Wednesday 2 October 2013

(Long) Pasta Please - September Round Up

I was really pleased to be able to host the Pasta Please blog event for Jacqueline of Tinned Tomatoes in September (#9).  I had meant to give it lots of attention until I found out that Vegan MoFo was on in September with all the crazy busy times it brings.  I chose long pasta as a theme and  I was delighted with the group of dishes sent in.  I am sure you will be too.

Kari of Bite Sized Thoughts came in early with a Spaghetti with cumin-spiced tomato split pea sauce with some amazing pink beetroot spaghetti.  I am not familiar with split peas in a pasta sauce, or cumin.  Sounds great.  More familiar and very welcome is lots of vegies and coloured pasta.  It seems I need to be more adventurous with legumes in pasta. Kari also recommends eating these as leftovers, if you don't gobble them all up at once!

Next up is Janet of the TasteSpace with Raw chunky tomato marinara sauce with zucchini noodles.  I have never made raw noodles but zucchini noodles always looks so bright and fresh.  The marinara sauce is a quick and healthy tomato sauce that could be used on any pasta.  Bookmarked.  Janet has been making this during a hot Houston summer.  Our warm weather is just beginning so this will be perfect when the mercury soars.

Green Gourmet Giraffe: Cheesy peas sauce

My own contribution was a bowl of Cheesy peas sauce on wholemeal pasta.  It was a bit of fun for Vegan MoFo where I was doing a theme of TV Dinners and wrote about memories of The Fast Show in the UK.  Cheesy peas on the Fast Show looked awful but I thought my version was rather tasty, especially with a cauliflower based vegan cheese sauce.

Tinned Tomatoes: Warm dressed noodle salad

The UberMaster of Pasta Please., Jacqueline of Tinned Tomatoes (she runs the event) write about the differences between how Americans and Brits talk about 'noodles'.  She considered noodles to be different to pasta but I was happy to accept either for the event.  Especially when I saw her lovely Warm dressed noodle salad.  Lots of lovely vegies and rice noodles in a peanut sauce sounds delicious.

I was really interested in the Indian spiced pea puree pasta sauce sent in my Deena Kakaya.  Her blog is new to me but I loved the idea of pureeing petit pois and creme fraiche with Indian spices.  Though she indicated any sort of pasta in her recipe, she only had a photo of this with short pasta so we will all have to imagine how lovely and green it might look with long pasta.  She offers this recipe as an example of how to eat interesting food on a budget

Ruth from Makey Cakey was gifted a large bunch of chard (known as silverbeet in my neck of the woods).  She showed far more creativity and flair than strikes me when faced with a bunch of chard and made a creamy, dairy free chard, pecan and lime pesto.  I love an interesting pesto.  This is now on my radar for finding ways of dealing with large bunches of silverbeet.

Simona of Bricole impressed me by making her own pasta.  I have never encountered this sagne incannulate before.  It is a long spiral pasta that Simona made with a burnt wheat flour that made it a stylish grey hue.  She paired it with ricotta and figs for a truly unusual and inspiring pasta.  I live in hope of trying my hand at pasta-making one day.  Simona gives me much to aspire to.

Coconut and Berries: Tofu miso udon noodle soup

Lastly one of my Vegan Mofo pals, Emma of Coconut and Berries made a tofu miso udon noodle soup.  For Vegan Mofo, she spent the month working her way through an A-Z of pantry ingredients.  U was for Udon Noodles.  She was inspired by a restaurant meal to make healthy comforting slurpy noodles.  I have made a similar dish often in the past but not recently.  This is a timely reminder that I must make more healthy noodle soups.

So there you have it: something spicy, something home made, something raw, something creamy, something vegan, something slurpy and something nutty.  I hope you will find something in this round up of long pasta recipes to inspire you.

Head to Jacqueline's Pasta Please page for details of the event in October. 


  1. A great line-up Johanna and so much variety too. Thanks again for hosting.

  2. What a delicious round-up Johanna. I'm having a Pasta Party Give-Away at my blog. You are more than welcome to bring a dish.

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  3. Oh yum. Thank you for the lovely round-up, Johanna. Noodles are always just a vector for the sauce, so now I have more ideas. :)

  4. Great recipe!! Love this series---so much fun :)

  5. Very timely to read this right now. i'm still suffering from badly overeating atd lunchtime today, so my son's cooking the family dinner. He was just wondering what to do with spaghetti and left-over cashew cream. Your cheesy peas has inspired him. Wish I had room to have some too!

  6. Who knew there were so many things you could do with long pasta! All these recipes are so different. I love the look of your cheesy pea pasta and the cumin-spiced split pea tomato sauce especially :)

  7. Great round-up Johanna! I almost got around to joining in but wasn't entirely happy with my recipe or photo and decided against it. The chard, pecan and lime pesto sounds like a fantastic idea, the silverbeet in my garden is just starting to take off so I might try this recipe.

  8. Johanna, today I'm going to order long pasta for lunch now!! :P What a fun theme!!

  9. Thanks everyone for your positive feedback on the pasta round up - indeed there is great variety and lots to inspire

  10. I must say that looking at the photos in succession is quite a pleasure, like listening to a theme and variation piece of music, where the pasta shape is the theme that runs through all of them. Nice job everybody and thanks Johanna for hosting and for the lovely roundup.

  11. Great round up (and I'm so glad I could participate), and now so many great recipes! Well done on hosting in your crazy month too :-)

  12. Yum, all the recipes look so delicious.
    I couldn't work out a way to 'bake' long pasta or else i would of submitting something hahahaha!


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