Monday 1 October 2012

Vegan MoFo 2012

October brings Spring sunshine and daylight savings.  In the shops early Christmas decorations horrify while young asparagus delights.  On the blogosphere Vegan MoFo is back.  And I signed up again.  This blog will be vegan for the month of October.  I have had a lot of vegan cooking in my kitchen and can promise you there will be pizza, parfaits, sausage rolls and cafe reviews.  I am also hoping to continue my vegan cheese experiments.

For those not familiar with Vegan MoFo, it is a challenge to blog often (at least 20 posts in the month) and a celebration of all things vegan.  I participated last year and had lots of fun and discovered lots of interesting blogs and recipes.  It is overwhelming too.  Towards the end I found which was an excellent way of dropping into mofo blogs at random.  I'm looking forward to visiting both old friends and new faces in the vegan blogging world during October.

Last year I blogged every day ( you can read my list of 2011 Vegan Mofo posts).  Life feels even crazier this year so I am just aiming for 20 posts in the month.  I will include a list of this year's posts here.

31 October - Pumpkin damper and vegan mofo reflections
30 October - Vegan Mofo Quicklinks 2011
29 October - Sweet potato, chickpea and hemp seed burgers
28 October - Nut free vegan sausage rolls
26 October - Pumpkin sauce and a healthy dinner bowl
25 October - Raspberry Oat Slice and Craft Show and Tell
24 October - A corny picnic with mint
22 October - WSC Chocolate Pumpkin Digestives
21 October - Vegan Banana Oat Pancakes and my weekend
20 October - St Kilda Farmers Market (Fitzroy Street)
19 October - MLLA Hummus revisited
18 October - Pumpkin Spice Scrolls
16 October - Vegan Sweet potato and cheeze scones
15 October - Sweet potato, silverbeet and black bean soup
14 October - Strawberry avocado and walnut salad with a chocolate vinaigrette
13 October - Lord of the Fries - veg*n fast food
12 October - WW Chickpea and hemp seed cheeze
10 October - Miso soup, sushi salad and new dolly
9 October - Parfaits - white chocolate mousse, strawberry sauce and learnings
8 October - Quick cheeze sauce
7 October - Asparagus, potato and quinoa soup, mermaids and tulips
6 October - Wide Open Road - hip warehouse cafe
4 October - NCR Avocado, 'bacon' and tomato salsa - and vegan tacos
3 October - In my kitchen - October 2012
2 October - Shamburger pizza with the lot

To kick off, is some food for thought (even if a few links are not so recent):

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