Thursday 15 September 2011

If music be the food ...(reprise)

A few years back, I compiled a list of food-related band and song names.  It was fun.  Since then I have amused myself by keeping a list of other music names that I have come across.  How could I have left out so many from my first list!  E says I am cheating if the songs aren't about food but he obviously has other criteria than I .

A few esoteric notes.  I have avoided collecting album names as well (you have to constrain an obsession) but I must mention a few quirky ones that E has passed to me: The Donut in Granny's Greenhouse by the Bonzo Dog Band and the unforgettable Feeding Pieces of Eggplant Sandwich to a Flock of Not too Bright Seagulls by Hugo.  If you like 1970s British chic or just want a laugh, do check out 'Toast' by Streetband on Youtube.  I have discovered that the Soup Dragons got their name from one of Sylvia's favourite DVDs: The Clangers.  Lastly I was so amused by the Tiny Tim song 'Yum Yum' that when I couldn't find the lyrics online I transcribed them for you - they are at the very end of the post for your entertainment!  Enjoy!

Black Eyed Peas
Blind Melon
The Bloody Beetroots
Bread Love and Dreams
Buckwheat Boyz
Dandelion Wine
The Electric Prunes
Laughing Apple
Nectarine Number Nine
Neutral Milk Hotel
Orange Juice
Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Silver Apples
Soup Dragons
Strawberry Switchblade
Wild Cherry
The Wild Strawberries

Banana Pancakes – Jack Johnson
Beetroot Stains – Mental as Anything
Bread and Butter – The Newbeats
Brown Sugar – The Rolling Stones
The Cabbage – Teenage Fanclub
Caramel - Blur
Carrot Cake and Wine – Stereophonics
Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk – Rufus Wainwright
Does your chewing gum lose its flavour on the bed post overnight – Lonnie Donegan
Don’t sit under the apple tree (with anyone else but me) – Glenn Miller
Eggs and Sausages – Tom Waits
Golden Apples of the Sun – Judy Collins
Homegrown Tomatoes – Guy Clark
The Honey Roll – AC/DC
I live in a Cake – NOFX
The Laughing Apple – Cat Stevens
Lemon Tree – Peter Paul and Mary
Liberty Cabbage – Rufus Wainwright
Malted Milk Blues – Lucinda Williams
Meat is Murder – The Smiths
Milk and Toast and Honey - Roxette
Milkshake – Village People
Mr Milk – You Am I
Peach, Plum, Pear – Joanna Newsome
Pomegranate – Current 93
Poor Rich and Strawberry Wine – John Steel Singers
String Bean Jean - Belle and Sebastian
Sugar Sugar - The Archies
Yum Yum (The Pizza Song) - Tiny Tim
The Wonderful Soup Stone – Dr Hook
There’s a Guy Works Down the Fish Shop – Kristy McColl
Three Peaches – Neutral Milk Hotel
Toast – Streetband
Vegetable – Radiohead
Vindaloo – Fat Les
Who invented Fish and Chips – Fat Les
Wobbly Jelly - Cud

Yum Yum (The Pizza Song) 
From God Bless Tiny Tim (The Complete Reprise Studio Masters and More)

Yum yum yum yum yum yum
Where's the pretty dish for me
Come come come come come come
I'm are happy as can be

Where's my plate
Where's my spoon
We'll be dining very soon
Where's my plate
Where's my spoon
We'll be dining soon

I like vitamins nutritious
I like wheatgerm, honey too
I like pumpkin seeds and apples 
They are all good for me and you

Yum yum yum Yum yum yum
Where's that pretty dish for me
Yum yum yum Yum yum yum
Where's that dish for me

I like ice cream, cake and candy
I like sugar, spice and cream
I like popcorns, I like pretzels
I like pies and jelly beans

Yum yum yum yum yum yum
Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum
Where's my plate
Where's my spoon
We'll be dining soon


  1. ha ha! Great work and a nice line-up of bands too! You've got me thinking now...

  2. I suppose in a past post you have already listed the immortal and very risque "Jelly Roll?"

  3. Oh how funny - I had no idea there were so many out there! Goes to show that food is important at every level ;)

  4. I am in awe at the breadth of your musical/food knowledge! I remember hearing Wainwright sing Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk (not in person--just on the radio!) a while back and thinking what a bizarre song it was. Great list, Johanna! I've often wondered about food in novels, short stories, movies, etc. . . we could go on! ;)

  5. Don't forget my all time fave 'Chocolate' by Snow Patrol ;0)

  6. Thanks Adam and Theresa - thinking too much about this is a dangerous activity - the fun never ends!

    Thanks Aimee - I don't think I have this on either posts - will check

    Thanks Kari - food is a great common denominator - maybe that is why it is mentioned so often

    Thanks Ricki - I confess that I haven't heard quite a lot of these songs - thought about linking to youtube for each but just didn't have the time. Would love to do this for novels, movies etc but tell myself I don't have the time (though of course now you already have me thinking of future posts)!

    Thanks chele - will have to check if this one is in the other list - oh maybe I will need to start a new one!!!


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