Friday 16 December 2011

Vegetarian Christmas Recipes - menu planning ideas

When I decided to put together a list of Christmas food ideas, I was surprised at how many I have posted on my blog.  I have tried to narrow down this list to represent the essence of Christmas to me.  Christmas dinner in my family has always been a hunk of protein in the centre with vegetables and gravy, followed by a rich pudding and then mince pies and chocolate.  My experience of Christmas comes from an Anglo-Celtic tradition.

Christmas food for me means winter food (chestnuts, cranberries, potatoes), decadence (nuts, fancy cheeses, chocolate).  It is not the sort of light food you might fancy in the heat of an Australian summer.  However we usually eat more summery food around Christmas here so I have been able to include some lighter recipes too.  This page will be updated as I post more Christmas recipes.  More recipes can be found in my index.




      Main Course

      On the Side



      New Year
        Leftover ideas for nut roast or haggis

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          1. This is the PERFECT round up! I'm still deciding what to make for my veg entree for Christmas and this is so inspiring!

          2. I really love all the ideas and the photos (partcularly of Hubert the Hog's Head!) here. Great post.

            I just wanted to let you know that the Presto Pasta Nights #244 roundup is now posted. Thanks for joining in the fun this week.

          3. What a great round up of all your festive food, a good idea to help us and yourself find what you're looking for! I will have to browse all the links when I have a little more time.

            I'm very impressed by Hubert!

          4. This is a fantastic round-up full of inspiring ideas. I do admire you (and other bloggers) being organised enough to write these types of posts before Christmas. I think Hubert is great too! :)

          5. I can certainly believe how many recipes you discovered on your blog! This is a wonderful round up, not only for Christmas but for any time. The choice is almost overwhelming but I shall look forward to working through a number of these recipes, not just this month but more generally.

          6. Just brilliant Johanna. Out of necessity we will be having soup and then a buffet (too many people to seat), so I was needing some ideas desperately. Thank you xx

          7. Thanks Joanne - good luck with your entree - hope you share what you make

            Thanks Rachel - it took a while to find the photos in my archive but it was fun searching

            Thanks C - yes it will take some time to browse but hopefully you will find recipes you enjoy

            Thanks Mel - now I have been blogging for a few years, I realise I need to promote some of my old recipes - like my friend hubert :-)

            Thanks Kari - I was inspired by your post on Christmas ideas and realised I had lots of recipes to share - it was overwhelming finding so many recipes and eventually I had to discard quite a few. Enjoy

            Thanks Jacqueline - there are lots of interesting food you can serve on a buffet - I tried to include lots of food that can be prepared in advance here so hopefully that will help you

          8. Vegetarian hog's head = brilliant.

          9. WOW! So many Christmas options, what a great round up. I kinda love the highly disturbing hog head also...

          10. Can I have all of your main courses and sides please? And perhaps a bit of everything else too. It all sounds like pure vegetarian bliss :)

          11. Lots of yummy choices here!! :) That hog's head is impressive.

          12. I finally found some vital wheat gluten at my local store, I cannot wait to make some of your delish nutroast!!!

          13. Wow, awesome christmas food ideas. Thanks for sharing!

            Cheers and hugs,

            Christmas Food Ideas


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