Friday 30 September 2011

Doing Vegan MoFo 2011

In October 2011 this blog will be free of cheese, honey, eggs, and dairy.*  I have bought nuttalex and soy milk.  I am aiming to keep it light and simple.  Less words.  More food.  More short posts.  Not all posts will be included in my blog indexes so I will list my Vegan MoFo posts below:

1 October: Chocolate Caramel Slice 
2 October: Apple cider brussels sprouts
3 October: Purple nut roast 
4 October: Vegan pizza experiments
5 October: How to make gravy 
6 October: Super creamy green smoothie 
7 October: Choy Sum with Mirin
8 October: Beetroot Poetry
9 October: Vegan Party Pies: Aussie "meat" pies for the footy
10 October: Choc Chip Cookies 
11 October: Pumpkin miso muffins
12 October: Vegan sausage rolls
13 October: Glasses for garlic
14 October: Tofu pie filling (work in progress)
15 October: Vegan MoFo recipe quicklinks 
16 October: Oatmeal Cutout Cookies with cashew coconut frosting on a stick
17 October: Tamarind Tempeh with Noodles
18 October: Green (pea) Nut Roast
19 October: Olive oil bread with chia seeds
20 October: Pumpkin cranberry salad
21 October: Amazing gluten free vegan chocolate cupcakes
22 October: Beautiful Things (bread, tiered cake plate, rose)
23 October: Vegan pad see ew - with tofu omelette
24 October: VT Pepper-Crusted Cashew Goat Cheese
25 October: Cauliflower alfredo pasta sauce
26 October: Quinoa Sun-Dried Tomato Burgers, Asparagus Sauce, an Award
27 October: Nut Roast Lasagna
28 October: Vegan pizza with goats cheeze
29 October: Vegan pumpkin scones
30 October: Vegan MoFo recipe quicklinks II
31 October: Smoky Pumpkin dip and Vegan Mofo Wrap-Up 

On Tuesday I signed up to do Vegan MoFo during October.  I feel a bit of an outsider, not being a vegan.  However as a vegetarian who doesn't like milk or cream or eggs, I love eating vegan food.  I love a challenge.  And I love reading vegan blogs, especially on Melbourne's Planet VegMel.

For those who are not familiar with Vegan MoFo, it is short for Vegan Month of Food.  Hundreds of vegan and vegan-friendly bloggers sign up to commit to posting at least 5 posts a week relating to vegan food.  It is all a bit overwhelming.  And exciting!  I suspect it will mean even less time to visit some of my favourite blogs (sorry) because I will try and keep an eye on other Vegan MoFo posts, in line with the community spirit of the event.

As well as listing my posts, I thought I might list a few vegan recipes that I would love to try (NB: has anyone else had trouble with their Delicious bookmarks being moved to a new system?  I can't login to update my bookmarks which is very frustrating so am I also bookmarking a few ideas here):

Vegan cheese - such as pepper crusted cashew goats cheese
Vegan pizza - like Ricki's pizza toppings
Soy condensed milk - maybe veganise this dulce de leche
Vegan pumpkin scones - maybe veganise my regular Pumpkin scones
Patatas bravas
Kung Pao Noodles
Olive oil pastry
Oh She Glows Choc Chip Cookies 
Apricot and Sultana loaf from Kari

*Disclaimer: I have a few backlog vegan-friendly recipes which might use dairy milk or butter, but as I don't make dishes where the taste of milk and butter are prominent, these recipes can adapt to non-dairy milk and margarine.


  1. I don't mind if you're not vegan. I haunt dozens of vegan websites for ideas because I love the idea of eating vegan. I'm always trying to crowd out the dairy and eggs in my diet with more plant based meals. I'm sure you'll do great with this challenge. Love your blog.

  2. Awesome, I am doing it too. Good to have a few aussies joining in!

  3. Good on you for joining in! I'm looking forward to what you come up with this month. :-)

    Oh, and my delicious bookmarks are working fine but I've seen a few people on twitter mentioning problems.

  4. Fantastic - well done on taking the plunge and signing up! I deliberated but decided not too, seeing as I'm not fully vegan either (although you've made me realise that probably didn't matter). I was also concerned I would have time to do it properly, but may get myself more organised for next year and join in then.

    I'll look forward to your recipes :)

  5. Yikes--not sure if my comment went through (I think blogger ate it)--anyway, congrats and can't wait to see what you cook up! :)

  6. I'll try once more to leave a comment--they are being swallowed by Blogger! Good luck and glad to see you're participating--looking forward to what you cook up. :)

  7. Gosh! That is quite a challenge. Good luck, I look forward to seeing your adventures posted here.

  8. Thanks bliss doubt - I like the idea of crowding out the dairy and eggs too

    Thanks K - nice to be doing it with a few aussies - have actually felt more supported to do it because I "know" a few of the vegan on Planet VegMel like yourself

    Thanks Cindy - already have quite a few things to post - it is making me approach meals slightly differently - as for delicious - am quite frustrated that I can see my bookmarks but haven't got a new user login so can't update them (despite giving permission for my data to be transferred)

    Thanks Kari - I have a few things prepared to just help me posting (and have posted a few things recently that wouldn't fit with vegan mofo to prepare) - but I think your blog seems to be mostly vegan content - and when I checked the FAQs they said you don't need to be vegan - just post about vegan food during oct

    Thanks ricki - wonder if you have such problems with blogger because you don't use a google login - though I often have to approve comments twice before they are accepted so maybe there are some glitches

    Thanks chele - yes quite a challenge but a good one that should make me think outside the box!

  9. I'm not vegan either (but I often eat like one!) -- so happy to have your company :)

  10. Not sure what happened to my comment either - I was sure that I posted one that other day. I was just passing on how pleased I was to hear that you were doing MoFo anyway, it's great to have some comrades participating.

  11. Hi Johanna,
    I've signed up to my first Vegan MoFo and am taking my inspiration from you as to write my first post about it. I hope that is okay with you. I've bookmarked your Purple Nutroast to make too. Warmest of wiahes, shaheen


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