Saturday 1 September 2018

Vegan MoFo 2018

This month sees me feeling intrepid or foolish enough to take up the Vegan MoFo challenge again.  It will be my 6th year.  For the unannointed, Vegan MoFo (Vegan Month of Food) is when a group of bloggers blog vegan food almost every day for a month.  This blog is vegetarian with lots of vegan food (reflecting my diet) but this month you will see no dairy or eggs on my posts.

You may see some stress.  Let me warn you it has been that sort of year.  So far my oven has broken down, my heater has had to be replaced, my modem has died, my blog has been hacked twice.  So what could go wrong?  (Yes, I am looking at you microwave as you spit the close button across the room every time the door is closed.)  And September starts and ends with busy work events.  Thank goodness it is Spring with the days getting longer and warmer.

I have been preparing some fun recipes to share and hope to have done enough homework to get through the month.  I hope you will enjoy and that you and I can find time to visit fellow Vegan MoFo bloggers.  (Check out the Vegan MoFo blog.)  I will list my Vegan MoFo posts here as I go.

Week 1 - Colourful Food
3 September - Purple carrot soup
5 September - Vegie ribbon tart
6 September - Green smoothie bowl 
8 September - In My Kitchen: September 2018 - the Vegan MoFo edition
9 September - Unicorn rainbow sushi

Week 2 - Vegan Substitutions
10 September - Vegan cheese on toast
11 September - Cauliflower ceviche tacos
13 September - Vegan pasta bake with cashew cheese
15 September - Spiced carrot nut roast

Week 3 - Rescue of Neglected Foods
17 September - Vegan fudge cupcakes or what to do with failed fudge
18 September - Miso roasted cauliflower bowl
19 September - Oaty thumbprint biscuits and a lesson
21 September - Banana sourdough flatbread
23 September - Apple turnovers and weekend colour!

Week 4 - Out of the kitchen 
24 September - Handsome Her, vegan cafe, Brunswick
26 September - University of Melbourne Farmers Market: Vegan Lunches
28 September - Vegan fluffy chocolate pancakes
29 September - Vegan lunches, Melbourne's inner north
30 September -Vegan MoFo 2018 - reflections and quicklinks

Note on weekly themes.  I have tried to stick to these but occasionally go off topic because my life just isn't that neat!


  1. I'm really looking forward to reading all your MoFo posts! I hope you and all your kitchen appliances make it to the end of the month!

  2. I am a little disappointed that I am not able to join in this year, but I know I will enjoy VeganMofo lots through your and other fellow bloggers posts. Your teaser photo above is so inviting.

  3. I'm happy to see you're participating again and looking forward to some exciting recipes this month! My oven also broke down this year, and it was the longest month of my life - I hope everything behaves for you!

  4. I will probably comment less than in previous years (and am so far off participating!) but look forward to seeing your posts - and wish you lots of luck for a busy month.

  5. Great intro! Love all the colors in your photos!

  6. Looking forward to your posts, good luck with the vegan month!


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