Sunday, 10 June 2007

Thanks to the Queen of the Foodie BlogRoll

On the Queen’s Birthday long weekend in Melbourne it seems only right and proper that I have much to thank the Queen about. No, not the Queen of England. I mean the Leftover Queen, Jenn.

Blogger, my software, allows me to link to other blogs but adding them to my sidebar is slow work, especially at the moment when my wireless broadband connection is not working and I am idling away on dial-up. Jenn came up with the idea of the Foodie BlogRoll to gather many foodie blogs in one easy link. Yep, I only need one link to the blogroll and Jenn just keeps adding blog links.

Getting this one link is where I stumbled. It has taken many wrong turns, dead ends, and lack of know-how at my end to join. Jenn has been endlessly patient and finally I have found the missing piece of html. So I am on the Foodie BlogRoll and excited to be able to explore many wild and wonderful foodie blogs. I encourage you to check it out on my left hand sidebar. Many thanks go to Jenn for all her help and vision.

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  1. Johanna, so that's how you found me - coz I've just discovered our Queen Jenn and the Foodie Blogroll too. I am so glad you love Teacakes too - and I notice we each love Barbara Kingsolver's Prodigal Summer. Kingsolver is a strong favourite of mine. Have your been to her website? I'm looking forward to catching up with her latest. And you're vegetarian too. Great! And I love the giraffe analogy too. After kangaroos, they are my favourite animal. All this and Melbourne and punctuation too? Do you visit the punctuation queen (another Melburnian too), Lexicon Harlot, by any chance?

  2. It's funny, but I still don't know how that bit of HTML text turns into such a seemingy complicated image!

    I had trouble too...Jenn's very lovely. It's a big task. You've been incredibly busy posting on your blog. Off to see what I've missed...

  3. Thank Goodness Johanna! I am so glad you finally got it going. I guarantee you will find lots of great foodie blogs to keep you going for a while. As I said, I am so happy to have you on board. Not just because you make great food, but because you have named your blog for a giraffe. My personal favorite! :)
    Thanks for all your kind words and it was my pleasure to see you through this, there was no way I was letting you OR the Green Giraffe slip away! :)
    Glad to see Miss Eagle and Lucy have found you as well! Hey ladies! :)

  4. hello Miss Eagle - thanks for visiting - always nice to hear from someone with an appreciation for giraffes, teacakes and barbara kingsolver - and I will be sure to check out lexicon harlot! I would also like to go to Barbara Kingsolver's website too but I get so sidetracked with other websites - and yours trad pad was a wonderful distraction - thanks

    Lucy - yes Jenn is most helpful and I really like the blogroll idea. And yes I have been busy in the kitchen - such a luxury to have a lazy long weekend to do lots of cooking. Hope you enjoy the goodies :-)

  5. Don't feel bad Johanna, I had a couple glitches when trying to put Jenn's blogroll on my site. Jenn was very patient and finally it was up and running, HTML can be touchy sometimes with different systems.
    Glad you're here

  6. thanks Jenn - your help must appreciated and your love of giraffes is an added bonus!

    thanks Julie - html is not my strong point but it is amazing what you can do on the web these days without knowing it


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