Wednesday 2 February 2011

Gang of Four meme

I love food blogging. Recipes. Baking tips. Restaurant recommendations. And sometimes I love memes. They amuse and entertain me. I read a meme by Hannah today that filled me with delight and so I took up her invitation to do it myself. I made a few changes and added four photos - see if you can guess which one was not taken recently!

Four fantastic films I have watched on the telly recently:

  1. Sunset Boulevard
  2. The Black Balloon
  3. Bran Nu Dae
  4. U Be Dead (telemovie)
Four things I get cross about:
  1. Sloppy news reports
  2. Bad drivers
  3. Typos
  4. Poor management
Four words/phrases I use a lot:
  1. I am most displeased
  2. Maintain the rage
  3. I am so tired
  4. Cuggle
Four things I’ve learned from the past:
  1. If you can’t get one of the rude Polish tourism workers to help you get the bus you paid for out of Warsaw, pay for the train.
  2. If you miss the ferry from Paris to London and you have to get the eurostar, you will get there quicker than if you had caught the ferry in the first place.
  3. American customs is a breeze compared to Israeli customs
  4. Alice Springs is not as close to Uluru as you would think
Four places I would like to go:
  1. Nepal – I almost did and then I met E
  2. The Outer Hebrides, Scotland – always meant to visit when I lived in Scotland
  3. Moscow – because that is where the Transiberian Express starts
  4. Uluru – one of the tourist attractions in Australia I am yet to see
Four things I did yesterday:
  1. Dreamt about chatting to Kasey Chambers - she was lovely
  2. Arrived at work late for a meeting
  3. Drew chalk circles on the concrete in the backyard - at Sylvia's request
  4. Wrote a to do list before I went to bed
Four things I am looking forward to:
  1. The air conditioner being fixed
  2. A parcel that is in the post for me
  3. Winter
  4. Apples being in season
Four things I love about winter:
  1. Winter woollies
  2. The sound of rain outside
  3. Baking bread
  4. Hearty stews
Four things I should be doing rather than this meme:
  1. Going to bed
  2. Tidying the house
  3. Replying to emails
  4. Paying bills
No tagging other people today! If you enjoyed this meme, feel free to write up your own gang of four post!


  1. so good to know more about you Johanna!

  2. oooh this is such a wonderful post!! hehe and I had to giggle at 'maintain the rage' ;)

  3. Thanks Lorraine - would love to see you list

    Thanks Anh - glad it was illuminating

    Thanks Lisa - I love "maintain the rage" it is a sentiment that keeps you going!

  4. *laughs* Brilliant! I love your take on the meme - kinda wish I'd done your version ;) I'm also incredibly impressed with the speed with which you wrote this up! Funnily enough, I actually had "hug?" as one of my four phrases in my first draft, before I changed it. Cuggle is just that little bit better ;)

    Where is the giraffe sculptures photo from? They're gorgeous!

  5. What a day brightener, Johanna.

    I absolutely love the word Cuggle:)

  6. It made me chuckle when you said that one of the things you did last night before bed was write a list! Your meme shows that you are a list-lover like me :)

  7. haha fun meme! Homemade bread and winter stews are on my list of winter loves as well!

  8. Where are the giraffe's Ms GGG? Love them.

    Always lovely to read a bit more about ya, darls.

    AND...apples...just beginning to come into season! Abbas at Queen Vic Market's organic stalls a-hoy. They're gorgeous.

  9. I recognise those giraffe's. You'll be pleased to know they are still there ... but seriously, you can't wait for winter!!!!

  10. Thanks Hannah - this was a fun one and I think I saw it at a moment when I was badly in need of procrastination - the giraffes are from Edinburgh at the top of Leith Walk

    Thanks Louise - cuggle is sylvia's word but she asks for one so often that it is used frequently in our house

    Thanks Domestic Goddess Wannabe - yes I love lists - makes me feel like there might be a little organisation in my life :-)

    Thanks Joanne - nothing like warm food to cope with the cold!

    Thanks Lucy - thanks for the tip on apples - often miss the beginning of the season as I am so enamoured of stone fruit but apples always make me feel better about the end of stone fruit season - and the giraffes are from edinburgh at the top of leith walk

    Thanks Chele - Glad to hear the giraffes are still there - it must be about 4 years ago since I took this photo!

  11. PS Chele - I meant to add that yes I look forwad to winter but it is easier to enjoy when you get a warm summer - unlike in Edinburgh when there just seemed to be no summer at all!

  12. Grr, grr--I hate when Blogger swallows my comments! I loved this post--especially "Maintain the rage"--made me laugh out loud! And I wish I could look forward to winter--maybe just once. ;)


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