Thursday 6 October 2011

Super creamy green smoothie

You can thicken a smoothie with pumpkin, banana or almond milk.  If you use all three, it is extra creamy.  This is a smoothie to stick to your insides.  The first time I made it I had mashed pumpkin to use up.  Last week I had some roast pumpkin so I decided to revisit the smoothie. The first time I added barley malt syrup but this time I found it didn't need any extra sweetness.

I've made a few great smoothie recently.  Blended and sieved watermelon was excellent with banana, raspberry, LSA and baby spinach.  I also loved banana, milk, raspberries, LSA and passionfruit. My smoothie lowpoint was when I tried to use up some over-sweet apricot nectar in a smoothie with banana, raspberry and baby spinach.  You can't win them all!

My favourite recent smoothie is definitely this very creamy one.  Full of nutrients and flavour.  Perfect for a busy day.

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Super creamy green smoothie
Makes 1 glass

2/3 of a small banana
2-4 large strawberries (or other berries)
handful baby spinach
about 1 tbsp almond butter
1/2 cup soy milk
handful of roasted pumpkin

Blend and enjoy!

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Flood: They Might Be Giants

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  1. I have still to brave the Green Smoothie, I have to say that your creamy version is quite appealing.

  2. I've had sweet potato in a smoothie and it really does work--I bet it's similar to this. Sounds delish! Even your "low point" sounds good to me--I've been making green smoothies too long! ;)

  3. what a lovely idea! I woudl never have thought to add pumpkin!

  4. Oh, you're dedicated, using the stick blender! I've been so naughty with not using my Vita-Mix enough. Have to get back to it!

  5. What a great set of ingredients. My poor blender has been sitting under the sink since I got my kitchen aid, but I've learnt the hard way that food processors really don't do smoothies (they leak!). I should pull it out in anticipation of summer.

  6. Ah green smoothies are great, pumpkin is interesting, I find I don't need to thicken mine up as I use frozen berries and blitz them in the Thermomix so they tend to come out like a sorbet- I need to add water to mine to thin them down!

  7. I am going to go and roast a butternut squash immediately for smoothies. I do like my green smoothie for breakfast.

    Avocado is also a good thickener.

  8. Thanks Megan - amen to that

    Thanks Shaheen - if you like smoothies, just put in a handful of baby spinach - I am not really brave with adding greens but baby spinach hardly changes the flavour

    Thanks Ricki - it was the sweetness of the apricot nectar that I didn't like so much - but I love the sound of sweet potato in a smoothie - must try that

    Thanks Lisa - I see pumpkin smoothie recipes on American blogs with pumpkin pie style spices but I just like to taste the fruit (and veg) flavours

    Thanks Hannah - love my stick blender but a vita mix would be amazing (though where would I put it)

    Thanks Kari - highly recommend a stick blender - they are so easy - though my great idea for hanging mine on my wall didn't work as they dodgy hook fell off :-(

    Thanks Jessiebean - I find that frozen fruit thickens smoothies far more than those at room temp but I don't generally use lots of frozen fruit (or ice) in my smoothies - if I had a bigger freezer and a thermomix it might be different!

    Thanks Helen - hope you enjoy the butternut in your smoothie - I have used avocado before and loved it - though it made my smoothies so thick I needed lots of liquid.

  9. I love green smoothies! I always add banana to mine. Someone suggested adding avocado, which I tried but didn't like it as much.


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