Saturday 28 March 2015

Kale pizza, weekend food and digging into the birthday cake

A quick post because I wanted to share a great kale pizza I made last night.  No recipe.  Just some ideas and a bit of fun with the family.

We had pizza last night when Sylvia had a friend visit.  They ate plain old cheese and tomato pizza.  E and I had a magnificent substantial kale pizza.  It used my sourdough pizza base, and was piled with some tomato sauce, leftover lentil and quinoa stew,  fried onions, fried kale, vegveeta vegan cheese sauce, and a pizza cheese (which is optional).  Making great pizza and tidying the house made me feel like a domestic goddess.

Today we had a mexican birthday lunch for my brother in Geelong.  He was at a gig in Melbourne and missed it.  The family enjoyed some hearty tacos, nachos and enchiladas in his honour.

Fortunately he got to my parents' place in time for dessert.  We gave him a shovel for his birthday and he dug into the chocolate cake.  Mum also made a pavolva.  I wasn't organised enough to bake for the lunch. 

Sylvia and I managed to get along to the Coburg Farmers Market before her morning gymnastics lesson.  So my contribution was a packet of crispy tortilla chips and these wonderful strawberries.  A nice snack while my nieces organised a talent quest.  We also bought 3kg of apples at the market.

We also bought bagels at the farmers market.  That meant dinner was sorted when E and Sylvia and I got home. I had a deliciously messy bagel filled with leftover chilli non carne, vegan cheese sauce and spinach.  Eaten while we watched The Goodies DVD.

A fun start to the school holidays.  It promises to be filled with Easter, playdates, Katie Perry, apples, Sponge Bob Square Pants, cleaning, movies and perhaps some silly walks.

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  1. That's funny! The Goodies take me straight back to childhood (yes, I'm that old)! Love the fact that you celebrated without the birthday boy there. And love that the pizza is piled with leftovers!!!

    1. Thanks Kate - I love the Goodies too - so many happy memories. Leftover pizzas are the easiest. And it seems there was some gap in communication with the birthday boy and we were all too hungry to wait but he enjoyed eating cake with us.

  2. That kale pizza looks delicious. Love how it gives the colours of the italian flag. Love the photo of your brother digging into the cake with a shovel, that's my kind of slice! :)

    1. Thanks Katie - good observation about the italian flag, and yes I think I might like a shovel to cut my cakes too.

  3. That sounds like a stellar pizza! And cutting into a cake with a shovel is new to me, but looks very impressive :) I hope you enjoy the holidays.

    1. Thanks Kari - cutting cakes with a shovel is sure to take on and be all the rage :-)

  4. My brothers would both do the same had they been given a spade for their birthday, use it to tuck into the cake! I have made a variation of kale pizza in the past, loved it - drooling over your piled up high pizza. I've had a hankering for bagels recently...

    1. Thanks Shaheen - ah brothers are endlessly amusing :-) Kale is something I would like to eat on pizza more but easier when there are lots of leftovers about to use.

  5. Thanks for your pizza recipe Johanna, I have sourdough starter in the fridge ready to go - can't wait!

  6. oh missing your own birthday deliciousness is no good at all!
    At least he got cake :-)

  7. That shovel pic made me chuckle! That's definitely the size of the eating implement I'd want for a birthday cake.

  8. Ok kale is my all time favourite veggie and I have never even considered putting it on pizza (which I love and have at least once a week!) - genius Johanna! It sounds so good!
    The birthday party looks fun, too. A shovel for a cake? ;p

    "Making great pizza and tidying the house made me feel like a domestic goddess."
    This most definitely makes you a domestic goddess in my books =)


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