Tuesday 29 November 2011

Grill'd - quick and healthy burgers

A few weekends back, we headed into Carlton because E wanted to visit a shop called Lord Uke.  Sylvia and I went to the supermarket while he drooled over ukeleles.  We then went to the new Readings discount store and the Poppy Shop for a few more purchases.  By then we were hungry and headed to Grill'd for lunch.

I was keen on Grill'd because I had been there in a lunch break the week before and had a lovely peaceful time with a burger and suduko.  The Garden Goodness Burger (above) was a nice combination of vegie patty, beetroot, tomato, lettuce, avocado, relish and mayo.

When I went there with E and Sylvia, I decided to try a different burger, the Bombay Bliss (see top photo).  I am usually wary of curried burgers but this one hit the right mix of tasty without being overwhelmed by the spices.  It came with red peppers, lettuce, tatsiki and relish.  I liked it better than the previous burger because the chickpea patty was more substantial and satisfying.

I wasn't surprised to see it was listed by The Age newspaper as one of the top 5 vegetarian burgers in Melbourne.  They called it "a '70s sharehouse meal in a bun, but in the best possible way".  Both burgers are satisfying and reasonably healthy.  Lots of fresh salad and very little in the way of grease.  They come in an impressive stack that is held together with a skewer.  They can be eaten with your hands but are a bit messy, especially with all the sauce.  (And there are also vegan options.)

Grill'd is one of those modern franchises that prides itself on friendly staff and a bright cheery interior with a hint of grunge.  It is a pleasant place to eat provided the music is not turned up (we almost didn't sit inside because the music was too noisy but fortunately it was turned down as we were choosing seats).

Meanwhile, Sylvia had the herbed chips and E had a meaty burger that he needed a knife and fork to eat.  Then between the two of them, they worked out what to do with the bottle top.  Grill'd gives each customer a bottle top to put in one of three jars labelled with local charities.  The one with the most bottle tops is the one toward which Grill'd makes the largest donation.  I had long finished my burger and was happy to read my new Christmas cookbook for kids while they made their choice.

As a postscript, I went there again for lunch this week.  When I returned to my bike, I found someone photographing it.  Like a good blogger I whipped out my camera.  Actually the reason for the interest was not really my bike but the bike stand.  Someone has covered the bike stand in a bright knitted cover.  That's what happens in the hip inner-city streets.  I am sure those at Grill'd would approve!

350 Lygon Street
Carlton 3053
03 9347 1666
See website for restaurants in other locations.


  1. We have a branch of this in Perth :) It's second on my list of Burger Places To Try (Jus Burgers have taken Perth by storm and also have vegetarian and even vegan options...not sure if they are over East?) but may now be tying for first spot. I'll have to move my burger tasting up the priority list.

  2. It's not often you read the term "drooling over ukeleles" these days. E is awesome! I've been meaning to get to Grill'd since it opened months ago, but sadly haven't made it yet. Hopefully after the Christmas craziness!

  3. Jus Burgers are great! I prefer Grill'd and a heads up Grill'd have, Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free options on the menu. I'm a Melbourne kid, so next time I'm over the west I'll stop by Jus and check them out again!

  4. That IS a cool bike rack cover!!

  5. Thanks Kari - don't think we have jus burgers :-) sounds like you have quite a bit of burger tasting to do

    Thanks Hannah - you just don't hang around the George Formby fan club enough - saw the Frank Skinner doco recently and was surprised to find that it wasn't just E who loves ukes. Am sure you have much on your to-do list for after Christmas craziness :-)

    Thanks Anon - shame we don't have jus burgers in Melbourne - great to hear that they have GF options as well as vegan - I always look out for that for the GF in my family

    Thanks Gina - they are such a great way to brighten up a street - though I wonder how they cope with wet weather

  6. It's good to hear that the Grill'd vege options are great too. I love their curly fries.

  7. Synchronistically, I had my first Bombay Bliss burger at the weekend in Camberwell, Johanna- eaten also in blissful solitude, and rated highly. And I can report that the knitted or crocheted bike stand covers have made their way out of hip inner city suburbs and can also be spotted in less inspiring burbs like Burwood- there are three multicoloured ones arching outside Bennetswood post office, and several cuffs encircling bridge railings around Gardiner's Creek. Love it!

  8. That sounds like a really good burger! I love that there's avocado and beet on there, 2 things I love and pretty much never see on restaurant veggie burgers. How fun that someone covered the bike stand in a knitted cover. :)

  9. Ohhh I love Grill'd. I love Lygon street. Actually I just love Melbourne and everything about it. So jealous that you live there :)

  10. I'm partial to their mushroom burger, though I fear it's the messiest of all!


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