Thursday, 7 November 2019

Easy Halloween cake - eyes in the dark

Last weekend we had a small gathering to remember Alex and Ian’s birthday and for Sylvia and I to have fun with Halloween baking. While I continue to have problems with my computer, I will share a very easy spooky cake we made.  Days like these make me great full for a jar of candy eyes in the pantry!  The cake was simple but delicious.

And as it is currently easier to share photos than typing, I will also share a few photos from Sylvia’s first foray into trick or treating.  I don’t have any of the guy dressed as Trump or the pet rat or the bleeding headless statue or the crowds of kids and parents out on a balmy night of 33 C.

I hope to get my computer sorted soon as I have some posts I hope to share.

Chocolate eyes in the dark cake

2 x 20cm round chocolate cakes
300ml thickened cream
250g x 70% dark chocolate
50g milk chocolate
Candy eyes

Make ganache early enough that it has a few hours to cool to room temperature. Break or chop chocolate into small pieces. Microwave the cream in a jug for 45-90 seconds or until very hot (watch it does not boil over.)  Pour hot cream over chocolate and leave a couple of minutes.  Now stir until chocolate melts and mixture is smooth.

When ready to frost, trim the cakes if necessary. My cakes were quite domed so I sliced the top of the bottom cake to make the top cake sit better. Spread some ganache over the Botton cake and carefully place second cake on top. Spread remaining ganache over top and sides of cake, making as smooth as possible. Place candy eyes in pairs around the side. It is fun to have pairs facing different ways.

NOTES: I used double the mixture from this favourite vegan chocolate cake recipe.

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  1. Adorable cake- I'll have to keep this idea in mind!

  2. I hope your computer behaves....Thank you for sharing these pictures and the cake to be thankful for when you have a jar full of 'candy eyes! so funny yet true.

  3. What a nice cake and Halloween atmosphere.

  4. This is a great Halloween cake! Love it.

  5. I've heard before that you could make Betty Crocker cakes with fizzy drinks, always been tempted to try it, but never have - thanks for experimenting so I could see how it turned out. Like you I don't really buy boxed cakes, but I wonder if it would be worth trying out with something less sweet than cola, like soda water? Perhaps some chemistry for another day for me!


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