Saturday 4 May 2013

Recipe planning - latest ideas and jottings

This is a work in progress page for planning what recipes to make - both from my blog and from elsewhere.  It is set up to help me plan, and you are welcome to observe just as you can see my bookmarked recipes on Delicious or Pinterest.

However recipes will come and go from this list and not necessarily be used and/or blogged.  I may get distracted or just use an idea and then they will fall off the list.  It is not a meal planning list in the strict sense of the term.

quinoa salad - with tempeh? from with tempeh - lentil rice and macaroni
saovury granola 
Chef mimi's layered salad 
vegan queso sauce (with potato and cashews) - serious eats - baked risotto
vegan reuben jackfruit sandwich - Cadry's kitchen
Fish shaped (snip snip) bread rolls

Sweet food
Ginger scones - AF hotcakes via cakelaw
Vegan white cake - yup it's vegan
Vegan choc chip rosemary cookies - food to glow

I have turned off comments for this page because I change the links here frequently.