Wednesday 23 February 2011

Chocolate cashew fudge and nut roast love!

You could be mistaken for thinking I spend my days finding new ways to add nuts into chocolate concoctions. Today's recipe seems like covering ground that has been well trodden on my blog lately but it is just such a good variation that I had to share.

This chocolate cashew fudge was found via Lisa's amazing raw berry cheesecake. The cheesecake was a bit too ambitious for me but I did find a raw chocolate fudge on the My New Roots blog from where it originated. Not only did it look excellent but it seemed a tidy way to use up the rest of the coconut oil and cashew butter in my kitchen. These are the sort of foods that just add clutter and I forget to use.

In addition I have been particularly hungry lately after starting to ride my bike to work again lately (on the days when I am not ferrying Sylvia about). It actually happened after our car broke down recently. There wasn't much wrong with the car (phew!) but it did need some time with the mechanic. Hence I suddenly found myself going from four wheels to two to get to work. I have been enjoying riding my bike so much that I actually was a little glad that the car broke down. But it sure does make me hungry.

Leftovers, biking and some previous successes with chocolate and nuts. How could I resist this fudge! Oh, and it was just so easy to make at the end of a day of work, riding my bike home and then running around after a giggling cheeky toddler. I was even too lazy to put it in cups and I just froze it in a cake tin and chopped it up later. I didn't even take photos until the next day.

After refridgerating a jar of coconut oil that then needed an ice pick, I left my latest jar on the counter. It was fascinating to watch the changing colour as the oil melted into a clear liquid in the heat and then solidified into a white "butter" on the cooler days. It was exactly the right consistency for hand mixing coconut oil and cashew butter on the couch while I watched the telly. I changed the quantities to suit what I had on hand. I was feeling stingy and used less maple syrup than required but I was glad of my meanness because I didn't need all that sweetness.

The resulting fudge is good enough to eat off the spoon but here was the claim on My New Roots that really fascinated me: "The best thing about this chocolate is that when you use whole, natural ingredients, your body knows when it has had enough." Wow! My body usually tells me that there is no such thing as enough chocolate. But I think that there is a definite limit for me when it comes to coconut oil. The fudge is deliciously creamy with a little texture from the cashew butter but I did find that I didn't crave it like I often do with sweet treats.

On another nutty topic, I have been fascinated to see a few bloggers referring back to my nut roast passion recently, and pleased to see them sharing my enthusiasm:
  • Lisa of Lisa's Kitchen had been hesitant about my nut roast event back in 2008 so I was delighted to see her making a Spicy Quinoa Nut Roast this week.
  • Ricki of Diet Dessert and Dogs was an instant nut roast convert with my event and found her nut roast experiments led her into pate territory.
  • Mel of Veganise This wrote a lovely post as part of her great series cooking from Planet VegMel blogs. It was so pleasing to hear she had first discovered my blog through a nut roast search and I loved reading about her experience making one of my nut roasts.
Is there something in the air? Makes me wonder if it is time for a Neb at Nut Roast II event to share some more nut roasts.

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Chocolate cashew fudge
Adapted from My New Roots
Makes at least 25 small squares

160g coconut oil at room temp (ie a buttery consistency)
140g cashew butter (or other nut butters)
3/4 cup of cocoa
1/3 - 1/2 cup maple syrup
salt, cinnamon, chilli powder, orange zest etc (optional)

Mix coconut oil and cashew butter together, preferably by hand. Add 1/3 cup maple syrup and mix. Add cocoa and add more maple syrup if needed. Add salt and any spices that you desire. I meant to add spices but forgot. Spoon into lined cake tin (I used my 15cm square tin) and bung in the freezer until firm. I left mine overnight. Cut into small squares and store in the freezer. Eat straight from the freezer and swoon!

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  1. This looks like heaven....seriously!! Great job!

  2. Oh my. That looks and sounds so good.

  3. This sounds delicious and very healthy. I have a friend whos gluten and dairy free, I'll have to pass this on to her.
    A nut roats II might be fun!

  4. Love the look of the cashew fudge and have bookmarked it for future use.

  5. You KNOW I'm in love with this recipe. You know it! :D

  6. The fudge sounds divine. And I agree, hard to tell when one has had enough chocolate.

    I absolutely think it's time for a second Nut Roast event! Obviously, nut roast mania is in the air ;)

  7. I love fudge, and this looks so good! Nuts make it better I reckon. I have never tried nut roast - if you have an event I will have to join in.

  8. This fudge looks great, I really love that it doesn't involve soaking and blending up nuts because I am usually too lazy to do that. Using cashew butter is a great idea.
    I'm pretty sure I've never had a nut roast but I'm intrigued by all the possibilities they seem to offer!
    I like watching coconut oil go from a solid to a liquid too, you never know what state it's going to be in!

  9. Mmm I love cashews and macadamias in fudge! This looks great Johanna :)

  10. Oohh how that fudge is making my mouth water. What a treat to have in supply for when the munchies hit ... and on a bright note riding your bike and burning all those calories makes these guilt free too ;0)

  11. Thanks Lisa - one day I will get more ambitious and try the raw cheesecake :-)

    Thanks Lisa - yes amazing

    Thanks Katie - hope your friend enjoys these - they are great

    Thanks K - the only downside is that I am not sure if they travel because they are kept in the freezer

    Thanks Hannah - of course it is just so so you! even gives the nutella fudge a run for its money!!!!

    Thanks Ricki - am thinking nut roast mania means more nebbing :-)

    thanks Cakelaw - the thought of encouraging more people to try nut roast makes a second Neb at Nut roast very tempting

    Thanks Sarah - I too am not keen on soaking and blending nuts - this one is just so easy - leaves more time for watching the coconut oil - ha ha

    thanks Lorraine - not sure I have had much nutty fudge but then again I get a bit confused about what is a fudge (ironic given that I have posted a few!)

  12. I love fudge...with nuts, without nuts...and I especially love that this is made with really good ingredients! This way, a little piece can really be satisfactory.

  13. That looks lovely Johanna. I really want to taste it. Suppose I will have to find the ingredients and make it myself. Sometime life just isn't fair.

    ps you wouldn't like to ride your bike here. Our city is built on a big hill . Fine for going down, not so good for going up.

  14. Thanks Joanne - fudge with good ingredients is a beautiful thing - such a joy to have in my freezer

    Thanks Jacqueline - wish I could share it with you but highly recommend you make some - it will make life seem great - and I am sure I would cycle less if melbourne was more hilly - friends of mine who have moved to sydney say it isn't so bike friendly

  15. Yum. That sounds delicious. I love coconut oil and with all those other ingredients it's almost a health food isn't it...I'd be mad not to make it. Thanks :-)

  16. I have a nut roast recipe tucked away that I have wanted to try for some time so if you do have another nut roast event, count me in!

  17. I made a slightly varied version of this fudge today and I could hardly stop myself from eating it, though I tend to be more of a savory girl. Used almond butter and a wee bit of chunky peanut butter, melted butter instead of coconut oil and included some crushed salt-free pistachio nuts. I did however sprinkle a bit of sea salt into the mix. Of course, I added some chili powder and cinnamon. Thanks for the inspiration and I will be posting about this soon. Ground cardamom would also be a nice addition I think.

  18. thanks Lisa - glad you loved it too - I imagine it is open to all sorts of variations but is such a great idea - will look forward to you posting about it and hope to hear if it kept soft in the freezer with the butter - I have just finished my batch and am missing having it in the freezer for a wee sweet nibble

  19. Yumm I love the simplicity of this fudge! I need to get some coconut oil.


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