Monday 1 September 2014

So begins Vegan Mofo 2014: list of posts and The Letter S

So it begins. Vegan MoFo is Silly Season in the blogosphere for vegans and vegan-friendly folk*. I have Started it by deleting today’s post. Argh! My Second act is to back up my blog.

So let’s Start again. Vegan MoFo is an opportunity to Share Scrumptious vegan food all September. Some “MoFoers” Set a theme. My Silly theme is THE LETTER S. Somehow every post was Starting with S. So I went with it. After all it was September and Spring and Sunny. It meant I could make Smoky, Spicy, Sweet, Sticky, Saucy and Scrumdidliumptious food.

So let’s Skip trying to remember all the Sophisticated, Stylish, Sensational chatter I deleted. Sadly you will never read my Sparkling wit on Spam and Sourcery and Snozzberries. Instead, onto my Vegan MoFo Scheme and Some teaser pictures of what you will See this month.  I can't wait to Share it with you.

My Vegan MoFo posts in September 2014 will be organised under these headings (to be updated as I upload each post):

Speedy Mondays:

Same Same Tuesdays:

Surprising Wednesdays:

Sticky Thursdays:

Smoky Fridays:

Sensational place to eat out:

Standard Vegan MoFo posts:

* NOTES: I am a vegetarian who eats lots of vegan food. I cook a broad range of food and couldn’t decide between healthy food and comfort food in the Vegan MoFo categories. In fact I can’t remember which I chose. And if you don't know where to start finding other Vegan MoFo blogs have a Squizz at This is my fourth year of doing Vegan MoFo (previously in 2013, 2012 and 2011).


  1. S - love it! Can't wait to read your mofo posts!

  2. So glad you are participating and I love your teaser posts! Happy MoFo!

  3. I like the letter S, not just because it's my initials! looking forward to your vegan mofo posts, the teasers have me interested, but hen I am a big fan of ggg. I will be saring my post later this evening, got distractions this morning, good ones.

  4. Very much looking forward to your posts and those recipes!

  5. Oooh smokey fridays! I am obsessed with smoky things lately. Can't wait to see what you come up with :)

  6. Oh Johanna, you're so organised, you put me to shame! (And shame starts with S!) I've started MOFO totally disorganised and flying by the seat of my pants with no pre-planned posts or dishes! Feeling a bit nervous but really looking forward to reading your S posts.

  7. Excited! Such a fun theme. I'm sure you'll come up with some surprises along the way. :P

  8. How frustrating to lose of post! Looking forward to seeing how you go with vegan month xx

  9. Simply scintillating! Bring it on!

  10. LOVE it!!! Can't wait to see all your letter S creations!
    Afterall, I have a soft spot for the letter "S' ;-)

  11. Happy Vegan Mofo!!! I'm finally catching up on my blog reading ;p
    I love your theme - what a great idea =) I am super excited to see all of your scrumdidliumptious recipes!


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