Sunday, 13 May 2007

Lazy Leftover Lunch at the Lake

I got home just after 2pm, hoping E hadn’t had his lunch. He was making pitta breads and offered to make me one, but I had other ideas. And he was to blame.

E got a new bike recently and suggested we ride to a local park this weekend. I am all in favour of a spin on the bike but thought it would be much improved with a picnic at the destination. So in the spirit of green living and recycling, I got out the hummus and carrot dip I had made earlier this week, chopped up some carrots, capsicums and bread and put it in my bag, together with the weekend newspaper.

It was a lovely sunny autumn day. Coburg Lake was a picture of pastoral serenity with weeping willows, bronzed autumnal leaves, little bridges and ducks swimming in the lake. A most pleasant way to spend the afternoon.


  1. What a beautiful place to eat lunch! And even more enjoyable to look at when your eating yummy food! Loved your cake from the last post too!

  2. Lovely photos Johanna - it was a gorgeous day for a picnic!

  3. I'm with you, Johanna - I plan parks and picnics at the end of a lot of my bike rides too!

  4. thanks scottish vegan - I have only recently discovered this park and wish I had more time to relax there (with good food of course!)

    thanks Lucy - gorgeous weather at this time of year is always a pleasant surprise - although E often says it is a balmy day in Scotland (which I am sure scottish vegan will understand)

    thanks Cindy - I am not a sporty rider but bikes are such a pleasant way to travel places


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