Thursday 13 October 2011

Glasses for garlic

Kathryn said garlic has a season.  So I look out for Australian garlic.  In season.  Unbleached.  I don't always manage it.  Thought I bought Australian garlic the other day.  Got home from the supermarket.  Unpacked the bags.  Found it was Argentinian garlic.  I have good intentions and failing eyesight!  I am the woman you see cluttering the aisles peering at the list of ingredients.  Maybe it is time to take my glasses to the supermarket.

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  1. Even with my glasses on, I probably wouldn't be able to tell the differnce! ;) But all garlic is good garlic, right? :)

  2. ugh - yes - all I can find at the moment is the imported Mexican garlic!

  3. Gosh, I'm feeling a little ignorant now. I always just pick what seems to be the standard. I'll pay more attention from now on!

  4. Oh yes garlic is definitely a summer crop! I can't wait to buy it when summer comes round. I like Patrice Newell's garlic :)

  5. Thanks Ricki - the vegies are labelled quite clearly with where they come from in the supermarket (one of the good things about shopping there) which was why I couldn't believe I had misread it

    Thanks Lisa - I saw Australian garlic today for $59 a kilo!!!

    Thanks Kari - glad it is not just me who never had thought that garlic had a season - check out Kathryn's post

    Thanks Lorraine - wow you are a connoisseur if you can even have a favourite source!

  6. Garlic is bleached???!! I had no idea... must do further research on this and stop buying garlic from China.

  7. Garlic is harvested in late summer and fall, some breeds last a long time after harvest if kept cool (not cold) and dry. it's not about what country it comes from, it's about how it's grown and processed. Any garlic that coms from the southern hemisphere during our winter and spring is "in season" where it was grown and shipped a million miles to your store. You are much better off to load up on garlic at your farmers markets in fall, and use it through out the winter. Australia and Argentina are the same as far as being not local and grown at the same time, during southern hemisphere late summer and fall.

    And every plant has a growing season...


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