Friday 1 April 2016

Easter caramel and malteser fridge cake

Now that we are in Paris, our stay in Edinburgh seems very far away.  Today was so wet we were yearning for Edinburgh weather and we were too wet after queuing for the Catacombes to go to the cafe I had planned.  So back to Easter in Edinburgh where I made a decadent fridge cake with Sylvia and her cousin.

I took the recipe for the fridge cake from Lavender and Lovage with the idea for the Easter eggs in the middle from BBC Good Food.

It required a trip to the large Sainsburys supermarket at Cameron Toll.  It is just as well we didn't have too many trips there as it is a place of many temptations.

Our second Edinburgh kitchen was not as well stocked as our first.  The equipment I needed for the cake was just not about.  We improvised on the ring tin with a large saucepan and a round bowl in the middle.  I melted chocolate in batches in the microwave and tipped each into the medium saucepan to mix it.  (Not even a mixing bowl!)

While the cake firmed up in the fridge, I took the two wee girls to the park at the Meadows.  They had great fun on the swings and roundabout.  I was impressed they were still in fairly good spirits after a sleepover the previous night at our place.

Then we headed back to the flat to turn the cake out of the saucepan and decorate with chocolate drizzle and Easter eggs.  It was a fun cake to make and easy enough for the kids to help out.  It was an ideal cake to make when we had limited equipment on holidays.

I made the cake because we had invited E's sister and family over on Easter Sunday for lunch.  I was pretty tired and not up to much cooking or eating so I left it to E.  He made the pasta and then served the cake.  Later he told me that he had been unsure about how to cut it.  Then he took some of the Easter eggs out and found it easier.  I didn't have a piece until the next day but it was really luscious and very very moreish.

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Easter Caramel and Malteser Fridge Cake
Adapted from Lavender and Lovage
Serves a crowd (10-12)

200g caramel chocolate
100g milk chocolate
100g daim chocolate
125g butter
3 dessertspoons golden syrup
125g (7) chocolate digestives
1 x 121g bag of Maltesers
1 cup of rice bubbles

Chocolate drizzle:
100g milk chocolate
3 dessertspoons milk

To decorate:
A few large or medium easter eggs in wrappers
A bag of small easter eggs in wrappers
A bag of mini easter eggs

Line a ring tin or bundt tin with two layers of clingfilm.  If you don't have either tin, you can use a bowl or saucepan with a smaller bowl in the middle.

Melt chocolates, butter and golden syrup, preferably together in a saucepan over the stovetop or melt chocolate in small amounts in a microwave and the mix together.  Add digestives, Maltesers and rice bubbles and mix to combine.  Spoon into the prepared tin and press down.  Cover with cliingfilm.  Chill in fridge a few hours.

Unwrap clingfilm from bottom of tin.  Remove from tin and flip onto a serving platter (unwrapped side down).  Unwrap remaining clingfilm.   Mix chocolate and milk to make the chocolate drizzle and carefully drizzle over the top so it runs down the sides.  Arrange easter eggs inside ring and scatter mini eggs around the top of the ring on the drizzle.

Ours was kept in the fridge over two nights and then brought out on the morning of the lunch to come to room temperature.  We kept it for another couple of days at room temperature.

NOTES: other chocolates or biscuits can be used, depending on preference and availability.  this cake would also work for other celebrations or seasonal occasions using other decorations.  or it could just work as a slice cut into squares.  It could be adapted into a vegan cake with vegan chocolates, margarine and biscuits.

On the stereo:
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  1. What a magnificent cake!! It looks amazingly decadent.

  2. Sounds very rich and decadent and definitely worth having a slice or two of! :D

  3. You did great putting that cake together, Johanna! I'm sure I would have panicked at the thought of not having the proper equipment. Not you, it looks amazing!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing, Johanna...

    P.S. I'm thrilled to hear you may be able to join us for Cookbook Wednesdays!!! Fingers crossed:)

  4. Wow, what an ingredient list! You did well making this with such minimal equipment. It looks beautiful and sounds perfect for Easter.

  5. That looks like such a lot of fun, I'd love to make to make a vegan one! Fridge cakes are totally the best.

  6. That is seriously sweet, rich and perfect for Easter. Great that you managed to improvise with the available equipment. I love the way you have filled the middle with extra eggs!

  7. OMG this makes me drool a bit! All of my (pre-vegan) favourite things! It not only looks decadent, but also fancy. yuuum

  8. Wow! I cannot believe you made a gorgeous cake you made with such limited resources. I can't even make a cake like that with my extensive kitchen utensils ;)
    And it has maltesers in it!! I used to love those when I was kid. Yum!


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