Sunday 8 March 2009

Welcome little one!

We are pleased to welcome a new addition to our household. Our daughter, Sylvia, was born about two weeks ago. Sister to Alex and Ian, who are sadly missed. Companion to Zinc who is one curious cat at the moment but still getting lots of attention and not enough time outside.

Unfortunately, I have not had any energy for cooking and have been relying on food from my mum, friends and the freezer. Hope it will not be too long til I am back with more food posts.

Updates since this post - a few things about Sylvia:

  • Updates on Sylvia's eating in her very first year
    - some favourite foods - farex baby rice, rice cakes, pumpkin, beans, carrot, cucumber, bread, stewed apple, nectarine,
  • Pram cake for Sylvia's first birthday
  • Updates all about Sylvia's eating in her second year
    - some favourite foods - broccoli, corn, tomatoes, cucumber, pasta, falafel, baked beans, bread, cheese, legumes, plain tofu, chips, muesli slice, muffins, fresh fruit, stewed fruit
  • Dinosaur farm cake for Sylvia's second birthday
  • Updates on some of Sylvia's eating in her third year
    - some favourite foods - roast potato, broccoli, corn, tomatoes, cucumber, pizza, pasta, baked beans, promite and cheese on toast, cheesymite scrolls, legumes, plain tofu, crumbed tofu, chips, fruit balls, pancakes, pumpkin scones, fruit, tofu bacon, spinach pancakes, anything sweet on a stick (known as lollypops)
    - diagnosed allergic to peanuts
  • Dinosaur (from Peppa Pig) cake for Sylvia's third birthday 
  • Updates on Sylvia's eating in her fourth year
    - still enjoys the favourite foods to her third year - now eats both promite and vegemite - loves tofu bacon, cheeseymite scones, porridge, tomatoes, pizza, baked beans, treacle scones, rice cakes, rice crackers, hummus (only from shops), has tried risotto rice (likes it without any vegies in it) and cooked polenta, enjoys smoked cheese and parmesan cheese, will now eat her pasta with some grated parmesan, insists on soy sauce on her rice, and she could live on hot chips if allowed.  She eats lots of vegetables and fruit.
  • Pirate Treasure Chest Cake for Sylvia's fourth birthday
  • Updates on some of Sylvia's eating in her fifth year
    - love tofu bacon, walnuts, sushi (with just rice filling), cheese, baked beans, vegetarian sausages, bread, tofu, vegies, fruit, stewed apples, stewed rhubarb, porridge, pikelets, chocolate, cake with icing and sprinkles (and anything sweet).  Has taken up a dislike a sultanas to add to her dislike of bits.  Hates pumpkin and meat.
  • Toadstool birthday cake for Sylvia's fifth birthday 
  • Updates on Sylvia's eating and playing etc in her sixth year.
    - loves pasta, parmesan, tofu bacon, sushi, vegemite and cheese sandwiches, vegie sausages, rice crackers, hummus, fried rice, pizza, baked beans, chickpeas, broccoli, tomato, carrot, apples, pears, porridgies, cornflakes, rice bubbles, lollypops, cakes, chocolate, anything sweet.  Has started to try some of our meals such as pilaf, stew with pasta, macaroni cheese, and sausage rolls but it is hit and miss.
  • Frozen Castle birthday cake for Sylvia's sixth birthday
  • Minion birthday cake for Sylvia's seventh birthday
  • Hedgehog birthday cake for Sylvia's eighth birthday 
Also see Child-Friendly Almanac - recipes, eating out, playgrounds
Sylvia Songs:
  • 'Sylvia' by Pulp (1990s)
  • 'Sylvia's Mum' by Dr Hook (1970s)
  • 'Hymn for Sylvia' by Bread love and dreams (1970s trio from Edinburgh - this song comes from album called The strange tale of captain Shannon and the hunchback from Gigha.)
  • 'Sylvia' by Focus (1970s)
  • 'Sylvia' by Stevie Wonder (1960s)
  • 'Sylvia' by Elvia Presley
  • 'Bring Me Little Water Sylvie' by Leadbelly
Ode to Silvia

Who is Silvia? what is she,
That all our swains commend her?
Holy, fair, and wise is she;
The heaven such grace did lend her,
That she might admirèd be.

Is she kind as she is fair?
For beauty lives with kindness.
Love doth to her eyes repair,
To help him of his blindness,
And, being helped, inhabits there.

Then to Silvia let us sing,
That Silvia is excelling;
She excels each mortal thing
Upon the dull earth dwelling:
To her let us garlands bring.

William Shakespeare


  1. Congratulations! This is wonderful news and judging by that sweet little hand, I am sure she is a joy.

    Best of luck with the little one!

  2. So fabulous, Johanna! Big congratulations--and I'm thrilled for you all. Hope you're enjoying every second and getting a little sleep! :) :)

  3. Awww a massive Congratulations to you and your other half and your new little arrival! I had no idea! And as a Mum I totally understand the lack of cooking when your babies are young! Rest up and just enjoy being a Mum, I'll be here whenever you return!

  4. Oh, congratulations! I did wonder if you were pregnant. :) So very, very happy for you. Were I closer I'd help out with that freezer!

  5. Sorry I haven't commented before but I've been reading your blog for a while and wanted to say a huge congratulations to you both, you must be so, so happy!

    I hope everything is going really well for you all and you're enjoying your little one!!!

  6. Many many congratulations to you Johanna! She is surely one lucky girl to have a mother like you. Rest well and eat up - I'm pretty sure you'll need the energy! :)

  7. Oh Johanna, congratulations! And welcome to the world baby Sylvia! So very happy for you!

  8. Congratulations Johanna! How precious. Take care and I look forward to your recipes when you are less tired and busy.

  9. This is such lovely news to hear. Big congratulations to you and other half!

  10. Somehow, I just knew that you were having a wee one. I am THRILLED!
    Welcome Sylvia (beautiful name) to a house of deliciousness.

    Rest up and come back when you're able - so pleased for all of you! XX

  11. Wowee! I had better sit down now! That is absolutely fabulous news. I am so happy for you :)

  12. Congratulations to you both. Wonderful news :)

  13. Oh, that is just grand! All the best to you, E and Sylvia as you get into the swing of a new life together. :-)

  14. Congratulations! Gorgeous photo - I was wondering about the reason for your break but didn't guess it would be such exciting news!

  15. Many congratulations! Little Sylvia will be the best-fed babe in Australia once she's old enough and I bet you'll give her loads of lovely foodie memories of childhood!

  16. congratulations! she is lucky to be born into such a tasty household

  17. yay congratulations - that's just wonderful news. hope you enjoy this special time together as a new family. all the best with sleeping, feeding and resting as well.

  18. Sylvia (and remembered)!
    Congratulations in joy to you all Johanna! Take care and let yourself be taken care of, it's all to the good.

  19. Congratulations! What wonderful news and what a lovely photo!


  20. Hooray! Congratulations and what wonderful news!

  21. Congrats hope to see her pictures

  22. Congratulations!!! How wonderful! I am so happy for you!! Such a beautiful, beautiful photograph!!

  23. Hi Johanna, what fantastically happy news!!
    Congratulations on your new addition what a treasure, never did I imagine you were taking a break from blogging because you were having a baby :)

  24. Thanks for all your kind thoughts - sylvia doing well, I am tired but doing ok!

  25. Johanna! She is incredible - tiny and perfect! God bless. I am so happy for you. When you wrote about Ian and Alex, I grieved with you and did not have any words to make things better. There were many evenings when I sat at my laptop at your post. Life is mysterious and unfolds in wonderful ways. I am so glad you are where you are. Every good wish.

  26. this is fantastic news!!! congrats, johanna and family!! and welcome, li'l one.

  27. How lovely to hear! Welcome to Sylvia and congratulations to you both. I'm impressed you're already posting recipes again... that's some stamina! :)

  28. I am coming a little late about this but congratulations! I wish the little one a long and healthy life.


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