Sunday, 15 July 2007

Lazy Fry-Up Brunch

Lazy morning with no plans! Leftover olive and rosemary bread from Dench bakery! Mushroom and tomato that needs to be used! Fry up!

E is feeling poorly so it has been a quiet weekend. When I lived in Scotland with him, we often visited his folks who would make him a fry up of eggs, bacon, fried toast and potato scones. I can’t quite manage this – fried bread just seems way too much grease for me, and I never have bacon in the house, although I do make potato scones occasionally. But when I have time and ingredients, I like to make us a fry-up.

Today I fried up sliced mushroom, chopped tomato, a leftover chopped-up vegetarian sausage, a sprinkle of flax seed and some salt. I served it with baby spinach leaves, avocado and lemon juice. E also has a fried egg but this is out of my comfort zone because I don’t like the taste of eggs. I always feel a reasonably competent cook til it comes to boiling an egg – and frying an egg is only marginally easier for me. But between the two of us we manage it.

Served up with the olive bread, it was a most delicious brunch – as good as most which I have in cafes. All without even having to leave home.

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Don’t Try This At Home: Billy Bragg


  1. This sounds divine! I love the idea of your veggie fry up!

  2. Yeah, fried bread at breakfast is WAY too much for me too.

    Lovely brunch. That bread is bloody good stuff.

  3. This is my kind of fry-up!! Good stuff. And that bread is amazing. Bet it was super good with all your creations along with it!

  4. Oooo, nice breakfast spread! I have to admit that I rarely do breakfast fry-ups (I'm so boring - I love my fresh juice and cereal start to the day) but I can understand the comfort factor that can come into play :) Hope E feels better soon!

    P.S. I need to make a vegan goodie basket for a you have any tried and tested vegan sweets recipes (muffins/cakes/cookies) that you can share? I'll blog and credit you, of course :)

  5. thanks Jenn, Lucy, Kleopatra, Ellie - glad you appreciate a good wholesome fry up!

    Ellie - re your request for vegan food, if your friend likes chocolate (which if I recall rightly isn't your preference) then the balsamic fudge cookies which I made in July, and the cardomom and chocolate cake in May.

    I also have a favourite vegan chocolate coconut cake in a Vikki Leng Vegetarian Feast which I woule recommend if you can get hold of the book (or if you have it) because I probably wont make it right away but keep meaning to do so - thanks for the reminder.

    And check out Post Punk Kitchen website or Fat Free Vegan blog. Cindy from Where's the Beef blog did a really nice-looking coconut chai breakfast cake last month. Hope that helps. (sorry I can't manage links in these comments)


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