Wednesday 1 May 2013

In search of (4)

Many people come to this blog by putting a search term into their search engine of choice.  Many seem to find what they are looking for.  Others must be very disappointed.  Here is a selection of search terms that make me laugh, groan or cover my eyes.  (I did leave out one or two that are too disturbing to share!)  I hope it gives you a smile.  NB the bold headings are my comments on the search terms.

Oh please leave the giraffe to roam free
  • can you roast a giraffe
  • do people eat fried giraffes
  • roasted giraffe nose
  • smoked giraffe recipe
  • good experiments with a giraffe

  • giraffe is a pig astra google mail
  • chocolate conumdrum recipe
  • sausage love for giraffe
  • giraffe meme in road drunk get you home 
  • giraffe with no clothes on
  • don't buy me cake, pie or meat we don't my cat is old
  • masteribution is good or bad for health
  • "in the water in her t-shirt"
  • how to make explosives from tomato sauc

Here are my favourites for being so silly and giving me a laugh
  • if a giraffe ate an apple seeds and all how long would it take to see apples growing out of it's ears?
  • what color are the nuts of a giraffe
  • can you be arrested for carrying a large bag of apples up a hill, late on a sunday evening in kent, england
  • will you marry a giraffe
  • sly pie mean bean nasty pasty 
  • soup war 
  • what does a haggis look like in the wild?   

Gotta to be a typo
  • where can i buy giraffe of beer
  • melbourne university spinach language short courses
  • a picher of marsbar crispy cacks
  • cake believe giraffe

Can you be more specific?
  • first day of being a vegetarian... what do i eat!
  • what not to do
  • i am in central melbourne
  • what road to take 

I want to see these people's creations
  • tim tam pizza
  • rice bubbles peanut butter nutella condensed milk slice
  • haggis sweeties
  • 1 cup brandy chocolate grape
  • glue for vegan pizza 

Must be taking lolcat pictures
making viking helmets for cats

Variations on spelling vegetarian
vegetairn, vegetaruiian, vegetraian,  vegitarian, vehetarian 

Aren't you sick of all those giraffes?  Here's an elephant search term!
how do you eat an elephant

If you want to see more search terms that lead people to my blog, check out these posts:


  1. haha, these are hilarious. Although they do make you question what kind of world we live in!

    1. Thanks coconut and berries - yes they do make me wonder!

  2. That is so funny! Search terms are always good for some entertainment. :)

    1. Thanks Joanne - it sometimes seems that blogging has endless ways to keep me entertained

  3. Love this post Johanna, I got a good laugh out of it! I don't pay much attention to my stats and search terms, perhaps I should keep this in mind for when my spirits need a lift.

    1. Thanks Mel - browsing search terms idly is just another time waster but it does have fun moments - I have compiled these over months

  4. Chocolate conundrums are delicious! You've never had one? It must be a Texas thing. And I think the answer to all the questions is "yes."

    1. Thanks Claire - you are kidding, aren't you?

    2. Yes, kidding. Although now I want to invent a dessert and call it a conundrum. I'd make a chocolate version, of course!

  5. Oh, excellent! I get funny ones too but yours really go above and beyond the norm (possibly because you just have more blog traffic and thus more scope for odd searches!) :) I had great fun with this - thanks for sharing. And yes, I'd like to see a tim tam pizza too.

    1. Thanks Kari - it can waste a lot of time to go looking over google analytics but it is fun - I think the longer I blog the most odd things people's searches can find

  6. Goodness, the things people want to do with giraffes! I hadn't really thought about people eating them before.

    1. Thanks Choclette - sorry to destroy your innocence

  7. AHAHAHAHAH!!! I get silly stuff like that too. Thanks for the laugh, which I had to control into a silent laugh on account of me being at work right now ;)


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