Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Gaylords: An Indian in Chinatown

Tonight E and I went to Gaylord’s Indian Restaurant for dinner on a recommendation of a friend. The décor alone was worth a visit – lots of plastic flowers, deep red chairs and starched white tablecloths. We sat by a large tub of plastic flowers and halfway through the meal I turned to look at it and realised someone, or something, was starting back at me – a ceramic panther. Spooky in a kitsch sort of way. Went with the Bavarian goatherd style music quite well.

The service was pleasant but a bit slow for our purposese - a quick bite before a film (The Number 23). And our meal was great – I had vegetable biryani which was aromatic and spicy, but with cumin (I think) and other spices rather than having a chilli bite. The rice was fried with chunks of veggies like pumpkin and squash and paneer. Not enough veggies for me but that is often the case when I eat out. E got chicken curry which goes untasted by this little green giraffe but he did order peas pulao rice with onion and peas which was tasty and spicy, and a garlic naan which was pleasingly soft and biting, albeit a little greasy to rip apart with fingers.

Our verdict was that we would go back when we had more time – E thought the garlic naan was too strong for him especially when he went home on the train but I don’t think it is a problem to retain personal space that way and no one complained about it when I rode home on my bike.

(apologies for no photos but I am still a little shy about taking my camera about with me - am still a wee giraffe with shaky legs trying to learn to run about my blog)

Gaylords Indian Restaurant
4 Tattersalls Lane
(parallel to the east of Swanston St
between Lonsdale and Little Bourke Streets)
Melbourne 3000 VIC
Phone: (03) 9663 3980

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