Sunday 6 May 2007

Hummus - morning and night

I said I would bring something for morning tea tomorrow at work for a colleague who is bringing her new baby in. I know she likes savoury food so I thought I'd make a dip to take in with some rice crackers and carrot batons.

I decided to use an old recipe I haven’t made for a while - Mollie Katzen’s hummus. I got this recipe from a friend many years ago before I went vegetarian, when I was still learning a lot about cooking. When I first went vegetarian, Mollie was a cookbook celebrity for me before we had Nigella and Jamie, so the recipe makes me feel nostalgic.

I now own the Moosewood Cookbook and used the recipe from there tonight. When I compared it to my friend's notes, I realised why it didn’t taste quite the same – in the 2nd edition Mollie has halved the tahini. Next time I might revert to the original version. My inclination would also be to put a teaspoon of chilli paste into the mix but I eased off and just was liberal with salt and pepper because I am making this for work colleagues.

It seemed obvious to combine my dip-making with dinner so it inspired me to serve a couple of spoonfuls with falafel (from a box), yoghurt, pita breads, and veggies (tomato, baby spinach, corn, green capsicum, and dill pickle).

Update 2012 - I have updated my Hummus recipe to reflect how I make it these day.

From Mollie Katzen’s Moosewood Cookbook (2nd edn)
- 2 to 3 medium cloves of garlic
- A large handful of parsley
- 2 spring onions/scallions (optional – I didn’t have these and left them out)
- 3 cups cooked chickpeas (2 x 440g tins of chickpeas, drained and rinsed)
- 6 tbsp tahini (or ¾ cup in original recipe)
- 6 tbsp lemon juice
- ¾ - 1 tsp salt (to taste – I used 1 tsp to compensate for less chilli)
- yoghurt (optional)
- cayenne and cumin to taste (optional – I didn’t use)

Mollie says to mince garlic and parley (and spring onions) in food processor separately to other ingredients, but I chopped them finely and then blitzed in food processor with chickpeas, tahini, and lemon juice. Season to taste. I found the mixture a little stiff so added some yoghurt. Chill in container.

On the Stereo
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  1. Yummo! Hummus is one of my all-time favourite things to eat. And this is a really interesting recipe - with the addition of parsley and spring onions. I'll have to give it a go.


    BTW - am loving your blog. Your photos rock!

  2. thanks Mellie - it seems like ages since I made my own hummus and the home made version reminds me just how good it can be. Glad you like the pics - I feel like I have a lot to learn about food photography, so all encouragement is welcome :-)

  3. It's a great hummus recipe. Over the years, mine has become really basic and boring.

    I'm going to give yours a go Johanna. Just what was needed - some inspiration!

    Thank you. By the way, very glad to have found your blog.

  4. thanks for your kind words Lucy. am glad if I can help inspire others after finding so much inspiration on the net myself :-)

  5. Thanks this brought back fond memories of making hummus and taboli from moosewood's cookbooks

  6. So are you saying that you preferred the version with MORE tahini, or LESS tahini?

  7. Hi Kate - I prefer more tahini like the original recipe - 3/4 cup - which is the recipe I am used to


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