Friday, 15 May 2009

Peach Smoothie

I have been making lots of smoothies lately but nothing worthy of posting. Most are banana, berries/kiwifruit and milk. I even added half an avocado to a recent one. Most of the smoothies I have posted don’t have milk but lately I wanted to increase my calcium intake.

However this morning I felt like a milk-free smoothie. My mum had given me a punnet of strawberries which had grown a beard. I could only rescue about four. There was no juice in the fridge, no banana in the fruit bowl and my strawberries needed to be used pronto. What to do? Then my eye fell upon a tin of peaches in the pantry. Perfect.

This smoothie brought a breath of summer into this cool autumn morning. The only change I would make next time would be to use a whole punnet of strawberries if they were not mouldy. If it was summertime and I had a ripe peach or two, then I would use those and a little juice. In fact my tinned peaches are in apple/pear juice if you read the small print. But I was very happy with this refreshing smoothie and the pretty flecks of colour in it. In fact, you might say it was just peachy, if you excuse the pun.

Tropical Peach Smoothie
makes a little over 2 glasses

400g tin of sliced peaches in lite juice (not drained)
4 strawberries, trimmed (or a whole punnet if you have one)
1 kiwi fruit, peeled and chopped
pulp and seeds of 1 passionfruit
1 tsp maple syrup (or honey)

Blend (I use my handheld blender in a tall jug) and drink.

On the stereo:
The Best of Bach


  1. This looks delicious! I love passionfruit in smoothies, or really anything that's nice and creamy. I made a passionfruit pudding once. It was divine.

  2. I've been looking for a healthy dessert, and fruit smoothies like this might be the answer. It's a nice idea including tinned fruit too, since it's ready to go in the cupboard any time.

  3. I LOVE smoothies with fruits (ooh, and I love Green Smoothies, too).

    Have a lovely weekend,
    Kristen :)

  4. Puns are just fine with me. This would even probably freeze in the ice cream maker and be just wonderful. Love kiwi and peaches are always good. (Funny too canned peaches are so much more reliable and predictable than fresh, that's really sad too).

  5. Mmm gorgeous delicious smoothie! I need to get another blender so I can make smoothies again. I like adding yogurt to mine.

  6. Thanks Jodye - I love passionfruit too - I love to scoop them out of the shell and eat them as they come but they add great flavour to anything

    Thanks Arwen - fruit smoothies are good healthy desserts - have you tried fruit soups which I think are quite like smoothies but feel more dessert-like (I have a strawberry soup in my index and will soon post my version of a blueberry soup from A Wee Bit of Cooking)

    Thanks Kirsten - I loved the avocado in my smoothie the other day - must remember this is a great way to use up avocado because who can resist a green smoothie!

    Thanks Tanna - frozen smoothies sound great - I enjoyed putting some in my icy pole (popsicle) moulds in summer because I don't have an ice cream machine

    thanks Ashley - I love yoghurt in smoothies but often when I make smoothies I don't have yoghurt around or I forget about it (or like this morning the yoghurt was too yummy and I have eaten it already)

  7. I love smoothies and this one is really making me miss my fruit!

  8. Thanks Ricki - I think I would really miss fruit if I had to forgo it even for a day! hope it is not too long for you before you can have it again


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