Saturday, 9 October 2010

Quicklinks from my archives

I often remember my friends by the things they taught me. When I play Sudoku I think of Jane who insisted on teaching me, I think of Kathleen when I clean the bathroom because she introduced me to microcloths, and as I check the eggs for cracks before I buy them I remember it was Yarrow who taught me to do that. I learnt to drink more from one friend's example and to drink less from another's. I still part my hair the way a school friend showed me and I know that fruit juice has as much sugar as soft drink thanks to a former housemate.

Similarly, I have learnt much from blogging. When my blog reader, Bloglines, announced they were closing down last month, I found I had accumulated an embarrassing amount of bookmarks in the reader (almost 1,500). It was the push I needed to sort through my bookmarks. Many had to go. Quite a few ended up in my new Delicious account that lets me search for bookmarked recipes by ingredient.

Some posts that I had bookmarked weren’t recipes but just snippets of wisdom and beauty. Most are now deleted but I don’t really need the bookmarks for the choice ones. They are like those moments with friends that stay with me. So today I will share a selection of my favourites (in no particular order).

Posts that resonate and fascinate:

Beauty that makes me sigh:

Good advice:

Useful references:

Something to make me smile

You will also notice that I have posted two new posts I have been working on for easy reference to pizzas and salad dressing. Sadly, my blog is easier to organise than my house – sigh!


  1. Fun links! I think I need to get a Delicious account. I need some way to organize the bookmarks in my life!

  2. Aww thankyou so much Johanna! I;m going to check out some of those links now! :)

  3. Oh my goodness, your delicious account bookmarks look incredible, and the delicious account itself is brilliant! I'm about to sign up for an account myself now! Thank you!!!!

  4. I am honoured to be included. Thank you.

    There are some great links on that list. And some new blogs to me too.

  5. Glad my Sweeney Pie makes you smile. I'm thinking of reincarnating the pie this year. I always remember you for your broccoli burgers. We still reguarly eat them here.

    (nee Trainee Domestic Goddess)

  6. Always good to have a good clear out, but now I've got loads of blogs to looks at!

  7. I love link-posts like these! I always find a new blog to explore... and there's a Sondheim reference in this one! Hurrah! Now excuse me a minute...

  8. Thanks Joanne - I am finding that the delicious account really helps me to search my bookmarks so easily and to find recipes when I have an idea of what I want to do

    Thanks Lorraine - enjoy

    Thanks Astra - delicious is great for sharing bookmarks as well as searching them - good luck with opening an account

    Thanks Helen - will get around to tofu making one day

    thanks Jules - now I need to remember my broccoli burgers - they are so good - am also trying to use my indexes as well as searching the rest of the internet!

    Thanks Choclette - My life would be far less cluttered if I had a few more clean outs but at least one is done

    Thanks Hannah - I haven't seen Sweeney Todd (because I am squeamish) so it took me a while to work out what was the sondheim ref

  9. haha I know the guy that salicylate free potluck was held for :) I love how small Melbourne is... And it's cool how many people love to challenge themselves to try and cook cool things he can eat :)

  10. a lovely post Johanna and I'm touched to have been included on your list.
    I like what Lisa wrote about blogging ... 'intrigued, amused and challenged' by the process. That resonates with me too. Non-bloggers would be surprised by just how much thought goes into creating the patchwork of words and pictures that is a carefully considered blog post. And yours are always so informative too!

  11. Great links- I had fun going through these.

    And your first sentence really resonated with me, Johanna. How very true.


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