Wednesday 27 October 2010

Pea pate - sandwiches

In an ideal world I would always have a good home made dip in my fridge. It is excellent for snacks, sandwiches and filling the gap before dinner. I had fellow blogger Lisa over for dinner last week and on the spur of the moment decided to make a dip because I had basil to use up and the enchiladas (recipe to come) were taking longer than I expected.

I decided to adapt the pea pesto to use the ingredients I had on hand and to veganise it for Lisa. I will probably make a version of this again as I have tofu in my fridge more often than the cream cheese that is in the original recipe. Peas are perfect for a dip. They are usually in my freezer, are convenient and retain their brilliant green colour.

I had pate left yesterday so I made a great sandwich of leftovers. Pea pate, mashed potato, sliced cherry tomatoes and cold grilled vegetarian sausages. A bit like a bangers and mash sandwich. That is no coincidence as Mondays are often bangers and mash night in our house.

I also enjoyed eating the pate with mashed potato and promite on toast. That was exactly how I finished it up this morning and now my fridge is yet again bereft of home made dip. Hopefully it wont be too long before I make this one again.

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Vegan Pea Pate
adapted from this pea pesto

170g cooked peas (200g frozen)
70g firm tofu
2 tbsp olive oil
1-2 cloves garlic, crushed
juice of half a lemon
¼ tsp salt
35g (1 bunch) basil, roughly chopped or torn
½ cup pinenuts, toasted
1 tbsp nutritional yeast
freshly ground black pepper

Blitz in blender, adjust seasoning and lemon juice to taste. This is quite a thick dip, hence it seemed more pesto than pate to me, but could be thinned a little with olive oil or water.

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  1. WHOA!! Johanna!! yum!!! ARGHHH!

  2. I'm going to ignore the bit about promite (over vegemite) and instead say that this looks fantastical! Love the vibrant green and the tofu and the nutritional yeast. Funny thing is that I hadn't eaten peas in years, then I moved out and discovered that Coles-brand frozen peas are the cheapest veggies out there. And so, now, I always have peas...

  3. That is a perfect little treat before lunch or dinner is served.

  4. I love this idea, genius. Thanks for sharing!

  5. mashed potato on toast?!!?!! you're a crazy lady! haha. I love to have fresh dips in my fridge at all times also. Your pea one looks extra tasty :D

  6. Lovely! I adore dips and would love to have them in the fridge at all times. Although I strongly suspect my favourite place in the flat would become in front of the fridge dip in one hand spoon in the other. Maybe this is why I do not keep dip in the fridge?

  7. Too yummy to stop eating! Thanks for the recipe.

  8. I'm totally with you. Having a good dip around makes life so much easier and so much better. Then a good sandwich is only two slices of bread away! Love the sound of this pea pate. So flavorful.

  9. Looks fantastic--and I love that idea of mashed potato and the dip in a sandwich! I'm not much of a sandwich gal but this might sway me. ;) And I am so envious that Lisa got to be at your house for dinner (lucky lady)!

  10. I was just thinking this evening about what to make with my favourite peas having stocked up the freezer yesterday. I love potato sandwiches and I love potato and peas - never thought to combine the two! Thanks for the idea - a squidge of tomato ketchup would have to be included in mine though!

  11. ooh what a wonderful idea! I normally use beans or chickpeas as my 'base' for dips - and I had never thought to use tofu!! Do you find it works better with firm tofu or could you also use silken tofu?

  12. In an ideal world I would also have this in my fridge or on my plate! :P

  13. What a brilliant idea! I love peas but never thought of making them into a pate. Def going to try this one

  14. That is one super-looking sandwich - yum!

  15. Thanks Carla - Hurrah for dips!

    Thanks Hannah - I've loved peas in my childhood but am a bit more creative with them now and there is always a packet in my freezer too

    Thanks Katerina - yes they are great to fill the gap

    Thanks K - blush!

    Thanks Vegiebug - mashed potato on toast is excellent - esp with promite - give it a go - esp when there are no dips about

    Thanks Helen - I agree that dips can be very moreish but better dips than cake!

    Thanks Lisa - pleasure to share it with you

    Thanks Joanne - nicely put - I agree that a dip and some bread can take you a long way

    Thanks Ricki - I love good sandwiches but need energy to get them together - and was excited by this one because all my leftovers came together so nicely

    Thanks Nic - the fresh tomatoes are my substitute for sauce - though if I had a nice chutney I would probably include it (but I am a bit particular about when I use tomato sauce)

    Thanks Lisa - I am quite fond of tofu in dip - I prefer the more crumbly texture of firm tofu but I see others using silken tofu for a creamier taste (which is not so much my thing). My favourite tofu dip is Finnish green bean paté

    Thanks Lorraine

    Thanks Katie - I've used peas in other dips with beans and that works well too

    Thanks Cakelaw - if only I had more sandwiches like that

  16. Yum! I love peas and have been wanting to try a pea pesto for a while. I too would always like to have a dip in the fridge. Though with just 2 of us to eat it, we'd have to eat a lot of it so I often don't make dip!


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