Friday, 3 January 2020

Reflections 2019

And like that, here we are in a new year and a new decade.  Hard to believe another year has whizzed by but I am pleased to see the back of 2019.  Today I bring you a recap of the year

Last year started full of promise with a fun trip to Sydney.  We also visited Lorne and Port Fairy.  But the end of the year fizzled out with E and I separating.  There was so much change that I found it hard to keep up.  Though I am in the same house, I have had a new phone, a new fridge, new bank accounts, new NBN wifi network, and a new hard drive in my home computer. At work my team dwindled to me and my manager at the start of year.  I was sad when she left due to ill health but in her place came a new manager with her new team of lovely people.  I change my role, moved office twice and had a new computer at work.  It was a year of a lot of change.

Sylvia's home made slime collection!
With a 10 year old in the house, there is always change.  Sylvia became more independent and bloomed as a digital native.  After some swithering, I gave her my old phone so she now has a phone and an ipad.  She had one scooter die and one scooter go missing.  She cooked herself lots of eggs, made lots of slime, loved all things cats and, most of all, our cat Shadow.  She was a big fan of Kate Miller-Heidke.  Meanwhile our garden continued to grow, my bookclub continued, and I got into knitting for the first time in years.

My statistics were down this year.  No surprise there.  I had less time and energy for blog posts.  I had less time and energy for sharing these posts.  I was more surprised that only a little over a half of posts (53%) had recipes.

91 blog posts
14 photos accepted on FoodGawker
9 cafe reviews linked to Zomato
440 likes on FaceBook

Where my blog was featured
I was surprised to find a few links to my blog online this year (or that is what the dates suggest in this digital world where dates don't matter to some people).  More links are to photos than posts!

Most popular
As my stats took a tumble in the second half of the year, it is no surprise that the popular posts, according to my Blogger stats, were from earlier in the year.

Top 5 recipe posts
Twice baked potatoes and SpudFest 2019
Overnight sourdough bread rolls
We Bare Bear cupcakes for a birthday party
Charcoal overnight sourdough bread
Chickpea, potato and cauliflower curry

Top 5 eating out posts
The Tea Cosy tearooms, The Rocks, Sydney
Brighton Soul cafe and Brighton Beach
Are the vegan burgers better at Hungry Jacks?
Grounds of Alexandria, Sydney
Moo Gourmet Burgers and Manly Beach, Sydney

My best of 2019
This is a list of my favourites I have encountered this year rather than the best released this year:

Favourite kids film - Mary Poppins Returns and Frozen 2
Favourite adult film - Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman
Favourite Netflix movie - Pirate Radio (The Boat that Rocked)
Favourite family tv show - Gilmore Girls
Favourite adult tv show - Line of Duty
Favourite Australian novels - Boy Swallows Universe and Past the Shallows
Favourite foreign novels: the Goldfinch and the Night Circus
Favourite non fiction book - The Land before Avocado
Favourite album - Billy Joel's Songs in the Attic 
Favourite musician - Kate Miller-Heidke
Favourite new local eating out - Carringbush Hotel, Abbotsford

What we enjoyed eating in 2019
My cooking mojo was at low ebb this year.  There weren't heaps of recipes that really excited me, other than sourdough baking, but I did find some I really loved when I checked over the posts of 2019.  Here they are:

Savoury meals - Ghost salad, Cauliflower cheese pastiesSt Patrick's day green pizza, Creamy apricot and chickpea soup, Slow cooked smoky chickpeas with tacos, Chickpea tangine with quince, Purple sushi salad with tofu nuggets

Sweet baking - Cinnamon scroll scones, Irish Tea Cake, Carrot cake, Pinwheel pancakes with strawberries and cream cheese,

Fun baking: St Patrick's day shamrock cupcakes, We Bare Bear cupcakes, Halloween eyes in the dark cake,

Sourdough bread baking - Overnight sourdough bread rolls, Antipasto sourdough focaccia, Charcoal overnight sourdough bread, Overnight sourdough hot cross bunsOvernight sourdough cranberry nut rolls, Roast potato and rosemary bread

Happy New Year
We had a quiet new year with vegan haggis in quesadillas.  Then on New Year's Day, Sylvia and I started the year with a visit to the beach.  There is much I would like to do more in 2020 that I haven't done enough in the past year: cooking, baking, blogging, craft, swimming, cycling and catching up with friends.  I have been catching up on sleep during the holidays and feeling a bit more energy so I hope to get more done this year.  I thank you for reading, commenting and supporting me this year.  Here's to more blog posts, good food, good company and good times in 2020!

End of a decade
The world has changed so rapidly over the past decade that it scares me.  Here are a few reflections on the decade that has just passed:
Here in Australia we are intensely conscious of the effects of climate change with so many terrible bushfires raging at the moment.  Fortunately in Melbourne we have not been affected, other than a little smoke haze and looking out for family and friends who might be in the line of fires.  But our community will be devasted for some time to come by these fires.  So I go into the New Year with all those affected in my thoughts.


  1. Happy new year, Johanna. I have to agree that the rapid changes in the world scare me too. Pirate Radio sounds interesting! I saw only one movie in the theater this year and it was Knives Out, highly entertaining. Gilmore Girls is fun; rewatched it last year.

    1. Happy new year Nupur - we got into gilmore girls because we were looking for something for a 10 year old to watch who is suddenly too old for kids tv and too young for teen/adult tv. I really loved the warmth and humour of the Gilmore Girls.

  2. It certainly was an interesting year. Great analysis. I didn’t post as much this last year either - lack of time and a shift to Instagram are likely culprits.

    1. Happy new year Cakelaw - interesting that instagram has made you post less - I get it suggested to me but I have resisted so far!

  3. Well, you certainly had a busy year. Best of luck in 2020.

  4. Happy New Year Johanna, may it bring much luck to you! Your last year surely sounds eventful and yet you managed to blog and cook so much!

    1. Happy new year VegHog - I would like to blog and cook more this year but so far not so much (and this is when I am on holidays!!!!)

  5. Happy new year! I think you're amazingly resilient to have coped with all that change all in one year. Like you, I'm glad to see the back of 2019! Your cooking mojo may have waned, but I still love your blog as one of the places I can always go to get new cooking ideas, and have a good read. Lets hope 2020 is a kinder year to everyone, and the planet.

    1. Happy new year Joey - I am glad I seem resilient when looking from the outside in! And I am glad you still find the blog a good place to visit - always love having you over :-) I hope 2020 will be kinder to us all than 2019.


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