Friday 28 October 2011

Vegan pizza with goats cheeze

A few weeks ago I tried a vegan pizza.  I topped it with vegetables and seasoned tofu.  It was merely ok.  Last Friday I tried again.  This time I had some cashew goats cheeze and asparagus sauce in the fridge.  I roasted pumpkin and chopped up red capsicum.  It was a great success.

E thought it a bit odd.  He likes his pizzas to be traditional.  I love pizza adventures.  The sauce was a nice change from a tomato sauce, the pumpkin was sweet and the goats cheeze was tangy and smooth.  All on Isa's pizza base.  An excellent combination.

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  1. yeah, we went through a vegan period when we were doing cashew cheese or tofu cheese. Still didn't cut it though. Do you have a good recipe? The guy from Saf has a pretty complicated one which I haven't tried; but when I went to dinner there with my Dad, that was the best "cheese" I tasted and even my dad - a traditional eater - thought it compatible. Otherwise, my best attempts at vegan-cheese has been a cashew cheese sauce.. These days it's Mozzarella and parmesan on pizza all the way I'm afraid!

  2. I love pizza adventures, too, and this sounds like a winner. Such a great combination of flavors! And it looks pretty, too. Glad you enjoyed it (even if E wasn't too fussy on it). :)

  3. Now this, Johanna, is a pizza that my pizza-averse self would be happy to try :)

  4. It's a pity we can't arrange for E and Mr Bite to share a traditional meal whilst we experiment with ones like these ;) This looks wonderful - and I love pizza adventures too. Although I am also happy with a standard veggie minus cheese, there is something fun about variety.

  5. My mouth is watering, that does look good. I am a bit boring too and tend to make my pizza with a tomato sauce. I really must get more adventurous :)

  6. Thanks Adam and Theresa - I made the goats cheese with cashews - it was great in the pizza - gave the creaminess it needed without the heaviness that cheese can give to pizza. I love cheese on pizza but sometimes want something lighter

    Thanks Ricki - I thought the asparagus sauce made it prettier than my usual pizzas

    Thanks Hannah - would have loved to share a slice

    Thanks Kari - I am sure we would enjoy sharing an adventurous meal together - though I am not sure about vegies minus the cheese for pizza - I liked the creaminess of the goats cheese here

    Thanks Jacqueline - I love a good tomato sauce on pizza too - if I have time to make one but lately have been using some quick fix sauces that aren't so good - probably why I really enjoyed this one

  7. Great idea for the goats cheese, I really should make it asap!

  8. I love pizza adventures too!! Great use of the asparagus sauce. :)


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