Friday, 9 September 2011

Quik wok - fast and friendly in the city

A few weeks back we were in the city, looking for rye flour, trying on clothes, and buying sprinkles for Dolly's cakes.  As always, before we knew it, it was time for lunch and the queues at the Hopetoun Tea Rooms were snaking out the door.  I spied some chips in the Centre Way Arcade which upon closer inspection were actually tofu fish sticks.  By the time I realised my mistake we were committed.  It turned out to be a very good choice.

Having a child with very plain tastes in food is tricky when eating out.  Chefs and cafes just want to wow you with their combinations of flavours.  Sylvia decided she wanted yellow noodles.  I asked the young woman behind the counter.  She was very accommodating and even made some suggestions.  Sylvia turned up her nose at fried rice and spring rolls.  I checked if they had any plain tofu.  They didn't.  Sylvia got a plate of boiled hokkien noodles and fried tofu.  She ate quite a few noodles.  Some days just having any food in her belly (that isn't chips or sugar) is an achievement.

As well as being child friendly, the place was very vegetarian friendly.  Many of the dishes were available with a vegetarian version.  I liked the above message on the wall, extolling the virtues of hawker food.  These meals were indeed quick and cheap.  I chose a vegetarian pad thai.  The serving was huge, filled with vegetables, tofu and noodles - and delicious.  It was exactly what I wanted.  E was very happy with his lemon chicken too.  Free tea was available and the smiles also came easily.

At the end of the meal, Sylvia was fascinated to look at this lucky cat (Maneki Neko) and the food in the bain marie.  We really enjoyed our meal.  It was just right for a quick meal on the run.  I was pleased to discover another lunch place for our infrequent trips to the city.  We will be back!

Quik Wok Asian Kitchen
Shop 12, 259 Centre Way
Collins Street
Melbourne City
03 9650 1095
Facebook Page


  1. Sylvia is such a fascinating little girl with her likes and dislikes! Glad to hear that she did eat something :)

  2. I remember my parents having similar trouble finding food for my younger brother to eat when out, when we were growing up. Chips were pretty much it! Sometimes pasta. The funny thing is, these days he eats anything and everything. So there's probably hope for Sylvia :)

    It's always nice to discover a new option for eating out though, and one that offers free tea is good indeed.

  3. Sounds very good! And I'm always amazed at bloggers who bring their cameras with them everywhere, just in case. I almost never take photos of what I eat away from home as I usually forget my camera!

  4. Thanks Lorraine - it is fascinating to see what sylvia likes and dislikes but she usually manages to eat something

    Thanks Kari - my niece ate quite similar plain food to sylvia and now she eats really well - so I hope it this is just a phase (ans she eats better at home)

    Thanks Chele

    Thanks Ricki - there are times I don't feel comfortable enough to bring out my camera but I do try and take it with me when we go out and mostly manage to

  5. Sounds like a great restaurant. :) I love finding good Asian vegetarian food.


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