Saturday 11 July 2009

AWED Butterscotch pudding

When I made butterscotch surprise cake a few months back, E was delighted. It was just his sort of thing. But the only surprise wasn’t in the soft sweet creamy butterscotch filling. It was also that E started to complain that no one made him butterscotch baked goods. Huh! I never bake anything with butterscotch and he doesn’t seem to mind but when I do he says I don’t do it enough.

I think it is a case of being easily distracted when it is not right in your face. After all, he likes lots of other things. But late at night a few weeks back after I made the chocolate mug cake, I was saying ‘wasn’t that fantastic!’ and he replied, ‘it would be better if it was butterscotch’.

Rather than feel unappreciated because he doesn’t love chocolate as much as I do (ok, I did a little), I channelled my energies into taking up his challenge. I didn’t find or invent a butterscotch mug cake – not yet anyway! But I sat up in bed feeding Sylvia late at night thinking about all the butterscotch things I might make him.

Although I was tempted by Ilva’s Pear and Banana Crumble with Caramel Sauce (because caramel is very like butterscotch), I decided to make a butterscotch pudding like my family’s favourite chocolate pudding, which is self-saucing. The sort with a cake-like sponge on top and gooey sauce underneath. So I set off searching the net and found butterscotch puddings with apple, banana and walnut.

Whenever I make a pudding, E always likes to say it would be better without the fruit. So I decided to start with plain butterscotch pudding and maybe try the others later. There is something so comforting about digging a serving spoon into a steaming pudding and watching the sauce ooze through the bottom of it, even if it is not chocolate. This one got a thumbs up from E. I can’t say it was the best pudding ever but it is a delicious, quick and easy pudding to make on a winter night.

I am sending this to Simran at Bombay Foodie who is hosting Dhivya’s AWED Event this month. The country is Britain so I thought a butterscotch pudding would be perfect, particularly as it is endorsed by our resident Scotsman.

Butterscotch Self- Saucing Pudding
(from Best Recipes)
Serves 4-6

1 cup self-raising flour
¾ cup sugar
60g butter, melted
½ cup milk
pinch salt

2 tbs golden syrup
1½ cups (375ml) boiling water
30g butter

Stir together pudding ingredients and spoon batter into a baking dish – it will be quite a stiff batter. Then stir together the sauce ingredients and pour over batter. Bake 30-40 minutes in a moderate oven (about 180 C). Serve hot or warm with cream, custard or honey and cinnamon yoghurt.

On the stereo:
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  1. Wow! That pudding is sinfully delicious! A sure winner for winter night!

  2. Ooooh, your pudding looks amazing Johanna! I'm definitely making a note to do a self-saucing pudding when autumn/winter rolls around again here in the N. hemisphere!

  3. I've never had a self saucing pudding like this! I'm very intrigued. And I have to agree with E - better without the fruit!

  4. Butterscotch is bliss...and this, so simple. I want to dig my spoon into that first photo - it's decadent, yet comforting.

  5. Sure looks good to me, even if not chocolate! I adore butterscotch--and I don't make it enough, either!

  6. Thanks Anh - the pudding was delicious but not sinfully rich enough for my liking!

    Thanks Wendy - All. Finished. Sorry :-(

    Thanks C - self saucing puddings never cease to amaze and delight me - hope it warms up your winter

    Thanks Ashley - you need to try a self saucing pudding - they are great and don't need fruit (but I love a pudding with fruit)

    Thanks Susan - butterscotch is simply delightful - glad mine gave you some vicarious comfort :-)

    Thanks Ricki - shame you don't make it much as I am now looking out for butterscotch recipes for E

  7. My other half would be very happy to be served this too, and how sweet that you put so much effort into making something nice for E. I hope he's better now!

  8. Chocolate Sauce Pudding was our family's favorite winter dessert also. On Sunday I made a lemon sauce pudding which was appreciated by my guys. Thanks for the butterscotch recipe, Johanna.

  9. Wow sounds wonderful. You did a great job making it self saucing too - love the goo

  10. Thanks Lysy - E is much better - I waited til he was before making this because I didn't want him turning up his nose at it after my efforst

    Thanks Pene - I am not much of a fan of lemon by itself but I could imagine doing a lemon sauce pudding with berries or other fruit

    Thanks Katie - goo is so important in a dish like this, isn't it?

  11. It's just perfect...thanks for the entry

  12. I know for sure this is going to be appearing in my kitchen and soon!! (I just have to eat my way through 2 batches of muffins first :P)

    And if you do ever invent that butterscotch mug cake.....I'm all over it....providing I can stop eating the chocolate one long enough to get in a few spoonfuls of the butterscotch :P


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