Wednesday 8 February 2012


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This is my poolroom (for those of you who have seen the Castle).  It is the display case where all my favourite words and awards go.  If you want to see what others think of me, here is the place to look.  If you aren't interested in naval gazing then I suggest you go home (to my homepage I mean).

Liebster award - thanks Scrambled Megs

ABC Awesome Blog Content award - thanks Katie and Choclette

Food stories nominee - thanks Mel

Liebster Blog Award - thanks Jeni Treehugger and K and Toby

Stylish Blogger Award - thanks Cakelaw of Laws of the Kitchen and Rivkia of Healthy Eating for Ordinary People

Thanks Michelle at All Home Cooking, All Year Long

Thanks Cakelaw.

Thanks Cakelaw.

Thanks Cakelaw, Katie, Ricki and Tanna.

Beautiful Blogger Award - Thanks Elle

Hoy Award - thanks Rachel

Triple award - thanks Jeanne of Cooksister

Friends are like Bras - close to the heart and always there for support Award - thanks Fleur

Yummy Blog Award - Thanks Lucy

Kreativ blogger award - thanks Katie

One Lovely Blog Award - thanks Ashley at Eat Me Delicious, Cakelaw and Sweet Artichoke

Excellent Award - thanks Jacqueline, Amanda, and Pixie

Rockin' Girl Blogger - thanks Lucy of Nourish Me and Susan of the Well Seasoned Cook.

Butterfly Award - thanks Fleur from Flowers at Home

I love your blog award - thanks Katie of Apple and Spice

Bookish meme - thanks Ricki

Winner of the inaugural No Croutons Required blog event February 2008. Thanks Lisa and Jacqueline and all the voters. Check out my winning Wonton Dumplings in Ginger Broth and all the other soups.

Winner of No Croutons Required November 2008 for my Pumpkin and Tofu Laksa

Winner of No Croutons Required February 2010 for my Parsnip Soup with Walnut Ravioli and Carrot Cream

Winner of No Croutons Required August 2012 for my African Curried Coconut Soup.

Listed in the Top 50 Vegetarian Blogs on the Institute for the Psychology of Eating website

Listed in the Gourmet50's Top 50 Gourmet Resources

Listed in the 100 blogs leading the food revolution

Listed as blog of note in December 2012 (issue 6) of UK Making Cakes and Bakes magazine.

Recipe featured on Cukmi (Argentinian online publication), August 2013


  • "Johanna of Green Giraffe Gourmet - Infectious enthusiasm, a weakness for winging it when the ingredients are AWOL, and the best mix of rockin' music teasers at the end of every post on her virtual stereo. " Susan of The Well Seasoned Cook
  • "Johanna hails from Melbourne, Australia and she is all about really good vegetarian comfort food". Jenn of the Leftover Queen
  • "Johanna is so clever. Her recipes always have me licking my screen. " Amanda of Mrs W's Kitchen
  • "Green Gourmet Giraffe who always makes interesting delicious vegetarian things like tofu and pesto crackers, and is still cooking and baking a ton with a baby! I hope I'll be like her. " Ashley of Eat Me Delicious
  • "If you haven't checked out Johanna's site, I highly recommend that you do. Readers are treated to thoughtful writing, mouthwatering photographs and a frequent selection of delicious vegetarian recipes. Even if you aren't a vegetarian, you are sure to enjoy Johanna's varied assortment of culinary offerings." Lisa of Lisa's Kitchen
    • A fellow vegetarian and a great source of inspiration when I’m stuck for ideas of what to make for dinner." Katie of Apple and Spice
    • "Johanna is just great, and full of ideas and advice and of course living in Oz just automatically makes you cool." Fleur of Flowers from Home
    • "Johanna is constantly posting the most beautiful, colourful food photos I've seen on the web (or in most cook books for that matter)." Rachel of Rachel's Ramblings
    • "Johanna is vegetarian but has been posting amazing vegan food every day for vegan mofo, also I got to try some of it and it was damn tasty. Shes also the best commenter too not just here but on so many blogs, I don't know how she finds the time, but I think its so awesome." K and Toby of In the Mood for Noodles 
    • "Johanna's recipes are easygoing, enticing and inspiring, and so is her wandering over to your favorite neighbor's house and joining in a casual chat on the porch on a lazy afternoon. Friendly peeps, lots of laughs and a side of music too...before you know it, many hours have pleasantly passed and it's almost past sundown!" The Peace Patch

      Passing on the tags
      Here are some posts about awards where I have passed awards onto other bloggers if you want to find out about where my tags go as well as where they come from!


      1. Every single one so well deserved! And what--?? I can't believe there isn't a blog award from me somewhere in that list?!! I rarely do those things, but could have sworn I passed one along to you at some point. . .brain must be mushy these days! :)

      2. An impressive list Johanna :) And well deserved.


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