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My Cookbook List

I love looking at others' cookbooks so I thought you might like a look at mine. If you want to know more, you might like to read

Please consider this list a work in progress - and not updated very often. 

Update 2024 - I don't use my cookbooks much but occasionally love to look at them and use them.  Some have gone out and I rarely buy them but a cookbook to hold and browse is still a joy compared to online recipes. 

Australian Vegetarian

n/a (1989) Food of the Earth: a cookbook from the friends of the earth food campaign, Friends of The Earth, Australia, pp 1-87

n/a (2004) Vegie food: from vegies on the side to the main event, Murdoch Books, Australia, pp 1-399

Anne Marshall (1993) The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook, Lansdowne, Australia, pp 1-304

Anne Wilson (1998) Fast Vegetarian, Murdoch Books, Australia, pp 1-64

Australian Women's Weekly (1998) Almost Vegetarian, ACP Books, Australia, pp 1-128

Australian Women's Weekly (2013) Fast Fresh Vegetarian, ACP Publishing, Australia, pp 

Australian Women's Weekly (1990) Vegetarian Cooking, ACP Books, Australia, pp 1-128

Australian Women's Weekly (2002) Vegetarian stirfries (make it tonight), ACP Books, Australia, pp 1-64

Home Style Library (1996) Vegetarian cooking with flair, JB Fairfax Press, Australia, pp 1-96

Jean and Sue Easthope (1986) Classic Vegetarian Cooking, Golden Press, Australia, pp 1-184

Kurma Dasa (1998) Cooking with Kurma: More Great Vegetarian Dishes, Chakra Press, Australia, pp 1-243

Sanitarium (2003) Healthy Fast Food: Creative Vegetarian Cooking, Murdoch Books, Australia, pp 1-64

Simon Bryant (2012) Simon Bryant's Vegies, Lantern/Penguin Books, Australia, pp 1-233.

Simon and Alison Holst (1990) Meals without Meat: Vegetarian Recipes, CJ Publishing, Australia, pp 1-120

Sue East (1988) The Carob Tree: a collection of deliciously easy vegetarian recipes, n/a, Australia, pp 1-128

Vicki Jackson & Antoinette Waters (c 1995) Squirrels Best of One and Two Vegetarian Cookbooks, Diana Mitchell, Australia, pp 1-199

Vikki Leng (1994) Vegetarian Feasts: over 750 simple and delicious recipes for everyday meals and special occasions, Angus & Robertson, Australia, pp 1-352

British Vegetarian

Alice Hart (2011) Vegetarian: 141 recipes celebrating fresh seasonal ingredients, Murdoch Books, UK/Australia, pp 1-255

Henderson's (2002) Henderson's Whoefood Cookbook: revealed at last - secrets of Edinburgh's celebrated Salad Table Restaurant, Northern Books, UK, pp 1-80

Joanne Farrow (2000) 30 minutes Vegetarian, Hamlyn, UK, pp 1-125

Judy Ridgeway (1996) The quick after-work winter vegetarian cookbook, Judy Piatkus, UK, pp 1-154

Marguerite Patten (1968) Meals without Meat: 500 recipes, Hamlyn, UK, pp 1-94

Marguerite Patten (1978) Vegetarian Cooking for You: new and imaginative recipes for meals without meat, Hamlyn, UK, pp 1-96

Maria Elia (2009) The Modern Vegetarian: Food Adventures for the Contemporary Palate, Kyle Cathie Ltd, UK, pp 1-176

Orlando Murrin (2004) 101 Veggie Dishes: tried and tested recipes, BBC Worldwide, UK, pp 1-210

Paul Southey (1984) Gourmet Cooking with Meat: The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook, Marshall Cavendish Books, UK, pp 1-224

Richard Cawley (c 1988) Green Feasts: memorable meat-free meals, Conran Octopus, UK, pp 1-127

Rose Elliot (1986) The new vegetarian cookbook, Guild Publishing, UK, pp 1-144

Rose Elliot (1996) Vegetarian Cookery: major new edition with over 300 inspired recipes, HarperCollins, UK, pp 1-352

Rose Eliot (2006) Vegetarian Supercook, Hamlyn, UK, pp 1-192

Sarah Brown (1984) Vegetarian Cookbook, Dorling Kindersley, UK, pp 1-240

Sarah Brown (1988) Vegetarian Cookery, Dorling Kindersley, UK, pp 1-144

Sharon Brown (2012) Good Food: More Veggie Dishes (Good Food 101) , BBC Books, UK, pp 1-216

Sonya Richmond (1965) International Vegetarian Cookery, Collins, UK, pp 1-192

Susie Ward (1991) The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook, Tiger Books International, UK, pp 1-224

Ted Smart (1991) The book of vegetarian cooking, Salamander Books, UK, pp 1-96

Yottam Ottolenghi (2011) Plenty: Vibrant Vegetable Recipes from London's Ottolenghi, Chronicle Books, USA (originally published 2010, Random House in UK), pp 1-288

American Vegetarian

Bloodroot Collective (1993) The Perennial Political: 3rd feminist vegetarian cookbook, Sanguinaria Publishing, USA, pp 1-254

Carol Geddes (1997) Something for everyone: 150 main dish recipes for families that include vegetarians and meat eaters, Macmillan, USA, pp 1-267

Catherine Geier with Carol Brown (2005) Café Flora, HP Books, USA, pp 1-257

Joyce McKinnell (1968) Vegetarian Gourmet Cookbook: Nature's WAy to Good Health, Wilshire Book Company, USA, pp 1-199

Mollie Katzen (1982) Enchanted Broccoli Forest, Ten Speed Press, USA, pp 1-307

Mollie Katzen (1992) New Moosewood Cookbook, Ten Speed Press, USA, pp 1-237

Mollie Katzen (1988) Still Life with Menu cookbook: 50 new meatless menus with original art by the author of moosewood cookbook and the enchanted broccoli forest, Ten Speed Press, USA, pp 1-350

Moosewood Collective (1987) New Recipes from Moosewood Restaurant (new edition), Ten Speed Press, USA, pp 1-302

Robin Robertson (2007) Quick-Fix Vegetarian: Healthy Home-Cooked Meals in 30 Minutes or Less, Andrews McMeel Publishing, USA, pp 1-224


Amanda Sweet (1987) The Vegan Health Plan: a practical guide to healthy living, Arlington Books, UK, pp 1-302

Celine Steen and Joni Marie Newman (2010) The Complete Guide to Vegan Food Substitutions: Veganize It! Foolproof Methods for Transforming Any Dish into a Delicious New Vegan Favorite, Fair Winds Press, Canada, pp 1-256

Dreena Burton (2012) Let Them Eat Vegan!: 200 Deliciously Satisfying Plant-Powered Recipes for the Whole Family, Da Capo Lifelong Books, USA, pp 1-368

Isa Chandra Moskowitz (2013) Isa Does It: Amazingly Easy, Wildly Delicious Vegan Recipes for Every Day of the Week, Little, Brown & Company, USA, pp 1-320

Isa Chandra Moskowitz (2005) Vegan with a Vengeance: over 150 delicious cheap animal-free recipes that rock, Marlowe & Company, USA, pp 1-258

Isa Chandra Moskowitz (2009) Vegan Brunch: Homestyle Recipes Worth Waking Up For--From Asparagus Omelets to Pumpkin Pancakes, Da Capo Lifelong Books, USA, pp 1-256

Lauren Ulm (2009) Vegan Yum Yum: Decadent (but Doable) Animal-Free Recipes for Entertaining and Every Day, Health Communications Inc, USA, pp 1-290

Leah Leneman (1992) The Tofu Cookbook, Thorsons, UK, pp 1-127

Leah Leneman (1989) The Single Vegan, Thorsons, UK, pp 1-127

Tanya Barnard & Sarah Kramer (1999, reprinted 2009) How it all Vegan: irresistible recipes for an animal free diet, Arsenal Pulp Press, Canada, pp 1-232

Health conscious

Australian Women's Weekly (2005) Detox: four detox plans + more than 100 delicious fresh recipes, ACP Books, Australia, pp 1-120

Australian Women's Weekly (1999) Vegetarian (Healthy Eating), ACP Books, Australia, pp 1-64

Australian Women's Weekly (c 2005) Vegie food: low fat and delicious: lose weight and feel fantastic, ACP Books, Australia, pp 1-120

Jennie Brand-Miller, Kaye Foster-Powell & Kate Marsh with Philippa Sandall (2006) The Low GI Vegetarian Cookbook: 80 delicious recipes for vegetarians and vegans, Hodder Australia, Australia, pp 1-185

Julie Stafford (2000) Vegetarian Cookbook: easy vegetarian cooking, low in fat, full in favour, Penguin Books, Australia, pp 1-163

Linda Haynes (1999) The Vegetarian Lunchbasket: over 225 easy lowfat nutricious recipes for the quality-conscious family on the go, New World Library, USA, pp 1-205

Nadine Abenseur (1999) Cranks Light: 100 recipes for vitality and health, Seven Dials, UK, pp 1-160

Weightwatchers (c 2004) Pure Taste 2003: 150 delicious recipes, Text Pacific Publishing, Australia, pp 1-146

Weightwatchers (2001) Simply Vegetarian: over 50 vegetarian diet savers that you'll love, Pacific Client Publishing, Australia, pp 1-81

Allergy Sensitive

Barbara Cousins (2000) Vegetarian Cooking Without: Recipes free from added gluten, sugar, yeast, dairy products, meat, fish, saturated fat, Thorsons, UK, pp 1-220

Helen Stephens (1986) That Australian Family Vegetarian Cookbook: Quick-and-Easy, Kid-Tempting, Sugarless and Eggless Wholefood Vegetarian Meals with Plenty of Non-Dairy, Non-Wheaten Recipes, Hyland House, Australian, pp 1-130

Louise Blair (2007) Great Gluten Free Baking: over 80 delicious cakes and bakes, Hamlyn, UK, pp 1-144

Ricki Heller (2009) Sweet Freedom: Desserts you'll love without wheat, eggs, dairy or refined sugar, Trafford Publishing, Canada, pp 1-168

Ricki Heller (2013) Naturally Sweet and Gluten-Free: allergy free vegan desserts, Sellers Publishing, USA, 1-224.

Baking and sweet foods

n/a (2004) The essential dessert cookbook, Murdoch Books, Australia, pp 1-304

Annie Rigg (2009) Birthday Cakes for Kids, Ryland Peters and Small, UK, pp 1-128

Australian Women's Weekly (c 1989) Cakes & Slices Cookbook, ACP Books, UK, pp 1-128

Australian Women's Weekly (1988) Children's Birthday Cake Book, ACP Books, Australia, pp 1-128

Australian Women's Weekly (1996) Muffins, Scones & Breads, ACP Books, Australia, pp 1-128

Australian Women's Weekly (2007) Old Fashioned Favourites: desserts, cakes, biscuits, slices, ACP Books, Australia, pp 1-118

Cadbury (1998) A Taste of Chocolate, C. J. Publishing,  NZ, pp 1-117

Caroline Jeremy (2003) Green & Black's Chocoloate Recipes: from the cacao pod to muffins, mousses and moles, Kyle Cathie Ltd, UK, pp 1-192

Christine Ingram and Jennie Shapter (2003) The complete book of bread & bread machines, Hermes House, UK, pp 1-512

Christopher & Jill Conil (1986) The Wholegrain Oven, W Foulsham and Co, UK, pp 1-126

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau (2007) The Joy of Vegan Baking: The Compassionate Cook's Traditional Treats and Sinful Sweets, Fair Winds Press, USA, pp 1-288

Dan Lepard (2008) The Handmade Loaf: contemporary European recipes for the home baker, Octopus Publishing Group, UK, pp 1-192.

David McGuiness & Paul Allam (2010) Bourke Street Bakery: the Ultimate Baking Companion, Murdoch Books, Australia, pp 1-368

Diana Linfoot (1992) More muffin magic: new creative & healthy recipes, n/a, Australia, pp 1-67

Emily Rose (2012) Have your cake: no butter, no white flour, no added sugar, a healthy and simple way of baking, The Five Mile Press, Australia, pp 1-120

Family Circle (2000) The new muffin cookbook, Murdoch Books, Australia, pp 1-64

Gail Wagman (2006) Cupcakes Galore, MQ Publications, USA, pp 1-192

Gwen Steege (1988) The search for the perfect chocolate chip cookie, Random House, USA, pp 1-140

Jim Lahey with Rick Flaste (2009) My Bread: The Revolutionary No-Work, No-Knead Method, W W Norton & Co, USA, pp 1-224

Judy Paterson (2006, reprint from 1993) Scottish Home Baking, Judy Paterson and Lindsay Publications, Scotland, pp 1-83

Konneman (1991) Muffins, Scones & Teacakes (confident cooking), Murdoch Books, Australia, pp 1-64

Marcel Desaulniers (1992) Death by Chocolate: the last word on a consuming passion, Beaut Books, Australia, USA, pp 1-143

Nigella Lawson (2000) How to be a Domestic Goddess, Chatto & Windus, UK, pp 1-374

Rose Carrarini (2006) Breakfast, Lunch, Tea: Rose Bakery, Phaidon, UK, pp 1-186

Vegetarian Themes

n/a (2003) Juices & Smoothies: over 200 delicious drinks for health & vitality, Hamlyn, UK, pp 1-128

Annie Rigg (2010) Christmas cooking with kids, Ryland Peters and Small, UK, pp 1-128

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau (2010) Color Me Vegan: Maximize Your Nutrient Intake and Optimize Your Health by Eating Antioxidant-Rich, Fiber-Packed, Color-Intense Meals That Taste Great, Fair Winds Press, USA, pp 1-272

Emanuela Stucchi (1996) Italian Vegetarian Cookery, Pavillion Books, UK, pp 1-160

Family Circle (2000) Asian Vegetarian, Murdoch Books, Australia, pp 1-64

Janice Cook Migliaccio (1983) Follow Your Heart's Vegetarian soup cookbook, Woodbridge Press, USA, pp 1-127

Kay Canter & Daphne Swann (1985) Entertaining with Cranks, JM Dent & Sons, UK, pp 1-160

Lukas Volger (2010) Veggie Burgers Every Which Way: plus toppings, sides, buns and more, Wakefield Press, pp 1-173

Nava Atlas (2006) Vegetarian Soups for all seasons, bountiful vegan soups and stews for every time of year, Amberwood Press, USA, pp 1-168

Rose Elliot (2000) Vegetarian Christmas, Thorsons, UK, pp 1-184

Rose Elliot (1999) Vegetarian Pasta: 150 mouthwatering dishes from the expert, HarperCollins, UK, pp 1-144

Rose Elliot (1989) The Zodiac Cookbook: fabulous recipes for every star sign, Hamlyn, UK, pp 1-144

Sara Lewis (2001) Veggie Food for Kids, Hamlyn, UK, pp 1-144

Sonia Allison & Victoria Lloyd-Davies (1992) Vegetarian Cooking in the Microwave: over 200 vegetarian dishes for your microwave, HarperCollins, UK, pp 1-192

Susan Geiskopf-Hadler (2005) The Complete Vegetarian Barbecue Book: over 150 delicious recipes plus tips and techniques, Apple Press, UK, pp 1-224


n/a (c 1950s?) Australian Cookery of Today Illustrated, Australia, pp 1-512

n/a (c1940?) Green and Gold Cookery Book: Containing many good and proved recipes (9th edition), RM Osborne Ltd, Australia, pp 1-231

n/a (2013) Pop: 40 recipes from popcornland, Hardie Grant Books, Australia/UK, pp 1-95

Australian Women's Weekly (1980s?) Best Ever Recipes, ACP, Australia, pp 1
AustralianFamily Circle (1999) Dips & Dippers, Murdoch Books, Australia, pp 1-64

Family Circle (1994) Sensational Vegetable Recipes, Murdoch Books, Australia, pp 1-111

John Hinde (2005) The Little Book of Potatoes, John Hinde Ltd, Ireland, pp 1-45

Konneman (1989) Exciting new ways with vegetables (confident cooking), Murdoch Books, Australia, pp 1-64

Madhur Jaffrey (1987) A Taste of India, Pan Books, UK, pp 1-211

Marguerite Patten and Betty Dunleavy (1968) Entertaining at Home, Hamlyn, London/Sydney, 1-544

Mrs N Pescott, compiled by, (1977) Early Settlers’ Household Lore, Ballarat Historical Park Association, Australia, pp 1-180

Nigellla Lawson (1998) How to Eat, Chatto & Windus, UK, pp 1-526

Peter Russell-Clarke (c 1989) Family Cookbook: 100 delicious recipes, Kraft, Australia, pp 1-64

Stephanie Alexander (2004) The Cook's Companion: the complete book of ingredients and recipes for the Australian kitchen, Penguin Books Australia, pp 1-1126

Food for Thought

Colin Spencer (2006) The Vegetable Book: a detailed guide to identifying, using and cooking over 100 vegetables, Octopus Publishing, UK, pp 1-336

Denis Cotter (2007) Wild Garlic, Gooseberries… and Me: a chef’s stories and recipes from the land, HarperCollins, Ireland, pp 1-319

Jane Grigson (1983) Fruit Book, Penguin Books, UK, pp 1-508

Mark Crick (2006) Kafka's Soup: a complete history of world literature, Wakefield Press, Australia, pp 1-92

Nigel Slater (2009) Tender: v. 1: A Cook and His Vegetable Patch, Fourth Estate Ltd, UK, pp 1-592

Nigel Slater (2010) Tender: v 2: A Cook's Guide to the Fruit Garden, Fourth Estate Ltd, UK, pp 593-1226.

Nigel Slater (2005) the kitchen diaries, The Fourth Estate, UK, pp 1- 395

Vic Sussman (1978) The Vegetarian Alternative: A guide to a healthful and humane diet, Rodale Press, USA, pp 1-286

William Shurtleff & Akiko Aoyagi (1982) The Book of Tofu: food for mankind, Ballantine Books, USA, pp 1-618

William Shurtleff & Akiko Aoyagi (1979) The Book of Miso: food for mankind, Ballantine Books, USA, pp 1-433 

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