    Apricot energy bites (gf, v)
    Chocolate almond and coconut balls (gf, v)
    Chocolate bliss balls with banana and oats (v) 
    Chocolate tahini maca bliss balls (gf, v)
    Chocolate tofu balls (gf, v)
    Cocoa bites (gf, v) 
    Coconut Almond Balls (gf, v)
    Dried fruit and coconut balls (gf, v)
    Healthy Apricot Balls (gf, v)
    Walnut and Coconut Fudge Balls (gf, v)
    Wattleseed Cashew Truffles (gf, v)

    Filled chocolates

    Chocolates with almond butter filling (gf, v)
    Chocolates with healthy caramel filling (gf, v)
    Chocolates with healthy peppermint filling (gf, v)
    Chocolates with orange and sweet potato filling (gf, v)
    Chocolates with peppermint filling (gf, v) 


    Black bean cacao fudge (gf, v) 
    Caramel fudge (gf)
    Chocolate almond butter fudge (gf, v)
    Chocolate cashew fudge (gf, v)
    Chocolate layered fudge (peppermint or caramel) (gf, v)
    Mostly Raw Double Layer Fudge (gf, v)
    Nutella fudge (gf or vegan version (gf, v)
    Vegemite fudge
    Vegemite fudge 2.0 

    Icy Poles

    Icy poles: orange and strawberry (gf, v)
    Icy poles: creamy strawberry (gf)
    Icy poles - fruity (gf, v)
    Icy poles: strawberry and passionfruit (gf, v) 

    Meringues and Macaroons

    Condensed milk macaroons (gf)
    Maple meringues (gf)
    Meringues with multicolour (gf)
    Vegan meringues (gf, v)

    Pikelets and Pancakes

    Pikelets - chocolate and apple with blueberry sauce
    Pikelets - with choc chips
    Pikelets - eggless (v)
    Pikelets - traditional and buckwheat (gf)
    Pinwheel pancakes with strawberries and cream cheese


    Caramel popcorn (healthier) (gf, v)
    Caramel popcorn (salted) (gf, v)
    Caramel popcorn with chocolate and cranberries (gf, v) 
    Chocolate popcorn with marshmallow and coconut (gf, v)


    Apple and Cheese Pita Wraps
    Apricot and cheese balls (gf)
    Cashew chocolate coconut butter (gf, v)
    No-Bake Chocolate Cookies (gf, v)

    Novelty Birthday Cakes  |  Novelty Cupcakes and other Treats


    Airplane cake
    Car cakes
    Medieval castle cake for chocolate lovers
    Pirate treasure chest cake
    Rocket cake
    Tree house cake 

    Butterfly cake
    Butterfly cake 2
    Farmyard cake
    Green Giraffe cake
    Hedgehog cake
    Monkey cake
    Octopus cake
    Owl cake
    Sparkles the rabbit cake
    Teddy bear cake
    Viking cat cake

    Australian and other countries
    Aboriginal flag cake
    Southern Cross cake 
    St Patrick's day cakes
    Vegemite jar cake

    Number two cake
    Pram cake 

    Blues Clues cake
    Club Penguin cake
    Dinosaur cake (from Peppa Pig)
    Loch Ness Monster cake 
    Minion cake
    Superhero Kapow cake!

    Fantasy and pretty
    Castle cake
    Crown cake
    Dragon cake
    Drip cake - choc mint green
    Flower cake
    Flower cake II
    Flower cake III (jelly beans)
    Toadstool house cake

    Ghost cake 
    Halloween cake - eyes in the dark 
    Jack Skellington cake
    Monster cake
    Vampire cake

    Home Life
    Camera cake
    Clock cake
    The Getting of Wisdom book cake
    Guitar cake
    Handbag cake 
    Oven cake
    Picnic cake


    Animal cupcakes: chicks, pigs, frogs and mice

    Black cat oreos 
    Cat cupcakes
    Fondant black cats
    Panda cupcakes
    Sloth cupcakes  

    Candy cane pizzas
    Christmas bauble ornament biscuits 
    Christmas cupcakes: reindeer and holly
    Christmas royals
    Festive chocolate bark (gf)  
    Festive fruit and marshmallow skewers (gf)
    Fruit Christmas tree
    Oreo Christmas tree pops

    Chocolate carrots
    Easter chocolate egg nests (gf, v)
    Easter chocolate scotch eggs
    Easter egg chicks (gf)
    Easter egg marzipan cupcakes
    Easter egg pizza 
    Easter macaroons with nutella nests
    Easter sugar cookies (v)
    Lime Cheesecake Easter Eggs (gf, v)

    Bat toast (gf, v)
    Bones and blood (v) 
    Cheese and pretzel broomsticks and olive spider crackers
    Chocolate and pretzel spiderwebs
    Cracker spiders
    Franken sushi (gf, v)
    Ghost cupcakes with marshmallow frosting (v)
    Ghost salad (gf, v)
    Halloween lunch platter

    Jack o Lantern oranges with fruit salad (gf, v)
    Monster doughnuts
    Monster rice krispies (gf, v)
    Mummy tarts (v) 
    Oreo spider cupcakes
    Owl and spider cupcakes
    Pumpkin-shaped cheeseball (gf)
    Red velvet cupcakes with eyeballs
    Spider cheese ball (gf) 
    Spiderweb cupcakes (v)
    Watermelon monster (gf, v)

    Miscellaneous novelty:
    Carrot and cucumber tulips (gf, v) 
    Collingwood cupcakes
    Cookie wands  (gf)
    Jelly bean flower cupcakes (gf)
    Lego biscuts (v)
    Magnifying glass biscuits
    Minion cupcakes 
    Polenta pizza people (gf)
    Rainbow cupcakes (gf)
    Rainbow fruit kebabs (gf, v)
    Reindeer cake pops
    Shamrock cupcakes
    St Patrick's day cupcakes (with chocolate coins)
    Teddy racers
    Tick Tock teacups
    Unicorn rainbow sushi (gf, v) 
    We Bare Bear cupcakes

    Drinks  | Breakfasts  |  Collations  |  Notes


    Alcoholic cold drinks 

    Apricot and strawberry punch (gf, v)
    Spiced red currant and orange punch (gf, v)

    Cold and fizzy

    Blackberry limeade (gf, v) 
    Chilled apple green tea (gf, v)
    Delia's festive punch (gf, v)
    Ginger beer (gf, v)
    Iced Apple Chamomile Tea (gf, v)
    Kids punch
    Lemonade (gf, v)
    Limeade (gf, v)
    Lime Spiders (gf)
    Orange, grapefruit and lime lemonade (gf, v)
    Raspberry lemonade (gf, v) 
    Raspberry punch (gf, v)


    Deep purple juice (gf, v)
    Moody Blues (pineapple and blackberry juice) (gf, v)
    Purple passionate pine pom juice (gf, v)
    Strawberry, plum and orange juice (gf, v)
    Watermelon, banana, strawberry, peach juice (gf, v)


    Apricot and passionfruit smoothie (gf) 
    Apricot, pomegranate and orange smoothie (gf, v)
    Banana, berry and plum smoothie (gf)
    Banana, cranberry and raspberry smoothie (gf)
    Banana and quince smoothie
    (gf, v)
    Berry and banana smoothie (gf, v)
    Blueberry, banana and oat smoothie
    Ginger banapplerry smoothie (gf, v)
    Green smoothie (gf, v)
    Kiwi fruit, avocado and spinach smoothie (gf, v)
    Orange, fig and ginger smoothie (gf, v)
    Pomegranate and orange smoothie (gf, v)
    Raspberry apricot and chia smoothie (gf, v)
    Raspberry, apricot and pumpkin smoothie (gf, v)
    Raspberry smoothie with muscles (gf)
    Rhubarb and raspberry smoothie (gf, v)
    Strawberry cheesecake smoothie (gf)
    Strawberry, kiwi and orange smoothie (gf)
    Super creamy green smoothie (gf, v)
    Super smoothie with berries, pear and banana (v)
    Tropical orange and carrot smoothie (gf, v)
    Tropical peach smoothie (gf, v)

    Hot drinks

    Glögi (gf, v)
    Mulled apple juice (gf, v)
    Mulled wine (gf, v)
    Spicy Chai Tea (gf, v)


    Egg Substitutes
    Chickpea hummus scramble (gf, v)
    Egg faux yung (tofu omelettes) (gf, v)
    Roasted vegetable tofu scramble (gf, v)
    Spinach, sundried tomato and chive chickpea scramble (gf, v)
    Tofu scramble (gf, v)
    Tofu scramble with cashew cream (gf, v) 

    In a Glass
    Cranachan-style breakfast parfait 

    Banana and maca muesli (granola) (v)
    Chocolate muesli (granola) (v)
    Fruit mince muesli (granola) (v)
    Microwave muesli (v)
    Tahini, quinoa and apricot toasted muesli (v)

    Almond meal pancakes (gf)
    Banana oat pancakes 
    Banana oat pancakes - vegan (v)
    Cheese and chive pancakes
    Fluffy pancakes
    Nutella stuffed pancakes (v)
    Oaty pancakes with berries
    Pancakes (v)
    Pancakes with fried peaches and blueberry sauce
    Pancakes with oats and cornmeal 
    Pumpkin buckwheat pancakes
    Raspberry buttermilk pancakes (see cheese variation)
    Ricotta hotcakes (with tomatoes or stewed plums) 
    Ricki's buckwheat pancakes (gf, v)
    Sourdough banana oat pancakes
    Spiced carrot pancakes
    Squeezy bottle vegan pancakes (v)
    Sweet vegan pancakes (v)
    Vegan fluffy chocolate pancakes (v)
    Vegan fluffy pancakes (v)

    Smoothies (also see Drinks section)
    Blueberry, banana and oat smoothie
    Breakfast smoothie bowl (gf,v)
    Green smoothie bowl (gf, v)
    Red and green smoothie bowls (gf, v)

    Baked porridge with raspberry and apple (v)
    Pea and sun-dried tomato porridge (v)
    Sylvia's porridge (v)

    Lazy fry-up brunch (v)
    Mac and cheese pancakes
    My breakfast burritos (gf, v)
    Potato, sausage and tomato brunch (v)
    Potato scones (v)
    Sausage patties (gf, v)
    Zucchini and cheese fritters (gf)

    Toast (including French Toast)
    Baked figs on toast
    French toast served with baked rhubarb, strawberries and banana (v)
    French toast with banana (v) 
    French toast with coconut (v)
    French toast - savoury and seedy (v)



    Easter recipes: savoury, sweet and salt dough 
    Halloween recipes, cakes and snacks
    Vegetarian Christmas Recipes - menu planning ideas
    Vegetarian haggis serving ideas

    National Days

    10 American recipes for Independence Day in the US
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    Vegan substitutes  

    12 vegan recipes using cheesy cashew cream
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    Chocolate savoury vegetarian recipes
    Nutella recipes and ideas 
    Pizza ideas - bases and toppings
    Salad dressing ideas
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    20 Vegemite recipes for the 100 year anniversary, plus reflections and products


    All recipes are vegetarian:
    - I try to acknowledge the source of recipes where I can, but I have been jotting down recipes for years before I started blogging, so I can't always be sure of the source - please let me know if I have not acknowledged your recipe and I will be happy to amend the post. I also cook a lot of dishes which are derived from my experience of cooking and reading but don't have any attributable source.  Also see FAQs.
    - where I use Worcestershire Sauce, it is a vegetarian version
    - I try to use vegetarian cheese but I don't always manage it

    v = vegan or vegan-friendly, You might like to consider
    - you may need to substitute soy, rice or nut milk for cow's milk
    - you may need to substitute margarine for butter - if I use margarine it is usually nuttalex
    - you may need to substitute agave/maple syrup for honey - for more information on agave, go here.

    gf = gluten free or gluten free friendly. You might like to consider:
    - you may need to check your soy sauce is gluten free
    - you may need to check your noodles are gluten free - I have only labelled pasta recipes gf where the noodles tend to be traditionally gluten free such as rice noodles, but you could use some of the pasta sauces by using gluten free pasta.
    - I don't include any recipes with oats in my recipes labelled gf - it doesn't seem easy to get gf oats in Australia - I certainly haven't come across them.
    - over the years I have used local gf flours - Casalare, then Orgran and most recently White Wings.  They seem to get better but I would love to try Doves gf flour in the UK which seems to have a more interesting mix of flours than the ones we get here. And we now have Bob Mills GF flour which is pretty good.