Monday 26 September 2011

Station Street Foodstore: cosy gourmet

A few weekends back Sylvia and I visited my friend Nicki and her new baby and toddler.  I had planned to take Sylvia for a play outside afterwards.  The weather was so foul that we headed to the Station Street shopping strip in Fairfield instead.  For lunch we stopped at a cosy little cafe called the Station Street Foodstore.  As we seated ourselves at our table with some delicious food, the rain came on outside and I knew I had made the right decision.

Most of the food was on display in a glass cabinet but there was a breakfast menu that included standard items such as bacon and eggs and pancakes and lots of side dishes.  I was tempted by the lasagne and fritatta on display.  Eventually I chose the gf pumpkin fritters with yoghurt and a rice salad with dill, goats cheese, baby spinach and carrot (see top photo).  It was a delicious combination.  I meant to ask what held the fritters together so well but Sylvia distracted me by running out the door at that moment.

Sylvia wanted chips but I was sort of glad they didn't have any.  Instead she had toast with cheese.  Most of our time in the cafe was spent trying to convince her to eat some.  All she wanted was a little cake with sprinkles.  Our conversation went along these lines:

S: could I have a little cake with sprinkles
J: eat some toast and some cheese first
S [takes fairy bite]: could I have a little cake with sprinkles

Finally - while kid wrangling - I knocked over a glass of water and the effort seemed too much.  We left.  I only just remembered to pay.  At least I enjoyed my meal.

We had a lovely time at the shops.  Every time we left a shop, Sylvia asked if we could go into another one.  And we did!  We bought spring onions and chocolate and muesli.  We bought soap and greeting cards.  We bought kids books and Sylvia's first umbrella.  I looked at the other cafes and thought that if I return, I might like to try the interesting tofu on the menu at Alfios Cafe.

If in the area again, I would return to the Station Street Foodstore.  The staff were friendly, there were kids books in a corner, and the cake display was very tempting.  If Nicki hadn't plied me with Greek biscuits I might have had a fudge brownie.  As it was we left with two cute cakes in a paper bag.  One for E and one for Sylvia.  She was very pleased.

Station Street Foodstore
134 Station Street
Fairfield 3078
03 9482 5433


  1. I'm glad you commented on my Happy Bread because now it's led me here. What a delightful blog you have, featuring your real-life cast members, wonderful recipes and foodie outings such as this one. I also thoroughly enjoyed looking back at your 7-links!

  2. The Pumpkin Fritters look perfectly made and it sounds like an awesome well spent Mom and daughter day:)

  3. ooooh those fritters DO Look delish! Although I love cheese on (GF)toast too! lol

  4. Your meal looks and sounds great, although I am impressed (as always) at your ability to eat and photo and then later blog, whilst juggling a toddler and the pull of little cakes with sprinkles!

    That umbrella photo is gorgeous - very sweet :)

  5. Thanks Rachel - they were really tasty

    Thanks for visiting Foodiva - glad you enjoyed browsing about my blog

    Thanks Malli - I really wanted to know how they did those pumpkin fritters they looked and tasted so good

    Thanks Lisa - cheese on toast is very popular in our house and is one of the easiest things to get for sylvia when we are eating out

    Thanks Kari - if truth be told I impress myself too - thought I wouldn't manage it when Sylvia was born and yet I just kept blogging - I guess I just enjoy it even if photos (such as the umbrella one) aren't quite as I visualised it in my head - but I learn to be happy with what I have i my camera

  6. Yumm those pumpkin fritters look so good! I love the photo of Sylvia with the umbrella. :)


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