Saturday 23 February 2008

About Me Me Me Me

There seems to have been a lot of tagging going on lately. I have been tagged by Lisa Rene from Little Bits for 5 facts about myself, and I was tagged by Katie from Apple and Spice for a longer meme. I decided to ditch the 5 favourite toys (because I was struck dumb by the tyranny of choice) at the end of this meme in favour of Ricki’s 5 things about memory which took my fancy because memory fascinates me too.

Finally I received a award from Holler for having an Excellent blog which is not a tag but rates a mention for her kind words. I intend to return to this at a later date when I would like to write about some excellent blogs that have inspired me but for now I’d just like to thank Holler.

Five Facts about Me
- As a child, I had a duck called Lisa
- I sang Brahms requiem with a choir in London
- I was a volunteer tour guide at St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh (sort of pictured in the distance)
- My siblings and I created a shopping centre in our cubbyhut when I was little
- Our car is 20 years old this year and is called Snowflake after a pegacorn

What was I doing 10 years ago?
I was living in London and working at website at BBC Television Centre. This website was the precursor to the website and had been established the previous year. I was told that every staff member was temporary or seconded so if it didn’t work then the BBC wouldn’t lose money. The office buzzed with excitement at the new venture and it was a great time to be there. I loved the encouragement to surf the web and share ideas with staff. Wonder if this attitude persists at!

What was I doing 1 year ago?
We went to Thailand last February for the wedding of my brother Andy to Erica. Seems 10 years ago. It was a fantastic holiday. The wedding on the beach was very romantic and Phucket was gorgeous. We visited a temple, rode an elephant, and snorkeled at the Phi Phi Islands (pictured - and that is not me in the photo!). Felt much more adventurous than my average holiday. Andy and Erica organized us a wonderful hotel with a pool where I could swim laps in the morning and drink cocktails in the evening.

Five snacks I enjoy:
- Seasonal fruit – a few weeks ago it was cherries, at the moment it is grapes, and soon it will be apples
- Chocolate chip cookies – or anything with chocolate
- Corn on the cob
- Vitawheat biscuits with promite and cheese
- Leftovers on toast – particularly risotto, dahl or mashed potato

Five things I would do if I were a millionaire:
- Buy a Scottish island
- Run a retreat for writers, artists, cookery classes, and family and friends
- Set up a publishing company
- Own a pet giraffe
- Donate donate donate

Five bad habits:
- Scribbling recipes from books in bookshops without buying the books
- Falling asleep on the couch when watching dvds with E
- Not reading recipes properly when I am cooking
- Buying more cookbooks than my bookshelves can handle
- Blogging late at night

Five things I like doing:
- Sitting in our garden with E and Zinc
- Swimming laps at the local pool
- Riding my bike
- Going to a movie alone in the middle of the day
- Sharing food at picnics

Five things I wish to never wear again:
- White veil – my first holy communion – probably looked ok when I was 8 years old but I don’t think I need to revisit
- Stretch denim jeans – it was forgiveable in the 1980s because I was too young to know better but never again over these hips!
- High waisted trousers – I do not have the figure or the height for this kind of fashion
- White dress with puffy sleeves and a hooped skirt – blushing debutante with romantic visions!
- Paisley bowtie – trying to be different at university balls

Five things about memory:
-In high school I memorised epic Australian poem The Man From Snowy River by Banjo Patterson and recited it to the class in return for a box of Roses chocolates. It just shows that I will do anything for chocolate.
- In my student days, my friend Kathleen and I loved going to see Rob Clarkson perform. While walking down the street at night during a holiday to Perth (Western Australia) we were able to remember and sing all the lyrics to the six songs from his EP called Beautiful Girls and Beautiful Boys.
- A friend of mine once visited me in a share house and when introduced to my housemate he said 'I don't believe we have met'. She replied, 'That's what you said last time we met'. The odd thing is that he still takes great delight in remembering a story of how he forgot. Isn't it odd what we remember and what we forget?
-I memorised the lyrics of lots of great folk and revolutionary songs when I was in the Victorian Trade Union Choir many years ago. One of my favourite songs was Bread and Roses. I don’t remember them any more.
- I remember meeting E – at an interview for a share house in Edinburgh. I mention this because last week I heard that couples who remember meeting are more likely to stay together. But who does this research and does it really mean anything?

I will not tag anyone but will welcome hearing from anyone who feels inspired to take up the baton of any or all of the three tags I have incorporated in my answers.


  1. Thanks for doing the meme. I like how you have meld two together. I'm always amazed at some of the wierd and wonderful things I and other people can remember from years ago while other things are forgotten. The mind is very mysterious.

  2. It makes me happy, yet sad to realize that I have come to know strangers better in some ways then my friends who I see on a regular basis. My husband is convinced that food bloggers will "save the world" as we all seem to get along and be at peace with each other. It's a nice thought...

  3. thanks Katie - I agree that memory is a weird and wonderful part of our mind!

    thanks LisaRene - it is nice how the food blogging community seems to get along so well - maybe because we have no in-laws, no office politics and no romantic entanglements - it is a much easier world to live in :-)

  4. Let me know when you reach that millionaire stage ;-) Excellent plans.

  5. Thanks Lucy - you will be most welcome to teach cooking classes at my retreat on my scottish island and in quite moments we can go for walks with my pet giraffe - sounds idyllic doesn't it?

  6. Johanna, I love this list! And, as LisaRene suggests, it does make me feel as if I know you a lot better (also, so much I can relate to!). How very cool that you worked at the BBC. I also loved the 5 things you'd do if a millionaire, and I share a few of your 5 bad habits! As to the car, my dad will have to join the 20 year-old club. But what's a pegacorn?

  7. thanks Ricki - glad you enjoyed the revelations. I was very lucky to get the BBC job at a time when the internet was really taking off. A pegacorn is a sort of unicorn soft toy that sings - my little niece owned one when I asked her what we should name the car!

  8. I do enjoy your memes, keep them coming, they are great! You have had such a interesting life. I wish i had so much to tell! I think I will stick to recipes!

  9. thanks Holler - I don't feel like my life any more interesting than anyone else's - I have already seen lots of interesting things about you on your blog and look forward to more - but the recipes are good too :-)

  10. Just catching up with your blog, Johanna. Thanks for reminding me of that holiday in Perth! Now I want to go see Rob Clarkson and Weddos again!

  11. thanks Kathleen - I think I heard rob went to sydney (ha ha)! Oh for the halycon days of rob and the weddos - at least we still have the CDs :-)


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