Thursday, 25 March 2010

Sydney - a gaytime and some lessons

I am just back from a conference of sorts in Sydney and thought I would just post a quick list of what I have learnt. Mostly I wanted to share this picture of a golden gaytime icecream at the Opera House with you. It is not fancy or healthy but it tastes so good. It was my favourite ice cream when I was little and I still love to have one every now and again. E loves them too - they are high on butterscotch ice cream and low on chocolate - just his sort of thing. Even Sylvia enjoyed a bite. It seems that the old advertisement was right - "it's so hard to have a gaytime on your own!"

So what did I learn in Sydney? Here is my list:
  • Sylvia prefers bread, cheese and salad from a sandwich bar to a Hungry Jack's (aka Burger King in other countries) vegie burger. She is a great example to her parents, though she is partial to a few chippies.
  • Whereas in Melbourne you can have a baby on your lap in a taxi, in Sydney a taxi driver can refuse to take you anywhere because by law a baby can only go in a taxi with a special baby seat. The same taxi driver can fail to check your baby's age and/or tell you that this law only applies to babies under 12 months old.
  • Having a baby in tow makes it easier to be shameless about taking food from the downstairs buffet when overpriced room service food is rubbish.
  • It is advisable to have some small tins of baked beans in suitcase for an even better alternative to room service.
  • When feeding baked beans to baby in hotel room, even if dodgy highchair is brought to room, a towel on the ground underneath will be useful to deal with the mess of runaway beans. I wish I had been given this advice before dinner rather than after!
  • Don't rely on the cafe at the Museum of Sydney for feeding a vegetarian baby.
  • Glebe is only a short 10-15 minute walk from Central Station. I will post about the lovely cafe we visited there later and tell you a little more about Glebe Point Road.
  • The Opera House has only one lift as an alternative to walking up all the stairs to gaze at the beautiful building up close. E did an excellent job of carrying the stroller up the steps when we found the lift was out of order.
  • Crawling around the airport while your plane is delayed is a great way to get a baby to sleep on the plane.


  1. I get a feeling there's some Badde Manors coming on!

  2. Oh, memory lane! I loved Golden Gaytimes as a child, too. The ice-cream was always so soft, and I am partial to butterscotch flavour. Definitely always chose the Gaytime over Bubble O'Bill :P

  3. Too funny! But at least Sylvia had a good time (did you?). And I assume you are well aware of the double-entendre of that commercial slogan if it were uttered over here in North America? I've never had a gaytime but maybe now I should try one! ;)

  4. I loved Golden Gaytimes as a kid too. Were you staying at The Intercontinental (the MOS ref makes me ask this) - if you were there last weekend, so was I! What a difficult rule abouyt the taxi - it seriously limits your ability to get a taxi in Sydney if you have a baby.

  5. Thanks AOF - I didn't eat there but was tempted because the decor is so cool - but you are close

    Thanks Hannah - I've never thought of myself as partial to butterscotch but when it comes to Gaytimes I most surely am

    Thanks Ricki - I think gaytimes are all the more nostalgic because not only do they taste good but they hark back to more innocent times no one thought twice about who could have a gaytime. And I had a lovely time in sydney thanks

    Thanks Cakelaw - I didn't stay in the city because my workplace booked me in - would have been nice to stay in the same hotel as you - though I am sure you would have been as horrified as me by the food we got there!

  6. Ahhh good to hear that you made it to Sydney! It seems that we were swapping cities as I've been to Melbourne recently (unfortunately just after the conference :( )

    And aren't GG the best? I like eating the crunchy bits from around it the best ;)


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