Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Awards with substance (and quicklinks)

I start 2011 feeling I am already lagging behind. I had promised myself to write up the awards I had received before the end of 2010. Not because I have to, but because I want the opportunity to thank a few bloggers for their kind praise and share a few blogs that I enjoy. I also have been squirrelling away some links that I enjoyed so I will share these at the end of the post.

I received the One Lovely Blog award from Cakelaw and Sweet Artichoke late last year. Thank you. Cakelaw is an Aussie lawyer who bakes wonderful sweet food but especially impresses me with her timeliness in celebration food - last year she managed cakes to commemorate Agatha Christie, John Lennon and Kate Middleton. Sweet Artichoke, has sweetness of nature and wonderful sweet baking but it is her savoury baking such as Parmesan Shortbreads, Brie and Figs Cupcakes and Tomato Cupcakes.

My real shame is saved for the A Blog with Substance award from the wonderful cook, Michelle at All Home Cooking, All Year Long. She gave it to me too many months ago to admit. Last year just flew by too quickly. So as requested as part of accepting the award, here are 5 words to sum up my blogging philosophy, motivation and experience: good intentions, so little time! (As I have said before, I am not good at pithy!) Thanks Michelle! Even better, I have finally had more time to browse her blog at leisure and find goodies such as Savoury Crackers and Buttery Corn Pudding.

In the spirit of awards, I want to pass them on. It is always feels like I am barely scratching the surface in choosing a handful of bloggers when there are so many wonderful blogs out there. To keep the list fresh, I am not including any blogs that I have previously given awards. I am also trying to tempt you to check out these blogs with an example of the wonderful recipes they have.

Below is a list of blogs, some old friends, some newly discovered, that I am sending A Blog with Substance award. (Passing on is optional - if you would like to, feel free to sum up your blog in 5 words.)
  • Chocolate Log Blog: Choclette posts lots of lovely chocolate recipes to make me want to run to the kitchen and start baking: Dan Lepard's Date and Hazelnut Bars is on my to do list. She has also co-founded the We Should Cocoa blog event.
  • Chocolate Teapot: Chele, the co-founder of We Should Cocoa, caught my eye because she is an Aussie chocoholic living in Edinburgh, where I met E. But I would have noticed her wonderful recipes anyway. I loved all her lovely Christmas ideas such as Rhubarb and Vanilla Fruit Mince.
  • Confessions of a Food Nazi: With a blog name like this, you know AOF wont hold back in sharing her opinions. She has lovely recipe ideas - such as this Nasi Lemak - honest reviews of local cafes, is generous with her nettles, and keeps me up to date on what is happening in the blogosphere (a few of the links below come from AOF).
  • Eats Well with Others: It is always a joy to read Joanne's entertaining posts, complete with mouthwatering photos and great recipes. She has Italian roots and posts lots of wonderful pizzas and pastas. (Check out her Apple Sausage and Brie pizza with pumpkin base and her Baked Zucchini Mac and Cheese.)
  • One Hot Stove: Nupur has lots of interesting recipes, crafts and reading suggestions on her blog. She started a Blog Bites blog event last year that has yielded lots of inspiration. I am in admiration of her mastery of pastry such as seen in her Chocolate Pecan Pie.
  • Ordinary Vegetarian: Sarah is not really an ordinary vegetarian. Actually she is now an extraordinary vegan! If you don't believe me, just try her amazing vegan bacon. I am so grateful that she has helped me to finally find a great vegan bacon recipe.
  • Veg in the West: Katie Carrot is a new local blogger, but I am already tempted by her recipes and have tried two of them in the last week. You will hear more about her great ideas here soon. But meanwhile, check out her chocolate making post and join me in envy about her mother's little chocolate book.
The One Lovely Blog award goes to all of you who have read and commented and drawn me into your posts about wonderful food that has been filling up my bookmarks and my stomach!

While I mention blogs, I will also mention that I was included in the 2010 Top Australian Cuisine Blog Awards presented by the Cooking Schools. I am happy to be included as an Australian blogger but have noted that the intro to Australian cooking could be improved to better reflect our cuisine.


I have been making a note of some links to blogs and interesting ideas that I have meant to write about during the last few months of last year. Time has run out so, instead, I present you with a list:
  • I loved Jill Dupleix's idea of Writing your own Food Biography in 10 Dishes but never got around to it. Maybe this year. (Thanks AOF for the link)
  • Bread baker extraordinaire, Dan Lepard, visited Melbourne in 2010. I have learnt of him through UK bloggers and was interested to hear his views on Melbourne bakeries and list of favourite bakeries.
  • Internet copyright is still a new area that is fraught with tensions, nervous publishers and dodgy editors. There was an interesting exchange on copyright between an online writer and a rogue editor who thought she had rescued an article by giving it a good edit and publishing it without permission. (thanks AOF for the link) The mind boggles!
  • One of the most startling posts in the last few months was Lisa's post on Arabian publishing. If you haven't already read it, I encourage you to do so for an insight into another culture.
  • We got hooked on the Supersizers tv show last year. It was an entertaining insight into eating in different eras throughout history.
  • Nupur's 12 tips to reduce kitchen waste is highly relevant at this time of year when, if your kitchen is anything like mine, leftovers have colonised any spare space.
  • It is a bit late for last year but the New York Times list of Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes (8 Nov 2010) will still give you lots of good ideas for celebrations throughout the year.


  1. What a great round up! And this gives me many blogs to explore as well. (Links are great!) I have been trying to write my 'food biography' since I saw it posted on AOF but haven't had the time to do it justice, but I will get around to it eventually!

    You are such a great member of the veg blogosphere, Johanna! Thanks for all your inspiration x

  2. Well done you for posting this round-up - and who are we to know it's not on time, unless you tell us otherwise? :P Interesting blend of blogs I read and new ones... time to check out the chocolate ones, I think!

  3. Thank you so much Johanna, very kind of you. It may take me a while, but I will pass the award on. Congratulations on all your awards - well deserved and thanks for all the links you've posted.

  4. Great list!

    You continue to impress me johanna with your warmth with sweet posts like this.

    Your one of the great bloggers who make others feel that the lovely sense of community which is what I love most about blogging.

  5. I echo Choclette, thank you very much for passing on and well done on recieving them. Great round up, love the links ;0)

  6. PS - just love that wee pussy cat - far too cute for words!

  7. Lovely round up. Thanks.

  8. Thank you for the award, I really appreciate it. As a new blogger, it is great to have some positive feedback and to know someone other than my mum is reading and enjoying my blog :-)

    It means a lot coming from you too, you are one of the bloggers I have been reading for a while now that inspired me to start my own blog. Thank you and congratulations on your award too, very much deserved :-)

  9. Happy New Year Johanna!

    Thank you so much for including me in this wonderful list, and for your kind words -- I am tickled! I am most happy that there is someone else out there as enthusiastic about that bacon recipe. I am certainly obsessed!

    Off to check out the other blogs you listed, thanks again!

  10. wow - awesome round up indeed!!! Thankyou so much for all the links :)

  11. Thanks for both lists-will check out those sites and those links too! :D

  12. Johanna- thank you SO much for the sweet award and your kind words! I am very happy to discover some awesome new blogs here.

    I'll have to bookmark this page and go through your list of links- thanks so much for including my post on food waste.

    If I were to sum up my blog in 5 words, I'd probably say:
    Home Cooking Feeds My Soul

  13. Thanks everyone for your kind comments - it really does seem worth taking time out from recipes when I get such heart warming responses to awards! Bloggers are such nice people! Enjoy checking out the blogs and links :-)

  14. Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful links Johanna. Now I too must reorganize my bookmarks and get a visiting!!!

  15. This is a great list, and you've definitely tempted me--I'm happy to find blogs I haven't yet seen! I also loved your quicklinks--that article about copyright and stealing material was something else!


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