Monday 24 December 2012

Edinburgh Christmas, Big Wheel and German Markets

When we played to go to Edinburgh in late November/early December, one of our essential destinations was the German Market in the Princes Gardens by the Galleries (see our last visit).  We first attempted to visit on a weekend afternoon.  The crowds were huge and we wisely decided to return on a weekday.  The German Market is part of the Edinburgh Winter Wonderland. It also includes the Big Wheel.  Once Sylvia saw it, that was all she wanted to do.

As you can see the skies were blue and the sun shone on the morning we decided to go on the Big Wheel. (It is next to the Walter Scott Memorial, also known as the Gothic Spaceship.)

Santa's reindeer were ready to welcome us.

We hopped aboard and were rewarded by wonderful view of the Old Town.

It also afforded us detailed views of buildings far above the ground.  Above is the Walter Scott Memorial.

Even on ground the views were spectacular.

Once we were off the wheel, Sylvia wanted to go on the merry-go-round.  Of course we said yes.  It went rather fast.  She loved it.  (At least she didn't ask to go ice-skating.  I would have refused.  Ice rinks are not for me.)

Then it was time to wander around the Highland Village and purchase a new woolly hat for Sylvia.  Not the Christmas pudding hat.  Cute but too seasonal.  She chose a pink hat with cat ears.  I loved the dried fruit garlands but they were not made for suitcases.

There were lots of food stalls in the Highland Village.  Lots of chips and mulled wine and meaty stalls.  I loved this chip stall with all the chip options and the Gaelic.  We went more upmarket for lunch and ate at Jenners (a post on this soon).

Afternoon tea was at the German Market.  First we looked through the stalls.  Sylvia got a little and tiny babushka doll.  We brought decorations to give as gifts. 

The German Market offered a lot of food.  Chocolate covered lebkuchen, doughnuts, waffles and even deep fried cheese (I was tempted).  We had our gluhwein (mulled wine) and stollen in a little nook.  Sylvia had kinderpunsch.  She loved it even though she wore some.  It was wonderfully warming as the afternoon had turned cold, grey and wet.

And now it is Christmas Eve here.  Yesterday it was a sweltering 39 C.  Not good for Christmas baking.  Today there is a cool change and it a blissful 26 C.  We have lots to do - grocery shopping, baking, gift-wrapping and packing to go my mum and dad's place.  Wishing you a happy and healthy festive season full of fun and feasting.


  1. I went to a German night Christmas market once and it was fantastic. We make gluhwein on Christmas day when the weather is good for it. Remember the hail storm last year? We ran and broke out the gluhwein stuff when the cool change came through! We'll be making it again tomorrow. I love that pudding hat and the fruit garlands.

  2. What fabulous markets. The Europeans sure know how to do Christmas. I have escaped to another state for Christmas, so I missed out on the heat :) Have a wonderful Christmas Johanna.

  3. I'm glad your weather has given some relief today - ours has been the opposite, 28'C yesterday, 34'C today, and 39'C tomorrow! I hope the preparations go well and you have a very, very happy Christmas tomorrow.

    As for these Edinburgh festivities, they are all wonderful and I love the look of that merry-go-round in particular.

  4. It's always fun exploring Christmas markets.
    Have a wonderful Christmas!


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