Sunday, 30 September 2018

Vegan MoFo 2018 - reflections and quicklinks

And so I reach the end of my sixth year doing Vegan MoFo.  I have just managed to meet the goal of 20 posts in a month of vegan food.  Which is pretty amazing given that lately I have struggled to get 10 posts in a month.  More amazing given what a crazy month it was.  I started the month away on a work retreat, then had a week of my computer not working and ended the month with a busy work week.  Thank goodness I prepared well before September started.

I took part in Vegan MoFo (Vegan Month of Food) because I have enjoyed the challenges and connections of taking part previously.  Though I am vegetarian, I am far more confident in vegan cooking and baking thanks to Vegan MoFo.  We eat far less eggs now than previously and are more aware of vegan issues.  I am busier than I was in other years so it was more difficult to find the time for such intensive blogging this year and I struggled to find time to visit other MoFo blogs.  I also found that there are now less blogs participating (and disappointingly quite a few on the Vegan MoFo blogroll are not participating) and more people on other social media platforms, as the digital landscape changes.

Despite the changes, there is still lots of great reading.  A special mention to Go Vegga for giving me a warm glow when I read that she is a fan of my overnight sourdough bread recipe.  It was also great to see my chocolate pancakes included in the week 4 vegan mofo round up (a great place to check out other vegan mofo food). 

Apologies to those who needed a new login to comment - I just have too many logins in my life but I hope you will get some sort of pingback to this page to know I loved your Vegan MoFo offerings. 

Each year I list some posts that grab my attention and can inspire me for further cooking.  Here are some from this year. 

Interesting dinners:
Galaxy sushi bowl - Vegan Doll House
Rainbow pizza - Walks Talks and Eats
Chickpea gnocchi with faux pesto and raspberry sauce - This Vegan Lyfe
Vegan baked potato oup - Vegan in your city
Mushroom lettuce wraps - Plant Based Living

Tempting baking:
War cake (fruit cake) - Downright  Vegan
Potato and rosemary muffins - Just blogs vegan
Sunshine Spinach Pie - Just Blogs Vegan
Coca Cola cake - One Raw Bite
Fig and blueberry cake - Gonna Go Walk the Dogs

As well as the Vegan MoFo links, I would like to share a few links to interesting articles I have seen recently:

Coconut oil is pure poison says Harvard professor - The Guardian
Why do we keep calling things Buddah bowls - Healthyish
Food freestyling: how lateral cooking can turn soda bread into scones: The Guardian
Vegan kale chocolate: guilt trip or indulgence - The Guardian
Your farmers market is a library (ie a wealth of local knowledge) - Melbourne Farmers Markets
The compostable cup you can't compost: the trouble with our recycling system - The Age
With push from PETA, Animal Crackers bust out of their cages - US News

If you want a full list of my posts, check out my Vegan MoFo 2018 page (see below link).  I am pleased to have had some inspiration and wrote some fun posts but now I am glad to post at a rate more in keeping with my lifestyle.  However I still have plenty to share so stay tuned.

This post is part of the Vegan Month of Food (Vegan MoFo) in September 2018.  Go to my Vegan MoFo list for more of my 2018 Vegan MoFo posts.


  1. I've loved your MoFo pieces (and your non-mofo stuff too!) I noticed from the last MoFo I did there were far fewer people taking part, and people were reading/commenting on each other's posts less. I guess when MoFo started, veganism and vegan blogging were far more niche than they are now, and there's less need to promote them in the same way. I still love MoFo and hope it carries on regardless!

  2. I wasn't organised to participate in Vegan Mofo, but like you had also noticed the changes in media platform of those participating. I will check out the links you shared, and as always enjoyed your contributions to Vegan Mofo, but then you know I am a fan of GGG = well done in getting 20 Vegan Mofo posts up!

  3. Congratulations on overcoming the challenges to successfully complete Vegan MoFo. I enjoyed your posts.

  4. That's great that it has helped you become more confident with vegan cooking. I like vegetarian food but find vegan can be tricky.

  5. 20 posts in a month is quite staggering, especially if you are fitting it all in alongside other work too. I'm impressed.
    I have been struggling to make 2 a month recently.... partly because of work and family and partly because my mojo has disappeared down a rabbit hole. I have finally got round to visiting my favourite blogs to catch up with everything you have all been up to.... could take a while!!!!
    Either way, lovely to see what has been going on in your world recently xx

  6. Glad you linked my cake. It is a fun one, and hope someone out there gets to try it. ^__^

    That coconut oil article is interesting but naturally I dislike how over the top it is. I do think people need to STOP MAKING IT A CURE ALL! I like coconut oil, and I use it, but I don't like how people use it instead of everything else because they think it has particularly healing qualities. It can be misleading for people who have high cholesterol issues.

    Gosh I hate the name Buddha Bowl. Has nothing to do with Buddhism other than it doesn't have meat (although the article points out people add meat anyways) *sigh* I feel like people love buddhism but never actually read the scripture.

    I'd totally eat the kale chocolate- mostly because I LOVE the taste of spirulina and chocolate.

    And I don't think many people think fully through about those compostable take out containers. They are great, but most people don't realize they need to be commercially composted. I get little compostable plastic bags from a local market, and that's great but I always forget to bring them back for composting when they rip. Ugh.


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