Wednesday 24 October 2012

Technical question: commenting in Blogger on Safari (Mac users)

This is a cry for help because my Mac laptop is doing my head in tonight!  Have any readers had a problem with posting comments on Blogger blogs in Safari?  (Ignore this post if it doesn't apply.)

I have used Mozilla Firefox for years on both my old PC and my current Mac but today have a message that as Apple is no longer supporting my operating system (Mac OS X version 10.5.8) so Mozilla has decided not to send any security updates.  Hurrumph!   That is just so cheeky when this version is working perfectly well.

I decided that maybe I need to switch to Safari as an internet browser.  It is giving me all sorts of problems but the main one is that it wont show any profile options to choose to make comments on any Blogger blogs (including my own).

I have searched Bloggers and Google for some answers but the only suggestion was to enable third party cookies which I have done and it hasn't helped.

Has anyone had any similar problems?  Has anyone got any suggestions?

Argh!  I am busy enough (and having a hard enough time keeping up with comments) without this.

Update: seemed there was nothing for it but to buy a new computer with all updated software and to be more vigilant about updates.


  1. I do have similar problems from time to time, but have no idea how to fix them!

  2. I googled this problem and the answer was to have third party cookies enabled.

    This google link has a link on how to do that. -- well it won't let me paste the link -- I googled commenting on blogger with Safari - humouresly enough the link I clicked was directly under a link to this post :)

    Hope this helps.

    Love your blog

    Now let's see if Safari let's me post this

  3. Apparently safari cut a paragraph from this post -- because I didn't have the you've already tried the third party thing --

    Sorry I couldn't have been more helpful!!

  4. I use Safari, and have the whole drop-down menu of profile options to comment on this, and other, Blogspot blogs.I'm using OS 10.6.8 and Safari 5.1.7. Not much help I'm sorry!

  5. Sorry to come so late to this one but I also run a rather aging 10.5.8 and am commenting from Safari. No probs. Hope it's resolved for you.

  6. Third cookies works with a newer version.


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