Saturday 12 March 2011

Sydney Road Street Festival 2011

Last weekend E and Sylvia and I went to the Sydney Road Street Party. It was busy, noisy and colourful. We could not be quite as unhurried as on our last visit to the street party in 2008. There was just time to walk down the street and then catch the train home in time for Sylvia's afternoon nap.

First stop was to buy some corn on the cob. I felt slightly cheated that ours was not on the stick when I saw others that were. However then I saw that ours cost $1 and the ones on the stick cost $3.50. That is an expensive stick. It is a snack that I love for being far healthier than all the other carb-heavy food. Later we got some pastries to snack on before hopping on the train. I was going to photograph them but we ran into a friend.

We spent a bit of time on the kiddie stalls. Sylvia stopped to do some see-sawing and drawing at TreeTops. We saw wigs, ukeleles, and lots of books. Best of all was the stall selling all the windmills and wands. Sylvia chose a sparkly green butterfly wand. It was a bit harder than I expected when waved in my direction but she enjoyed twirling it about. She also loved walking along the tram tracks.

E loved the books and the music shops. I enjoyed the quirky. This knitted teapot gave me a smile. I liked the irony of Joy Division t-shirts for kids (E was horrified) and Where the Wild Things Are t-shirts for adults. I loved the waste paper bins made out of recycled materials. If only some of the music wasn't so loud.

Most amazing of all I had a Girl Guide Biscuit. We used to sell boxes of these when I was a Girl Guide and made grubs and hedgehog with them. I haven't seen them for years and years. The Girl Guides stall was giving them out for free. They were just like the ones I used to have except that these have a layer of chocolate on the bottom. Street parties are full of the unexpected.

Sydney Road Street Party 2011

Part of the Brunswick Music Festival
Sunday 6 March 2011
Brunswick, Melbourne


  1. I used to sell those cookies too, not as posh back then though as they didn;t have the chocolate bottoms either. Looks like such a fun day and I just adore the teapot!

  2. Oooh, I miss grilled corn on the cob! Like you, though, I prefer not to pay $2.50 for a stick...

  3. We went here, having not attended before.
    The kids had fun at a stand that had interactive toys from years ago (knucklebones, marbles etc). Then they impulse volunteered at the Veg Vic stall.
    We walked up and down and I didn't see many of the things you described. I found it way too busy, I felt pushed along. Wherever the LOUD music was, we couldn't even get close to any stalls and there were so many people it was hard to get around them. I love the idea of the music along the street, but I found it loud, frustrating and packed. They had no facilities to fill up water bottles (we rode our bikes) and the information stall was not too helpful. I'm not sure I'd go again.

  4. Thanks Chele - I thought chocolate on the bottom was a bit fancy for those cookies too - must help to sell them :-)

    Thanks Hannah - who would have known that sticks are so much more expensive than corn :-)

    Thanks Tahn - didn't see the Veg Vic stall but wish I had - sorry your experience wasn't great - I enjoy seeing shops coming out onto the street but if only some of the music wasn't so loud


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