Friday, 2 November 2018

In My Kitchen: November 2018

November finds us feeling quite warm after two days in the early 30s (celcius).  The Halloween section of the supermarket is all but gone and the Christmas section has grown at a scary rate.  I am enjoying the longer nights but less happy that the plants out the back need more watering.

Above is a special edition jar of vegemite.  I really like the Indigenous artwork but wonder why they had to celebrate 95 years.  It is an odd number.  It seems like either they don't think the brand will still be there in 5 years time, or - more likely - that the creatives wont be there in 5 years time.

Over the school holidays at the start of October Sylvia had a friend over.  We made some sushi, packed some carrot sticks, twisties, nuts, caramel popcorn and strawberries and rode to a nearby park for a picnic.

We baked vegan chocolate cupcakes for a school cake stall a couple of weeks ago.  Sylvia did a few cupcakes with fancy swirls and then did not have enough white icing left and did some less fancy swirls.  I took them along anyway and never heard if they sold but I hope they might have pleased a few people with dietary restrictions.  (By the way, this photo was taken after Sylvia started eating the other side of the cupcake but I must have taken the others to the stall by then.)

I  bought these Tyrrell's worcestershire sauce and sundried tomato crisps for E for a little reminder of the Old Dart!

Then I bought these new Vegie Twists cheese max with potato and lentils for myself.  I like the other Vege Chips products.  These were quite tasty and looked cute too.

We can't resist Smalt Salted Caramel Fudge at the Coburg Farmers Market.

Here's another day's purchases from the Coburg Farmers Market.  Gorgeous George's Sparkling Apple Kefir (love it) and hummus, kale for this salad, Sourdough Kitchen's currant buns, purple cauliflower to roast, home made sourdough crumpets to eat with strawberry chia jam made from the punnet of berries.

I recently took Sylvia to DFO in Essendon to buy sandals for the warmer weather but my favourite shop for kids shoes had closed.  I consoled myself with these beautiful paisley bowls.

Last Christmas we saw Gingerbread Lindt balls and I said it was too early to buy it.  We never saw them again and Sylvia pined after them.  So this year when we saw them we pounced on them.  They were nice but once was enough.

It is asparagus season and I have been buying big bunches from the farmers market.  My latest way of using it is to shave it and put on top of a pizza (a bit like this one at Smitten Kitchen).  Tonight I tried it with half cooked broccoli and capers as well as our usual tomato sauce and cheese.  Really good.

A bike basket of purchases from the Coburg Farmers Market.  Asparagus, strawberries, kombucha and we dropped by the seedling stall and bought a raspberry plant and a cherry tomato plant for our pots out the back.  I've repotted them in larger pots, using some dirt from my mum and some dirt from the worm farm.  Here's hoping they might give back.

Last night's dinner was an easy one.  Pasta with stir through sauce, plus lots of vegies and grated cheese.

I am sending this post to Sherry of Sherry's Pickings for the In My Kitchen event, that was started by Celia of Fig Jam and Lime Cordial,  If you would like to join in, send your post to Sherry by 13th of the month.  Or just head over to her blog to peek into more kitchens.


  1. Again, you amaze me with the vast number of new items you try out each month. American markets must have lots of new things too, but I guess I don't shop in the right places.

    Also, just as our farmers are tapering off, thanks to the frosts and freezes we've had, your markets are filling with all kinds of good fresh things. We're down to mostly apples, pumpkins, and various roots, with a few peppers left from last month's harvest.

    best... mae at

  2. Always look peaking in your kitchen. Tyrrell's are everywhere here, but I must admit I have not seen the Worcestershire sauce and sundried tomato version - will have to look out for it. I love seeing what you pick up from Coburg Farmers market. The paisley bowl is lovely.

  3. Interesting stuff... Love the bowl and the purple cauli!

  4. Love that bowl Johanna, and the asparagus pizza looks great, really yummy. Coburg market also sounds like the place to go. Must get there soon.

  5. 95 years does seem an odd time to celebrate. neither one thing nor the other:) love the pretty blue bowl. blue is my fave colour after all.. Imagine that- a worcester sauce packet of crisps. amazing... your pizza looks great. i'm enjoying the asparagus too. seems to be heaps around at present. have a good month. cheers sherry

  6. Lovely stuff in your kitchen. I like that asparagus pizza, and your mixed bowls always look great. I also think that you had nice stuff with you on that picnic.

  7. That pasta bowl looks tasty, and a great way to have pasta in the warmer months (and increase vegetables). I have to say, any kitchen with Vegemite in it is my kind of kitchen! I also bought a commemorative jar since they were so pretty. Your paisley bowls are lovely... they're such a great pattern. The market hauls look great - I'm certainly loving the variety of produce at the moment, but also pining for stone fruit to become more affordable. That fudge sounds delicious and moreish. The pizza looks amazing (did you use your cashew cheese on it?)

  8. That bowl is a pretty thing, I like it. Your warmer weather is arriving now, correct? We are about to head into late fall with hopefully cooler temperatures. I'm in northern Florida in the US

  9. Wow, I don't know where to start. Those Worcestershire and sundried tomato snacks sound really interesting! Love the paisley bowl, too. It's a good consolation gift for yourself.

  10. Johanna, your shaved asparagus, half-cooked broccoli, and caper pizza looks amazing! I also loved your "photo save" of Sylvia's half-bitten cupcake. :) Perspective is everything! The Worcestershire/sun dried tomato chips, new paisley bowls, and salted caramel fudge were equally enticing, but not as much as your last photo. YUM!

  11. Your farmers' market purchases look amazing! And I love how you consoled yourself with a bowl :) I have never tried vegemite and will look out for the Lindt balls this side of the pond.


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