Friday 18 May 2007

Random facts that speak of me

Lucy from Nourish Me has tagged me for seven random facts about me – my first tag (or is it a meme?) so here comes my blog uncertainty again, but in the spirit of sharing, which is one of the joys of the blogosphere, I have drawn up a list.

- I don’t like throwing things out. I still have a gold leaf from a cake to celebrate my First Holy Communion when I was 8 years old.

- At university, I became fascinated with the history of market gardens while studying them as part of a project.

- I met Rolf Harris when I worked on a BBC website and was transcribing a webchat with him. He was lovely but I wish I had told him how much I had loved his songs when I was a kid.

- I once read a whole novel in a bookshop without buying it – E worked there and I would read a bit every time I waited to meet him there.

- A friend and I once ate three-quarters of a chocolate cake which was fresh out of the oven – sliver by sliver!

- When I lived in Edinburgh I loved it when the wind blew the yeasty smell from the breweries in my direction – I think it was a similar warm comforting smell of freshly baked bread coming out of my mother’s oven.

- I haven’t owned (or used) an iron for over 7 years. Life’s too short!

Oh and I need to pass it on (this feels like tag chasey – is that why they call it tagging?) and so I pass the tag to Scottish Vegan and Mellie - if they can drag themselves away from their wonderful recipes and reviews :-)

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  1. Fantastic list! I loved Rolf as a kid and perhaps even more as an adult. As a 'good' book shop worker I should be horrified that you read that whole book, but I think it's rather wonderful that you did. What was it by the way?

  2. Thanks Lucy. I am glad you like Rolf - E cringes if I suggest putting on my Rolf album. But he doesn't understand because he is scottish!

    The book I read in the bookstore was Bridget Jones Diary - I made sure I chose one I didn't need to own and was light enough to pick up the plot easily. And I didn't feel guilty after I saw how the store treated their staff! In fact it went into receivership soon after but I am sure I wouldn't have saved them if I had bought the book.

  3. Yeah, he is an acquired taste I suppose, much like Vegemite. Remember those paintings he would do while telling stories? He is the master of children's entertainment. Am quite jealous!

    BJ. How I loved that book. Then there was the whole Rene-getting-fat thing and it became all a bit too weird for me. Glad they went into receivership - I've worked for a couple of dodgy book shops myself over the years...

  4. Oh, this is the first time I have been tagged…how exciting! I will need to think up some random stuff about me now! I think it’s cool that you met Rolf Harris although I’m not sure I would want to listen to his music either :) That’s so funny that you read a whole book in the shop. I didn’t realise that you lived in Edinburgh when you were in Scotland! That’s where we are moving back to! Can’t say I like the smell of the breweries though… I really don’t like ironing, but I don’t like having crumpled clothes either…how do you manage to keep your clothes from looking all creased?

  5. lucy, we loved listening to rolf's songs but I didn't really see his telly stuff much - but I wish I had. He was such a nice guy - really made me feel at ease. As for BJ I liked the book but she also was so silly that I also got annoyed - but I still love watching the movie when it is always on the tv.

    Scottish Vegan - I know Rolf isn't everyone's cuppa tea - I think as aussie kids we were always grateful to him for Six White Boomers which helped us get an Australian song into our family Christmas concerts. I think E thought me a bit weird when I got a high from the breweries smell. But that is exciting you are returning to Edinburgh - it is such a beautiful city. We were lucky enough to live with a view of the castle (although we had to put up with a damp flat). Re: ironing, I don't buy stuff that gets really crumpled and hang up clothes straight from the clothes line. And I just hate ironing enough not to worry about the odd crease. Will look forward to your random facts.


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