Monday 10 August 2015

Cheese, pea and corn muffins for trivia night

Last year I went to the school triva night.  Our table didn't do well at the trivia but I was more disappointed that we didn't have much food while tables around us were groaning under the weight of others' fancy offerings.  This year I was determined to make more of an effort with the food even if I still didn't know all the answers to the questions.  As always I had lots of great ideas and limited time.

On the day before the quiz, I had some time at home to bake.  Firstly I decided to use some of the puff pastry in my freezer to make Italian purses.  Mine were slightly different as I was just using up what was in the fridge - peas mixed in some green soup (like this), marinated peppers and mozzarella cheese.  I grated up the rest of the mozzarella and it was far more than I needed.

I decided to make muffins and found a recipe for Corn Spinach and Tomato Muffins at Create Bake Make.  However I didn't have any spinach and tomatoes.  So instead I used peas and sun dried tomatoes (in oil) and used up some of the Greek yoghurt I had found too thick for my chocolate muesli at breakfast.  I only had enough mozzarella for the larger muffins which were golden brown unlike the mini ones that didn't change colour much.  They came out of the oven as I ran out the door but I felt satisfied that I had one contribution for trivia night.

The next day was one of these crazy days when I had a friend of Sylvia's over for breakfast before taking her to gymnastics, visited another of her friends for lunch, went to the supermarket and then dropped Sylvia off for a sleepovers.  (Yes, her social life is far busier than mine).  So I abandoned my plans for fancy food like this or this and fell back on favourite recipes: sausage rolls and grubs.

Our team, called the Barnacles, ate very well.  My other team mates had already had tea but everyone bought food.  So as well as muffins, sausage rolls, vegies and grubs, we had crisps, crackers, iced fruit loaf, favourites chocolates, 99% chocolate and strawberries.  We didn't win but we came a very respectable third considering that there were 5 points between us and the winning team.

The following day we had heaps of leftovers, though the sausage rolls went very quickly because we all love them, even Sylvia.  In fact by the evening I had eaten my fill and needed salad.  But that is a dish for another day.

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Cheese pea and corn muffins
Adapted from Create Bake Make
Makes 12 regular muffins and 18 mini muffins

2 cups of self raising flour (I used half white, half wholemeal)
1 cup of green peas (I used frozen)
kernels of 1 corn cob
1 cup of grated tasty cheese
1/4 cup chopped sun dried tomatoes (mine were in oil)
a shake of smoked paprika
good pinch of salt and pepper
2 eggs
½ cup olive oil
1 cup of yoghurt
1 tbsp milk
Grated mozzarella for sprinkling (optional)

Place flour, peas, corn kernels, cheese, sun dried tomatoes, paprika and seasoning into a large mixing bowl.  Mix well.  Whisk the eggs, olive oil, yoghurt and milk in a small mixing bowl or large jug.  Pour the wet ingredients into the flour mixture and mix until just combined.  Spoon into greased or lined muffin tins (either regular or mini muffins work) and sprinkle with mozzarella if desired.  Bake at 190 C for 20 minutes or until a skewer inserted in the middle comes out clean.  Cool on a wire rack.  Mine lasted a few days.

On the stereo:
The Good The Bad and The Queen


  1. The savory muffins look wonderful! Trivia nights are the number one thing I miss about living in St. Louis- we used to go almost every week. And yes, we had a table full of great food to enjoy while playing trivia :)

    1. Thanks Nupur - we have never gone to trivia nights regularly so I still find it a bit of a mystery

  2. I like the idea of peas and corn in muffins! Sun dried tomatoes would be a great complement to them too. The trivia night sounds like it included good food and a good effort if you came in third.

    1. Thanks Kari - the peas and corn gave some nice juiciness to the muffins

  3. They all look great and savoury muffins are definitely my favourites!

  4. Aren't muffins great - you can have cake as a meal and then again for dessert! Well done on coming third!

    1. Thanks Amanda - yes I love savoury muffins because I can bake my cake and eat it for dinner too

  5. There's no shame in coming third. I am hopeless at trivia nights - why do schools always have them! It certainly sounds like your team ate very well on the night and your pea and corn muffins must have been very popular xx

    1. Thanks Charlie - I am pretty hopeless at a lot of the trivia but it is fun and a good way to contribute to the school

  6. These muffins look fantastic Johanna. I enjoy trivia nights but I don't go to enough of them so I'm a bit rusty.

  7. I am really intrigued by savory muffins lately - love the sound of these! Perfect fuel to get your brain working for trivia night!

    1. Thanks joanne - yes good food helps with the trivia I am sure :-)

  8. Oh I do like a Trivia Quiz, the last time I participated was when I was in Cyprus with my in-laws. Sounds like you had fun and coming third is quite respectable.
    I so like the look of your savoury muffins - I have peas in the freezer, a tin of sweet corn in the kitchen cupboard and cheese in the fridge, mmmmm might make some, I've made those Italian purses in the past, but my filling was completely different from yours. All in all, I'd have loved being on your trivia table, brain food and good company.

    1. Thanks Shaheen - I've never done many trivia quizes and the questions at these are not what I expect (distorted faces and pictures from movies with the faces missing) - am sure you would make a great contribution to the trivia night and I would have you on my table just because I would love to have you bring along some of your cooking!

  9. Yum!!! These muffins look great! Good on you at the trivia night - sounds like it was lots of fun!

  10. Muffins are just so versatile aren't they!!!! You can change anything you want in them and as long as your base is right they will taste great - my opinion anyway!
    I'm so hearing you with the "lots of ideas, little time" issue! Welcome to my life lol

    1. Thanks Sandy - I saw someone say recently she had one cake recipe that she changed about the add-ins - you could do this easily for muffins too


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