Sunday 12 February 2017

ArtVo - visual illusions in the Docklands

We recently visited a most unusual art gallery.  It describes itself as an immersive art gallery.  However until we found it (in Docklands on Level 1 by the food court opposite the Melbourne Star), I had no idea of what it would be like.  It was lots of fun but also a little frustrating.

The blurb tells us that there are over 100 artworks over the walls and floors by older mostly Korean artists.  Everyone is encouraged to photograph and touch the artwork.  I didn't read much about it beforehand and didn't realise it was really all about taking photos or I would have brought a better camera than my phone.  However at $25 per adult, I am not likely to be back in a hurry.

There were heaps and heaps of photo opportunities.  In fact that is what the gallery is about.  It is not about looking at pictures but at stepping into them and photographing them.  When you looked at pictures through your camera they made sense as they became 3D.  Without the camera they sometimes did not work as a cohesive picture.  Having a camera-shy kids, this brought some challenges.  But even without that aspect, it was so busy on a weekend that often it was a matter of waiting for a moment to jump in, find a pose, take the photo on the spot on the floor where the best angle was recommended and then moving on quickly.

It was fascinating to see how we all came out in the images and we had a great laugh with our friends and their kids at some of the poses.  For a blog that avoids photos with faces, it has been hard to pick out some suitable photos.  Many are best with people in them to show perspective.  However I hope a few photos will give you an idea.  Watch out for a few hands patting animals and the like.  I'd recommend a trip here for a quirky day out, especially if you have ever wanted to be photographed in a snow dome, climbing the walls, in a swimming pool, taming a lion or walking over a chasm.

ArtVo Immersive Gallery
26 Star Crescent
Level 1, Harbour Town (adjacent to the Groove Train)
Docklands, Melbourne
Open 7 days a week, 10am-6pm
ArtVo website


  1. wow, they're wonderful! Thanks for the tip about taking a better camera, I'll make sure I do that if I go.

  2. I think its amazing. Thanks for sharing, it reminds me of Camera Obscura in Edinburgh, i never visited it sadly but know of many people who did and enjoyed it. I think I would have enjoyed this for sure, its a shame you didn't take your usual camera but I still think you caught the essence of this artvo visual illusions. Little Sylvia puts some of the pictures into context, i love how she is being adventurous in the pics. Thanks for sharing

  3. Sounds like fun! But man, admission is on the steep side.

  4. That is a very cool exhibit!! I really love this idea :D

  5. I love the idea of this and your photos - especially those with Sylvia, who is looking amazingly grown up. That is a pricey cost though!

  6. What a creative museum. I would be super keen to check it out. I'm not camera shy haha. I love the photos with Sylvia as it gives a better idea of the pictures. Very cool.


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