Thursday 6 December 2012

Edinburgh cafe - lovecrumbs

During our trip to Edinburgh we have noticed a new cafe scene that was noticeably absent when I first lived in the city over a decade ago.  One of the best examples of these cafes is lovecrumbs.  E has unequivocally declared it to be his favourite cafe.  It is a gorgeous welcoming space of warm wooden surfaces, fairy lights and beautiful layer cakes.

I had another reason to enjoy lovecrumbs.  Not only did fellow blogger Shauna recommend it, but she also met us there to share some cake.  I have been reading The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl blog for some years now and in the last year I read the fantastic book of the same name.  Shauna, an Aussie expat living in Scotland, is an entertaining writer and always strikes me as a warm and interesting person.  It was a great pleasure to meet up and spend time chewing the fat with her.

We had fun ogling the amazing layer cakes and deciding what to order.  Shauna chose the coconut snowball cake.  Layers of coconut cake, jam and frosting, it was simple and delicious.  This was perhaps my favourite cake among all the ones we ordered.

Sylvia chose the chocolate chestnut tart.  This was a gooey rich chocolate chestnut filling in a pastry case.  I tried to help Sylvia cut hers into neat pieces but she ended up making a complete mess of it - as only a three year old can- with chunks of the chocolate filling all over her plate and her hands.  Thank goodness I remembered to bring along some wipes.

My choice was the spiced honey chocolate cake with a rose and cardamom hot chocolate.  I really loved the dense spiced cake but I left quite a lot of the chocolate frosting on the side.  I prefer a ratio of more cake to frosting.  The hot chocolate was wonderfully warming and nicely spiced in a Middle Eastern style.  Sylvia quite enjoyed sampling it and got most of it in her mouth.  (Note to self: when Sylvia is eating hot chocolate with a spoon, do not let her sit on my knee!)

E had a carrot cake and an orange, chilli and clove hot chocolate which he said was the best hot chocolate he had ever had.  I don't doubt it, even though he had also claimed this the day before when he had ordered a hot chocolate.

This Christmas tree was a great distraction for Sylvia who spent quite some time admiring it with E while I chatted with Shauna.  I regret that my photos don't do justice to the gorgeousness of the cafe.  E commented that it seemed someone with an eye for design had a hand in the presentation, possibly from the nearby Edinburgh Art College.  In fact, we were quite amazed at some of the changes in the West Port where we lived years ago.  If only I still lived there, I would definitely be a regular at lovecrumbs.

155 West Port
Edinburgh EH3 9DP


  1. This comment box doesn't like me :(

    Anyway I was saying, I will have to try this cafe. I love the cake Shauna picked (isn't she a sweetie).

  2. Oh my heavens! I'm not normally one for chocolate desserts or hot chocolate, but hot chocolate with rose and cardamom, and chestnut chocolate tart?! I WANT!

  3. If your photos don't do it full justice, I can only imagine how wonderful it looks in real life. It looks pretty great here, and the vibe and food sound amazing!

  4. what a fabulous bakery! It makes me want to fly across the atlantic for a visit.

  5. Johannaaaaaaaa! I'm so glad we got to meet after stalking you all these years ;) Thanks for trekking all that way with bairn and stroller. Really enjoyed meeting all three of you. You have me intrigued by the hot chocolate :)

  6. Looks like a terrific place and glad you got to meet Shauna.


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