Wednesday, 29 December 2010

In search of (2)...

We're having a post-Christmas slump. Too many leftovers and too little energy for new recipes. So I am digging into my backlog of draft blog posts for a second installment of search ideas that amused and amazed me. For more search term fun, have a look at my first post on In search of . . . Enjoy!

Giraffe search terms

  • yesterday i had to laugh because i saw a big giraffe
  • what does giraffe taste like
  • giraffe beauty love
  • does pudding stick to the roof of a giraffes mouth
  • fried giraffe roman empire
  • does a giraffe lay eggs
  • fluffy pumpkin giraffe
  • if you bring a giraffe home
  • what color is giraffe cum
  • what should i get my giraffe for xmas
  • how do giraffes open bananas
  • i wonder if anyone ever milked a they didn't need to sit down to do it...wonder what giraffe cheese pizza tastes like.
Strange and/or disturbing search terms:

  • bimbo covered in nutella
  • punch delia
  • heirloom as secret weapon
  • Cream of Tartan soup
  • john nettles eczema
  • names for cats covered in flour
  • grasp it like a man of porridge
  • Kleopatra call girl Russian
  • The cruelest children in history
  • Tetris on baby gate
Search terms that inspire me:
  • brownies made of mudcake off cuts
  • caramel tarts recipe condensed milk anzac biscuits
  • icy poles for dogs
  • rhubarb and polenta baby food
  • big cookies that look like a pizza
  • green borscht (I liked this idea so much I even found a recipe)
  • choc honey butterscotch muffins


  1. Hilarious! Though where do you find these all? I check the daily search terms every now and again, but always forget the best ones.

    (Although yesterday I had "put her in my pocket", which made me giggle!)

  2. I love seeing the crazy ways by which people come to my blog. Sometimes I'll even re-google some of them to figure out how exactly the person arrived there. These are awesome!

  3. Funny, amusing, creative, and just plain creepy - ah, yes, that's what the Internet is all about. ; D

    Hope you and your family are enjoying a happy Christmas week.

  4. Nowt so queer as folk, indeed. :)

  5. LOL those giraffe search terms are hilarious and disturbing! :P

  6. Bimbo covered in nutella ... not sure if I am impressed or a little bit scared lol

  7. How bizarre - how do some of those terms even get you??? Mine are all rather boring, it's moslty "chocolate log" ;-)

  8. Thanks everyone - yes there are some odd bods out there in netland. Hannah and Choclette, actually my search terms have got more boring lately so thought I should just post these which were collected earlier in the year.

  9. Love these! I always get a kick out of search terms that lead people to blogs. Bizarrely, the most popular one for my blog is "alligators." Who knew?

    Hope you all had a wonderful New Year's!


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