Sunday, 19 January 2020

Laneway Greens and the holidays

I longingly passed Laneway Greens many times before I finally ate there yesterday.  I love a place with a healthy bowl of food.  It was lovely to share with a friend from the country.  It was a nice ending to my summer holidays.

Laneway Greens is a clean, modern space with a selection of bowls of food with a few extras and smoothies.  I had the Summer Market Bowl ($18): falafel, ancient grains mix, Laneway leaf blend,  baba ganoush, dill pickles, sesame seeds, coconut yoghurt, dukkah pomegranate molasses, cranberries, barberries and tahini dressing.  It was delicious.

The food was in a cardboard bowl with plastic cutlery.  And according to the notice it could all be composted.

I haven't been out for much fancy food these holidays.  The Lord of the Fries vegan mac and cheese burger has been more typical of our outings than Laneway Greens.  That burger was surprisingly spicy.  I didn't notice the jalapenos.  In fact it was fun and cheesy but I think I prefer the classic burger I usually have.

We haven't got to museums and galleries and zoos or done day trips over the holidays.  So it really has made us focus on the bushfires more.  From overseas it seems that all of Australia is burning but it is not so.  Australia is so big that on the map the bushfire areas look small but they are much larger than usual and having more of an impact.

Instead there has been cleaning up around the house, buying new furniture and moving old furniture around.  Little discoveries of the past.  Hard pizza crusts and loving notes to mama.  Bags of clothes discarded and quite a bit of Netflix.  (Above is a picture of Sylvia's new desk in the shop!)

There has been a bit of fun.  Sylvia has had a few playdates and been doing craft.  We have had a few swims.  Some down at Torquay when we have visited my parents in Geelong.

We had a family lunch at the Wharf Shed, which has recently re-opened with a facelift.  The lunch and dinner menu had some good vegetarian options.  The breakfast menu had a lot of eggs so I had the Buttermilk hot cakes with vanilla double cream, crunchy sesame praline, berries, maple syrup, lemon balm ($24).  It was nice but as I am not so into cream I would have liked a fruit sauce or something.

And tomorrow I am back to work.  It seems too quick.  I have had lots of sleep and got some organisation done around the house. What an odd summer!

Laneway Greens
2/242 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000
Monday to Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday 9am-4pm, Sunday Closed

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  1. Hope your first day back was not too bad. I love Sylvia’s new desk. I have walked past Laneway Greens a zillion times but never gone in.

  2. Hehe according to them, one's ex can also go in the compost. Probably true! :P

  3. Why is it the holidays go by so quickly and work doesn't?! Sylvia's desk looks just great - love the blue. The bowl up there looks like something I'd definitely order - I have some baba ganoush in the fridge right now but I don't think it'll last long!

  4. It always feels like a treat to go somewhere you longed to go and eat, even if the burger was spicy for your liking.Sylvia's desk is so fresh, i am sure she will put her stamp on it when it gets to your home. Going back to work anytime is never a good feeling, but needs must.


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