Wednesday 7 December 2011

Orange and strawberry icy poles

It was a hot busy day today.  I am exhausted.  I have been to Sylvia's swimming lessons, done the washing, vaccumed before Sylvia's new bed arrived, baked bread, made fruit salad and been shopping.  The heat made me hanker after ice-cream.  An uncharacteristic whim.  Fortunately though I don't have an ice cream maker, I have icy pole moulds.

We bought a cornetto after swimming.  It wasn't great.  We were rushing back home to be there in time for the bed delivery.  I ran into a friend from my student days whom I haven't seen for years (probably decades).  He has a brother with the same name as a famous Irish writer and a son with the same name as a prominent Australian politician.  What are the odds!  (Let me know if you can work it out!)

When I got home I decided it was time for icy poles (also known as iced lollies in the UK and popsicles in the USA).  I decided upon a simple version of my previous icy poles.  Those one were full of chunks of fruit.  These are based on a trick I learnt last summer.  I just make smoothies and freeze them.  The only problem was that my trusty hand held blender turned on me and sprayed the kitchen with the orange and strawberry puree.  I kept finding bits of juice everywhere.

Sylvia was most interested - in the juice, not the mess.  I used very small icy pole moulds.  I love these moulds because they are the right size for her but also because they can be worn like a ring and look like jewells.  It meant I had some juice leftover.  I gave Sylvia a little in a cup.  She stood at the sink drinking it.  Then she got tired of it and threw it down the sink.  She said she really just wanted water.  I was horrified at her wasting good juice but proud of her love of water.  Friends of our recently told us that they had been drinking a lot of juice until they found out that it was full of sugar.

Sylvia was very excited about her new bed and went down for her nap in the bed without too much fuss (unlike tonight).  It was warm so I had an icy pole.  Frozen juice is just the thing for a hot summer's day.  When Sylvia woke she was miserable.  Finally she calmed down with an icy pole eaten with a tea towel spread over her lap to catch the drips - and there were many.  When she finished she simply said "Anudder one?"  That was all the praise I needed!

The weather is forecast to be warm over the next few days so I am looking forward to eating the rest of the icy poles.  Below is what I did but really, it is hardly a recipe.  Just worth remembering.

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Orange and Strawberry Icy Poles

juice of 2 oranges
125g strawberries

Blend and pour into icy pole moulds.  Leave a little room at the top for the liquid to expand when frozen.  Freeze and enjoy on a hot day.  I think we waited about 4-5 hours and they were hard enough to eat but perhaps could have done with another few hours to really harden up.  To remove frozen icy poles from moulds, just run until a little cold water to loosen it and tug at the stick - if it doesn't come out run under a little more water.

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  1. And that's why you should always get either paddlepops or golden gaytimes. ;)

  2. I have very fond childhood memories of icey poles such as these :) Between my Mum's preference for healthier options and my lactose intolerance, these sort of ice treats were more common in our house than ice cream. I love that they are so customisable too.

  3. Icy poles is a brilliant name - so much cuter than ice lollies!

  4. James Joyce & Barnaby Joyce?

  5. You have been busy haven't you! :) And I like how these are full of fruit, I love icy poles that taste like sweet fruit as opposed to flavourings.

  6. These look great and refreshing, they kind of remind me ones that I have had pinned on pinterest for a while.

    I really need to get my hands on some icy pole moulds.

  7. Mmm, these icy poles are just the ticket for this week's warm weather. Don't you hate it when something sticky sprays around and it takes ages to disappear completely? I see Jackie beat me to the Joyce answer - oh well, that's what I think too.

  8. Such a great idea for little ones in the heat- thank you!

  9. Thanks Lisa - yes, exactly what I want in summer

    Thanks Hannah - I thought the cornetto would be more classy than gaytime but I should have gone with gut instinct

    Thanks Kari - I find ice cream nice for an occasional treat but these are far more refreshing in summer and not so heavy - so they are more likely to be in our freezer too

    Thanks Cake Crusader - I love the name icy poles - sounds a little Arctic

    Thanks Jackie - go to the top of the class :-)

    Thanks Lorraine - agree about fruity icy poles - just the sort I love to make at home but I always fall for the lure of chocolate when faced with a freezer of icy poles at the shops - despite knowing what will make me feel better

    Thanks K - I think you can get icy pole moulds in the supermarket now - I know that when I looked they were nowhere to be seen and once I bought some they are everywhere - it is a good time of year to buy them - highly recommend it!

    Thanks Cakelaw - you can go to the top of the class with Jackie - and yes sticky spills are no fun - they have a way of getting into the most unexpected places

    Thanks Tori - it is a nice way to help kids cool down - though they are so messy - but fun too!

  10. These icy pops are so much better than the ones you can get from the grocery store. I need to get some popsicle molds for next summer. :)


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