Sunday, 28 June 2009

Awesomely Delicious GF Pumpkin Brownies

This weekend it was my niece, Maddy’s, birthday party. It was a great opportunity to take down a batch of awesomely delicious gluten free brownies for my gluten free niece and sister to sample.

I have been searching for a good, simple, vegan gluten-free brownie. It is not that I have vegan gluten free friends and family to cook for. Rather, I love my chocolate baking so much that it matters that I have a good recipe on hand for all occasions. These brownies are exactly what I had in mind. Dark, dense, fudgy, decadent and yet using flours many of us have in our cupboards (rice and corn flours) and replacing eggs with pumpkin. There is even a nut-free option. How much better could it get!

I first made them a few weeks back when my mum gave me some pumpkin and loved them so much that they didn’t last long. I took some to my friend, Cheryl’s, place when I went for lunch. They are rich enough that a tiny square is all you need, although you might find yourself wanting more because they are so good. Even the mixture tastes so good that there is no concern about them being undercooked. The first time I baked them 20 minutes and the second time I baked them 40 minutes (to get a little more chewy crispness on the top). Both times they tasted excellent.

A few notes on the ingredients. The recipe had been posted by Hannah and Sarah. Hannah had used pumpkin but Sarah had used banana. I find mashed pumpkin easier to come by in my kitchen than banana but would like to try the latter too. The first time I used regular cocoa and the second I used dutch cocoa. It was far darker and richer the second time around, so I would be happy enough with regular cocoa in future. The nuts are optional and good with or without. The second time I left them out because I was taking them to a kid’s party. I also substituted cornflour (or cornstarch) for potato starch which worked fine.

There was a fine spread at the party (you can see some of it in the photo) and we were all spoilt for choice. My gluten free sister and niece liked the brownie but found it very rich. I still find it very moreish and was happy to take a few leftover pieces home. Actually took quite a swag of goodies home but Sylvia beckons so I will write about that later when I tell you about the birthday cake!

Awesomely Delicious GF Brownies
(Adapted from What Smells So Good and Bitter Sweet)

⅔ cup cocoa powder
⅓ cup corn flour (also known as cornstarch)
⅓ cup white rice flour
½ teaspoon salt (optional)
⅓ cup granulated sugar
⅓ cup canola oil
⅓ cup brown sugar, packed
½ cup mashed pumpkin (or 1 large banana)

1 tsp ground wattleseed or coffee
1 tsp vanilla
¼ cup chopped peanuts or other nuts
⅓ cup choc chips or chopped chocolate

Grease and line a 15 x 15 cm square cake tin (this is what I have but it was a slightly bigger tin in the original recipe). Preheat oven to 180 C.

Combine the pumpkin, oil, brown sugar oil and vanilla (if using) in a small bowl with a fork. Mix remaining ingredients into a mixing bowl and add the pumpkin mixture. Stir to combine.

Spoon into prepared tin and smooth top with the back of a spoon. Bake for 20-40 minutes, depending if you want it more fudgy (20 min) or crumbly (40 min). It should be a little cooked and crispy on top but I didn’t bother with a skewer as it is ok if fudgy inside. Cool in the tin.

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  1. Oh, my goodness. I feel fairly certain that rich or not, nuts or without, I could eat too many of these.

  2. These look amazing! Like Ricki said, these may be dangerous!

  3. Thanks Ricki - it is very moreish - but not as bad as it could be because the richness is from cocoa rather than butter or chocolate (that's my excuse!)

  4. Thanks eat'n veg'n - I agree this is a dangerously delicious recipe - I was tempted to double it because it is so good but I think it is just as well I didn't

  5. If I keep reading your blog I'm going to have to go on a diet! YUM!!

  6. Thanks Vegetation - I have some nice soups to post - but keep getting side tracked by these sweet treats - sorry! the temptation is just too much

  7. Mm those brownies do look very rich! And I had to go and look up what "moreish" meant. ;)

  8. I always enjoy gluten-free treats, even though I don't have food allergies. I recently made brownies with chickpea flour and they turned out great. Love the addition of pumpkin here.

  9. Your description makes me want to try this out straight away - and it's nice that the only unusual ingredient is rice flour, which I suppose you can make at home by grinding rice? What's Dutch process cocoa by the way? I've seen it in recipes but assumed it was an American thing. I've never seen it in the UK,

  10. Thanks Ashley - moreish is when they tempt you to eat more of them - I had thought it was widely used but if not then maybe you can add it to your vocab - esp with all your lovely bakes!

    Thanks Lisa - I have my eye on your chickpea flour brownies to make

    Thanks Lysy - White rice flour is easy to buy in our supermarkets (unlike brown rice flour) - I think it may be because it is a standard ingredient in shortbread. Dutch processed cocoa is much darker and richer than normal cocoa - Green and Black do a version of it so I would think you should be able to find it in the UK

  11. Hi, i've been crazy about baking eversince i made my very first cake! your brownie looks awesome....have to try it, i know lots of people'll love me after that! ilove green things all started with a piece of jade. thanks for sharing! wish me luck......


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